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  1. Oh yeah that's D.C. lol I don't follow up on superheroes much
  2. That's what I've been thinking hopefully Spider-Man comes back
  3. Isn't him still working on a new chassis (unless he already has it and I'm just blind and dumb) so maybe he will debut it at the wf
  4. Dennis missed one wf before so it was either Jim or tom
  5. I miss degan he always had a wow factor in his run
  6. I got it but it took awhile to know how to do everything but a big problem I have is that it just shows the basics not calling Danny out or anything it was an amazing tutorial and he took his time on it but I have problem modeling the jumps so they would be more realistic and how to paint so it looks a lot better but that's just my 2 cents
  7. i know fall out boy has sold out but I'm really love they're old music and just started listening to infinity on high and really love the guitar on this song especially and the beginning of petes screaming part but my fav album by them is folie a deux
  8. Oh sorry then I must've missed it
  9. It looks nice probably make the chassis black so the body would stand out more and add some more graphics such as monster jam logo or whatever could fill in all those big white spaces
  10. Your tracks look really good but id recommend loop cutting the sides of the ramps or you won't get any air and the front of the ramps on the tabletop
  11. I doubt it will be anything special the track will suck the judging will suck and the officials will shut off a truck if the body even has a dent in it racing- Linsey weenk freestyle- Ryan Anderson encore it will have the whole digger team singing broccoli with Dennis doing the background dancing in his underwear
  12. Was the pay worth it lol
  13. I like it, if you can find a newer body model you should make it into a pack
  14. I like their choice of crush cars for San Diego but because of the mud they were barely touched