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  1. I doubt it will be anything special the track will suck the judging will suck and the officials will shut off a truck if the body even has a dent in it racing- Linsey weenk freestyle- Ryan Anderson encore it will have the whole digger team singing broccoli with Dennis doing the background dancing in his underwear
  2. Was the pay worth it lol
  3. I like it, if you can find a newer body model you should make it into a pack
  4. I like their choice of crush cars for San Diego but because of the mud they were barely touched
  5. He reminds me so much of the older Tom when he didn't care at all but now it seems like he doesn't want a scratch on the truck when he drives
  6. BKT

    On .4 the bkt textures are really dark I don't think there's anything you can do for it because it does the same for me
  7. BKT

    Are you using .4
  8. I know I mentioned this before but gosh I cringe so much when Ryan mentions bkts every chance he gets lol
  9. What's with the the outdated rims
  10. It looks really good but monster jam would rate it 0/10 stars because it had guns on it
  11. It's fine just didn't want anyone to start anything or if he saw this to feel like crap
  12. Not trying to mean or anything but please don't make fun of people, his content isn't the best but just don't make fun of him about it -again I'm not being mean just saying
  13. People don't like it when you ask when something will be released because then everyone will start doing it and the creater gets annoyed or either quit the project
  14. 1. Find the track you want 2. Find the mesh file of the track either freestyle or racing or whatever version 3. Put the mesh file through the xml converter and it will give you an xml file 4. Go into blender and go to import and click on the one that says ogremesh.xml 5. Find the xml file that spit out when you put the mesh into the converter 6. Click on it and open it and it will load hope this helps fam