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  1. ror ogre exporter help

    Why would there be a .scene file? As for the .mesh.xml file, you have to open a new window in File Explorer, go to Local Disk (C:)\Program Files (x86)\Rigs of Rods (version), and drag the .mesh.xml file into OgreXMLConverter.exe. The file will convert to a .mesh file.
  2. Driver, Truck, and Username Puns

    PJ Johnson Bailey Shea Willman
  3. Custom MeMe's

  4. Doctor Destruction

    Don't write reviews for your own content...
  5. Grinds your gears thread

    I really hate 3rd Wave Feminists, Feminazis, Hardcore Liberals, whatever you call them. So much so, that I try to block them from entering my brain at all times, I hate knowing that they exist...
  6. Jokes Thread

    Lee O'Donnell's trick at World Finals 18 was wheelie flipping awesome!
  7. Driver, Truck, and Username Puns

    Carl Van Horn Double entendre much?
  8. Driver, Truck, and Username Puns

    Mark Culinary World Finals
  9. Takin' It Easy

  10. Making body look smooth

    Go into Edit mode (press Tab). Go into the Mesh dropdown menu on the bottom. Go to Faces and click "Set Smooth."
  11. USA Bigfoot

    What bothers me about this truck is that the yellow part of the shocks (I don't know what it's called) is on one side on the left, but on the other side on the right, when facing the truck this way. Also, I think the roll cage is supposed to be gray. Other than that, it's a great truck.
  12. I need help

    You can change those commands. In File Explorer, go here: Documents\Rigs of Rods 0.xx\config Open input.map with a word processor (Notepad, MS Word, Notepad++). Go to these two lines: COMMANDS_01 Keyboard EXPL+F1 COMMANDS_02 Keyboard EXPL+F2 Deleting the EXPL part won't make a difference, but you should change F1 and F2 to whatever you like (I replaced them with 1 and 2, respectively).
  13. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    I can't see the pictures... I tried opening them in different tabs, but they seem to have been removed.