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  1. I really like the textures and paint you use on these idk what it is but they just make them look really beautiful
  2. I'm speechless this is amazing omg it looks really good
  3. im curious of what version of ror do you guys use, i see almost everyone uses .37, i just started using .38 today and there was nothing wrong with it all my trucks work no lag, its better than .37, what version do you guys use and why
  4. Even though I'm not much of a grave digger fan I have to admit that Dennis is one of the coolest people ever he's an amazing sport and a nice person I hope that he will be able to finish this year and hopefully still drive sometimes in the coming years
  5. Yeah me to he's a great guy and I don't really think he was retiring after this year he just wanted to take it slower and do other things and still do some shows once in a while but also I hope he gets better
  6. Me to but I was going to add some updated props also since I don't think there's an recent northern nightmare update
  7. So did Scott Douglas retire?
  8. Does anyone know if there going to televise the Anaheim show or is there a list anywhere I can find of shows that will be televised? I hope Dennis is ok also and doesn't get injured like 2007
  9. Sorry for the double posts but toxic is part of monster jam now?
  10. Since he took it over I know he's known more because of crusader and has some wins from it but I felt like lately the truck usually brakes on him it must be just me who feels this way but when he drove iron outlaw and blue thunder he did amazing and won slot more
  11. I like the crusader truck but ever since Linsey started driving it he always has bad luck
  12. Am I the one kinda afraid that the new dump truck and shark truck are going to completely sell out after this year and then have 5 billion different designs next year like zombie and Maxd?
  13. If your using .37- Does it happen when you get into the game? Because it could be that the menu or whatever it's called is disabled and if you press u it should pop up and should be able to see the mouse cursor
  14. Seriously captains curse is probably one of my favorite trucks ever I loved how much Alex has come from 2008 (yes I know he started around 2004) but I hope they keep the truck though. Also I fee like Lindsey needs a different truck tbh ever since he started driving loc he hasn't had much luck I know more people know him because of loc but his best years were in iron outlaw and blue thunder.
  15. Yeah I was just going to revamp it from the v4 and duplicate it and release it
  16. I could've tried but since my computer is sheit I can't really do anything till march when I have enough for a gaming computer
  17. 2 hours ago, John Dough said: Couldn't you export to ror if you wanted to or is this not blender? There's inflatables on Oakland 2015 you can rip them from there unless it takes a specific kind
  18. Just rip the poles from somebody's track
  19. I miss that Jim Kholer and these types of tracks
  20. It was impossible to see but I seen that Goldberg is going to be a throwback truck i also have a feeling that the s10 avenger will be a throwback but there were a lot of custom trucks I couldn't see because the pics were to small to zoom in on
  21. Sorry to bump the tread but wanted to say something about it, I don't hate the obstacles being all dirt what I hate is it all looking the same and no creativity like look back at 09-10 with the motorcross ramp which was made mostly of dirt with a couple cars most the time so I they made different obstacles every show then it would be better to watch and more entertaining and the only reason I hate no cars is because what were monster trucks created for
  22. Those chrome trucks look amazing
  23. I'm speechless it's looks so clean
  24. @Garrett Hanson please get rid of that green and red and paint it all blue it looks hideous with all those colors but looks sexy with just the blue
  25. If I had a computer I'd pm you but I'll just say this one thing and if they want to take it down they can, when your about to paint and you save the script are you just unwrapping it or are you doing it by the bounds because when you do it by the bounds it stays that way forever when you paint it sorry if I explained this as