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  1. Lookin Good!
  2. Anaheim 2016 FS1 or 2017 FS1.
  3. Finally got around to learning how to switch tires lol. Did this to breakable GD... So happy I learned this. AND another edit to my post. Here's a thumbnail a made for my new video!
  4. Curious good sir! You think well be seeing any 2016/17 arena tracks! -Thank You.

  5. So... My friend broke a non-breakable. '
  6. Thats beautiful man!
  7. Great Track!
  8. The true best way is if you have a second PC use windows network sharing. If you need helm DM me.
  9. Title says it all... Can someone please help with that.
  10. ohhhh nice!
  11. Awesome! and sure you can save them.
  12. Download Broken :(
  13. fixed it disregard my prev message!
  14. Ok so I would love to join your server but I cant even get multiplayer to work. Im on any help!