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  1. Max-D starting off with big air off of the racing ramp in Houston!
  2. Wow, that is a stunning photograph!
  3. I think the Escalade looked better, but I have to agree with Pink Guy.
  4. Oh my God.
  5. What's a nibba?
  6. The Atlanta Falcons monster truck represents its hometown!
  7. Dan Runty
  8. Happy 2nd Birthday!

  9. I would crap my pants if I got a hole-in-one too.
  10. When did we get to see Jim Koehler act wild and crazy? When he was on Speed.
  11. The air filter is WAY too big, and that the inside texture of the body seems to have the outside texture and fiberglass. Other than that, it's a great truck.
  12. Trucks had always worked for me in 0.4+, and I put them in the packs folder.
  13. I have a computer. It's a laptop.
  14. That looks amazing! Very smooth, many different obstacles, and it looks like a blast!
  15. Oh boy, that's a lot of stuff.