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  1. Cant think of a full FOT but heres my DDS predictions: EarthShaker - Tristan "Ty" England Rammunition - Matt Dishman Grave Digger - Krysten Anderson Blue Thunder - Matt Cody Zombie - Ami Houde El Toro Loco - Kayla Blood Toxic - Cory Snyder Monster Mutt - Kevin Crocker Saigon Shaker - Ryan Disharoon Obsessed - Eric Swanson Wild Flower - Rosalee Ramer Dalmation - Cynthia Gauthier MMR - Jr Seasock Bad News Travels Fast - Brandon Derrow Stinger - Zane Rettew Great Clips Mohawk Warrior - Bryce Kenny
  2. Racing - Lucas Oil Crusader (weenk) Freestyle - (random but I want this to happen) Jimmy Koehler in Avenger
  3. https://www.facebook.com/pg/JBRmotorsportsphoto/photos/?tab=album&album_id=206590009815057 Link to all shots from Hartford, CT.
  4. How do you make a blonde like you? give them Starbucks and sex. How do you get a blonde not to like you? Math.
  5. Spawn V4 Bad Habit. If that doesn't work, insert the truck to blender and try to save it to your own file.
  6. Is the back beadlock supposed to be orange?
  7. Chassis is a CRD.
  8. Jeff Bursey's new ride for first quarter, "Witch Doctor". It is the same Jethro Tow chassis, but with a different body and scheme.
  9. here is the link for all my Worcester shots: https://www.facebook.com/Jacksonb13/media_set?set=a.232473550540800.1073741834.100013344693183&type=3
  10. a few of my favorites from Worcester.
  11. what version do you use?
  12. changed by background to one of my favorite shots from Worcester.
  13. Most likely he will not be in Orlando or Toronto. St. Louis is a MAYBE.
  14. 0.4.6 for video recording 0.4.7 for normal playing.
  15. new watermark I made for 2017! I'll be in Worcester, MA for both Saturday shows. This weekend.
  16. Working on a new army strong design. All camo body, with the new logo design I posted last night. It will still be on the titan style square body, but I'm trying to design its own chassis. Very exited for this.
  17. Well, did something. I like it.
  18. I suppose you mean you're, my young friend?
  19. Ill probably end up seeing it cause my girlfriend wants to take me lmao.
  20. In all honesty, I'm not to interested in it. My little brother was watching Nickelodeon, Since that's the company that is behind the movie, they had a promo for it. it was held at the Indy Monster Truck Nationals from earlier this year, I guess they took the truck from the movie and let it hit some dirt ramps. I was just interested cause I saw heavy hitter, river rat and bigfoot for like 10 seconds.
  21. Its the CPU you have in it. When I got my first desktop it would do that, it had a CPU not strong enough to support the game. So all that time I had resorted to my old laptop for RoR. (CPU stands for Central Processing Unit.) Try 0.37 or 0.38. The CPU probably cant handle 0.4.
  22. It was confirmed that the FS1 West Lineup will be heading to - Syracuse,NY, Nashville, TN, Foxboro, Ma, East Rutherford, NJ after the world finals. This was confirmed by one of the hosts of the tour on facebook.
  23. Here is the weekend round up for the start of 2017. Mat Dishman is still in Rammunition as normal. Mike Miller is now driving Raminator, since Hall is in stadiums. Megladon leads points on the Triple Threat Series Central Tour presented by Amsoil. Max-D leads the Triple Threat Series East and West presented by Amsoil. "Muddy Girl Camouflage" driven by Maddie Myers replaces Backdraft in an arena tour. FS1 Series' start up this weekend of January 14th. I will be in Worcester, MA all day this Saturday, attending both the 2pm show and the 7pm show. if you see me feel free to say hi.
  24. RoR server name: Jackson Brammer Discord name: Jackson_Brammer31 Truck: Team Hot Wheels Firestorm.