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    Favorite Metal/Rock bands?

    Thought that since a majority of the community listens to rock/metal music, why not share some of our favorite bands in specific, not songs, just bands. Top 10 for me: 1. Of Mice And Men 2. The Amity Affliction 3. Asking Alexandria 4. Oceano 5. Beartooth 6. Chelsea Grin 7. Whitechapel 8. Novelists 9. Dayseeker 10. Starset I have these and many other bands going from softer rock to heavy deathcore on this playlist https://open.spotify.com/user/tractionbreakertv17/playlist/7BgbB9iMKiE09lFKqO5fnY
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Grave Digger 28 Is a Chevy panel van monster truck built in late 2014. It is ran by Pablo Huffaker, This is Fern's GD28 from 2015, but I added updates to it since then. Truck making: FernBern Rims: RORseries Paint: Me/ChazzyMP Shock Setup: Me *This does not have Collector headers due to my inexperience with blender* EVERYTHING SHOULD BE CLONED PROPERLY, IF IT ISNT I DONT KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON. Anyways, enjoy Pablo's ride
  3. Jackson B

    NAMT 2018 Individual Sign-Ups (OPEN NOW)

    Driver: Jackson Brammer Truck Name: Lucas Oil Widowmaker Hometown: Melrose, Massachusetts. Link: TBA Truck Song:
  4. Jackson B

    Favorite Metal/Rock bands?

    Figured since people found this thread again, why not update my list. Taste has changed a bit, found some new bands. In order: Melodic/Metalcore 1. Beartooth 2. Bring Me The Horizon 3. Of Mice And Men 4. Wage War 5. The Amity Affliction 6. I Am King 7. Miss May I 8. In Fear And Faith 9. Famous Last Words 10. Vesta Colide Deathcore/Death Metal: 1. Enterprise Earth 2. Slaughter To Prevail 3. Shadow Of Intent 4. Oceano 5. Widowmaker 6. Infant Annihilator 7. Thy Art Is Murder 8. A Night In texas 9. Aversions Crown 10. A Wake In Providence
  5. Jackson B

    Music thread

  6. Jackson B

    STS Pre-Season Event #3: 3/31/18 (Sign-ups Closed!)

    Jackson Brammer Lucas Oil Crusader Sent On Discord Jackson #7500
  7. Jackson B

    Syracuse 2015 Experimental Funrun

    Jackson Brammer Mutant Jackson #7500
  8. Jackson B

    STS Pre-Season Event #2: 3/9/18 (Sign-ups Closed)

    Jackson Brammer Grave Digger Jackson #7500
  9. Jackson B

    Fun Run: Sunday, March 4, 2018: Atlanta, GA, USA

    Jackson Brammer Mutant Super Soda Jackson #7500
  10. Jackson B

    ~Sign Ups~

    Name: Jackson Brammer Truck: Mutant Super Soda Link: Discord: Jackson #7500
  11. Jackson B

    Pistolwhipped SMRA 2017

    Version 1.0.0


    Pistolwhipped is my own creation of a custom truck for SMRA and other upcoming custom leagues. Credits - Original Chassis Frame - acdcfan56 Chassis Modification - Me Paint - Me Nodes - Outlawed Everything Else - SM Community. THIS IS NOT AN OPEN CUSTOM! YOU MUST MESSAGE ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO USE THIS IN LEAGUES, FUN RUNS, ETC. Enjoy.
  12. Jackson B

    Show Your Project Chapter 61

    Added the neon fuel cell onto Coty's Monster Energy truck. Truck itself was made by @GDFAN14
  13. Jackson B

    SMRA Season 4 Budgets

    Ocala FL https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1u4yI8B2Z3CX1zG6ZX5bgIus-W_Njp8u2JBYpWinvFKA/edit#gid=827599492
  14. Jackson B

    Show Your Project Chapter 61

  15. Jackson B

    Pastrana 199 & Nitro Circus

    Glad to see my favorite truck from the 2005-2008 Era Pastrana 199 finally out on here! Great stuff, Scott.
  16. Jackson B

    Share Your Specs

    From the last post here i have put in 32GB of Corsair Vengeance RGB RAM @3200Mhz.
  17. Jackson B

    STS Pre-Season Event #1: 2/9/18 (Sign-ups Closed)

    Just a reminder that this event will be livestreamed on my YouTube Channel and if your trucks have missing textures be sure to fix them so that everything looks good!
  18. Jackson B

    Show Your Project Chapter 61

    Glad to see you back in the game with stuff. Truck is looking good so far.
  19. Jackson B

    Hi! Just Joined, and want to make trucks!

    A lot goes into it and it takes a lot of time to learn. I have been around here for almost 4 years and i just started learning how to make trucks last year.
  20. Jackson B

    Show Your Project Chapter 61

    Old project i decided to revisit.
  21. Jackson B

    Arlington 2017 Wednesday 2/7/18 @7:00PM eastern.

    As i had friends PM me personally to sign up, all spots have been filled and sign ups are now closed! Good luck to all.
  22. Fun run will be held on 0.38-0.4.6. Sign ups should be as followed: Name: Jackson Brammer Truck: Avenger Link: Discord: Jackson #7500 Sign ups are limited to 14 people. The event will be live-streamed on my YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjCrjGOqLs-WylI_kaqcLWg?view_as=subscriber Discord link: https://discord.gg/FzrA4ce Spreadsheet link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Mq-H0KZEfVdqmbKlI5igLI2BbBTqF5PfrjIIvDkOMlY/edit?usp=sharing
  23. Jackson B

    How many monster truck shows have you been to?

    2004: Stafford Motor Speedway, CT. 2005: DCU Center, Worcester MA and Stafford Motor Speedway. 2006: DCU Center, Worcester MA and Dunkin Donuts Center, Providence RI. 2007: DCU Center, Worcester MA and Stafford Motor Speedway. 2008: DCU Center, Worcester MA. 2009: DCU Center, Worcester, MA. 2010: DCU Center, Worcester MA. 2011: None. 2012: DCU Center, Worcester MA. 2013: DCU Center, Worcester MA, Dunkin Donuts Center, Providence RI and Topsfield Fair JM Productions. 2014: DCU Center, Worcester MA, Gillette Stadium, Foxborough MA. 2015: Gillette Stadium, Foxborough MA, Monster Events Seekonk Speedway, Seekonk MA. 2016: DCU Center, Worcester, MA, Speedway 95, Bangor ME, Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA, Seekonk Speedway, Seekonk MA, Topsfield Fair, Topsfield MA. 2017: DCU Center, Worcester MA, XL Center, Hartford CT, Dunkin Donuts Center, Providence RI, Gillette Stadium, Foxborough MA, Stafford Motor Speedway, Topsfield Fair. So that makes a total of 29 since 2004. Won't be able to make Worcester MA this year but here is what i have upcoming for 2018: Providence RI, Bangor ME, Manchester NH, Foxborough MA, East Rutherford NJ, Seekonk MA.
  24. Jackson B

    Scooby Doo 2018 (Gordon) UPDATE

    This is completely inaccurate. Gordon is running the old Avenger, He is running a longer style of FELD headers and this truck does not even have a tail. Please take your work into consideration before uploading it.
  25. Jackson B

    Show Your Project Chapter 61

    Here is the PistolWhipped i will be running in SMRA World Finals.