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    its crazy without the fix, but glad this is finally out
  1. blaise told me that he forgot to fix gd26 but it has somting to do with node weight or somthing
    very fun truck to drive
  2. Ok cool
  3. that looks sick is there any way you can realese it like wf13???
    100/ 10 awesome trucks man now im going to go to wf 2 :D:D:D
    100/ 10 lol
    Great track man!!!!
  4. thats cool just like the Grave digger!
  5. go get rockgods grave digger 19
  6. the wf 13 one is my new favorite sim monster truck!!
  7. hey this is like exactly rockgod s grave digger 19 but with differnet textures it even says rockgod88 in the authers
  8. wow I havent been on in awile but these new trucks and tracks are amazing!!!!

  9. i like it. what is your problem with rockgod his trucks are better then urs so i wouldn't be talking if i were you
  10. lol i love this show