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  1. Feel like that's what it will be like. Maybe like the track they had down in South America a few weeks ago.
  2. This is...Noiceeee
  3. Was down in Foxboro today and went over to Gillette stadium, saw the dirt, cars, vans and.. a bus in the back. ill try to head back sometime this week to get a picture.
  4. Funny Funny.
  5. Whoops. Never done this screenshot of the week thing so just took my best screenshot and put it in - sorry, didn't know t was a certain track (didn't bother to read)
  6. Does anybody know the where No Problem II is?
  7. Le Crusader.
  8. Ok, I'm a big yearbook collector and I have a gap in my collection from 1999-2004. I am looking for 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003. I am willing to trade multiple hotwheels trucks, or pay around $100 if you would like to sell or trade please Contact me on Facebook (@Jacksonb13) Instagram (@jacksonbrammertv) or email (tractionbreakertv@gmail.com)
  9. So I'm having trouble with a few trucks on 0.38, they crash because they don't have "DDshocks.mesh". can somebody please tell me a truck that has this mesh so I can copy it from that into the file? thanks guys.
  10. Welcome.
  11. Anyone wanna talk?


  12. Learn how to race on jersey! https://youtu.be/Q_56cJVFutw
  13. Ok, me and a friend have been keeping this for a very long time, but we are halfway through EarthShaker. I am very exited to realese this in June. I will have pictures coming once we finish painting.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/JBRmotorsportsphoto/?fref=hovercard check out my photography facebook page.
  15. Press FN And f1 and f2 at the same time