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  1. Lol 1. I thought you called us lesbi*ns at first 2. Is it a custom or replica 3. It looks cool can't wait
  2. Yeah I liked 2014 a lot the color theme and they changed the obstacles every show even though they weren't the biggest like 2010 they were still fan and somewhat creative
  3. Don't get all excited yes they might start a new era which means new tracks maybe but then when they have the new tracks that means we're going to see he same track over and over and we'll be back to square 1 after the 1st year but if they manage to change the style then I'll be happy
  4. Lol got it but then he ended it thanks obama
  5. It won't let me watch it on my phone when I click on it, it won't do anything
  6. Is the stream still up?
  7. Tomorrow's my bday why can't I have a stream for my present damn security
  8. The only person recording has a patato camera
  9. I hope somebody streams it
  10. Lol "is everyone excited for tonight" everyone cheering one guy in the background: "yeahhhhh" please tell me somebody heard that and laughed
  11. Does anyone know if there will be a livestream?
  12. Yeah but the obstacles they reused were the big wow moment obstacles like the triple and middle fountain lol also you missed wf4 and 7 with the bus in the middle
  13. I get it but when you can sculpt the dirt into anything then it would be a lot better then cars but when they sculpt it into the same thing all the time it gets boring I miss the cars but it's safety first and I get that but I wish they would get more creative, not trying to bash you or anything just saying my perspective
  14. Kinda what I thought they kinda buried it tom much and the rest isn much different then last year I know I haven't seen the whole track yet so I'll just say what I think so far but other then that I'm happy they put a bus out
  15. Also sorry for double posting but just wanted to say acouple things I really enjoyed the encore they did and how they brought in a bunch of other trucks including older trucks that don't even compete in monster jam I wonder if they tried to get Bigfoot there and got turned down since they had trucks like monster patrol also noticed they had reptoid there doubt it's anything special but glad to see the truck again also for the encore for freestyle it would be cool if they had it like the 20 year anniversary where they had extra freestyles from the trucks that didn't compete or had the trucks from the young guns freestyle i would like to see that I can't wait for tonight and hopefully there will be a new freestyle winner or I would be happy to see jim pull out a win in avenger
  16. I hope it's something like wf15 but not overdone also I wish they invited (crying of the year thrown at you) whoever drives ice cream man (sorry haven't been keeping up with the sport as much as I should be) he did amazing this year
  17. I wanted to see him win but really happy to see Ryan win I knew it was going to happen one day
  18. I'd cream my pants if they put that right in front of the middle ramp also they should build it up more or there just going to ride it up and and get air from the end
  19. Oh yeah that's D.C. lol I don't follow up on superheroes much
  20. That's what I've been thinking hopefully Spider-Man comes back
  21. Isn't him still working on a new chassis (unless he already has it and I'm just blind and dumb) so maybe he will debut it at the wf
  22. Dennis missed one wf before so it was either Jim or tom
  23. I miss degan he always had a wow factor in his run
  24. I got it but it took awhile to know how to do everything but a big problem I have is that it just shows the basics not calling Danny out or anything it was an amazing tutorial and he took his time on it but I have problem modeling the jumps so they would be more realistic and how to paint so it looks a lot better but that's just my 2 cents
  25. i know fall out boy has sold out but I'm really love they're old music and just started listening to infinity on high and really love the guitar on this song especially and the beginning of petes screaming part but my fav album by them is folie a deux