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  1. Man that looks amazing! I wonder whos gonna make WF 18? (Not me, I honestly got no clue whos gonna do it.)
  2. Todays work! (No its not a replica but on a positive note I've gotten my other models in Beaming just not collidable yet but I'm getting closer and closer to In game RoR ever project!
  3. I know the center ramp is massive its only temporary and its not a replica track just sheer boredom...
  4. They are a rather high racing ramp (Seven Feet) And from a few tests I've done (using the blender scaling truck) its 1 to 1.
  5. Custom arena track I just started.
  6. Not quite yet but im literally 1 step away from that!
  7. More work done.
  8. yea
  9. About asking permission that would be smart lol but the truck looks great!
  10. Thanks!
  11. Red. Also more progress...
  12. I do have round corner and its very weird and like to make odd angles thanks for the reccomendation tho!
  13. Ima be honest ive watched that video 3 times fully through and still cannon grasp blender i dunno why but thats just how I am, but thanks for the tip! Maybe someday Ill start using blender!
  14. No worries lol I know im not the best im not the kind of person to go boasting about bad work!
  15. Well atlanta is coming along nicely. Also got another track to a .mesh bc theres a ogre export for blender 2.7x i just dont know what to do from there.