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  1. So after spending almost all weekend learning how to blender with the help of @djpgamer7 I was able to get a few of my very early models into game heres a example of one of them.
  2. Great way to end off the night
  3. Ok its already converted however the process itself is simple just DM me ill fill you in. Its too long for the thread.
  4. Ok so this is a very odd case but for whatever reason the past few months the breakables I have been having a issue... The issue is I will just be driving jumping racing whatever even sometimes literally in park and my rear 2 wheels will just disconnect and I am not able to drive heres some example photos which you can see all I did was drive around. I havent had the issue with any trucks until I installed chaos freak and even after completely re-working my pack without that truck this is still a issue is it I have no clue everything else works fine. Help would be much appreciated.
  5. Man that looks amazing! I wonder whos gonna make WF 18? (Not me, I honestly got no clue whos gonna do it.)
  6. Todays work! (No its not a replica but on a positive note I've gotten my other models in Beaming just not collidable yet but I'm getting closer and closer to In game RoR ever project!
  7. I know the center ramp is massive its only temporary and its not a replica track just sheer boredom...
  8. They are a rather high racing ramp (Seven Feet) And from a few tests I've done (using the blender scaling truck) its 1 to 1.
  9. Custom arena track I just started.
  10. Not quite yet but im literally 1 step away from that!