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  1. i see, i got it to look better after i repainted on paint.net
  2. its beautiful good job chris, do you use paint.net to paint and if so how do you erase i know theres the stamp but even when i put the hardness of it all thew way to 0% it shows up to much or erases to much
  3. started this during the week because i ran into a problem with orlando and dont know how to fix it this one is coming out really good for my 1st attempt at a mainstream track but i wanted to add some creativity in it please tell me if the backflip ramp is to small or steep its my 2nd attempt at one and im also going to redo the paint on the tabletop the one im using was to learn to bake so thats why its crappy
  4. no i know that there was an easier way of turning the camera at a full 360 degrees without it circling around your whole project but its fine though i found a way to texture the thing i was struggling with
  5. im having problems texturing in blender and dont remember how to rotate the camera to view things better
  6. i know about those but when i had my laptop i know that there was a way to fully turn the camera so its easier to texture small spaces and behind stuff
  7. That's beautiful Chris good job I can't wait for the release
  8. i feel like Dennis isnt going to retire but do shows here and there if hes up to it, i dont mind if he retires because hes at that age and its better for his health but he probably still wants to keep going as long as he cans but take it at his own pace
  9. i know other sports do it but i grew up on this and the only motorsports i watch is monster jam so yeah
  10. i like the attention that monster jam is saying im just not that big of a fan of the fs1 series i can agree that its neat and cool but most of the trucks that i grew up to love arnt on it and i never really get to see them on tv unless i watch it on youtube and now that they have the series alot of the older trucks are starting to fade away because they are seen less, and also when your seeing the same track and truck lineup all the time then it starts to feel like the same thing over and over
  11. yep orlando 2010 was a great show now the only awsome risky things that happens are saves and backflips, i get why they have to make dirt tracks for safety reasons but why does it have to look the same, miss the challenging obstacles like the giant motorcross ramp that they had in 09-10 and the double stacks
  12. i like the direction monster jam is going but at the same time its stupid, inoticed alot this year that more of my friends are getting into monster jam and that theyre building a bigger crowd but at the same time alot of stuff is crap like the fs1 tour and the track designs wish they would go back to how they had it in 2014
  13. thanks for the feedback, yeah its not 100% finished, i kinda figured the boxvan jump was too big and also the blue is way to dark but its the lightest blue on paint.net that fit, and yeah i forgot to bake also @StarksDoesMonsterJam i know but the entrance onto the track is a big bump and i didnt want to mess with it and mess everything to the point where i cant fix it, ill try and fix it before i release it, what i have right now is more of a placeholder
  14. finished version of racing reason i posted this after the other one was because i finished the textures and wanted to know if i missed anything i know that theres containers on the edge of the track but idk if i will add them or not, and also i know the racing start isnt right but i dont want to try and fix it and mess it up to where i cant fix it, i also added a small chicane lol why hello there
  15. edit:nevermind
  16. how do i view everything textured without having to go to object mode and select an object to view and what do i press to switch to it without having to click on the tab
  17. ok i see why its not working, i have some screen recorder and alt a brings up the settings to it i changed the layout and got it to work thanks for the help
  18. i dont what i started but got this done today, idk why everything has to be joined together to view the textures, also didnt put the start at the right spot because of the bump onto the track that would ruin it and i didnt want to fix it and ruin something and not be able to fix it, still have to paint the obstacles and the track but everything that is grey is textured
  19. ill try and make it but i have to download everything first and then ill make my sign up sheet edit: i dont think i can make it dammit
  20. i put the truck where i wanted it and pressed seven on the num pad so it would change the camera and i zoomed in on the truck alot, then i edited it on imgur
  21. oh that sucks i loved ricks team and american guardian
  22. does anyone know if they will bring back american guardian? and is it still ricks team or did he sell it to somebody else?
  23. path of destruction perfect just needed dlc with more trucks, stadium shows, and some physic upgrades
  24. got a new computer today in fact a gaming computer idk if im going to download ror or wait till i get a spyware on it but its good to be back
  25. on my laptop i downloaded it straight from the sight and it was there and now on my new computer it wont show up with the same link and everything