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  1. Oh boy, that's a lot of stuff.
  2. This is probably the wrong thread, but I'm curious about why I can't change my member title, since I'm an ULTRA member.
  3. The Concussion looks better IMO.
  4. Oh, I guess I'll wait for a finished product like a good boy. :3
  5. I've been seeing screenshots from multiple people with the 2017 Monster Energy trucks, but I can't find it on the website. Is there a download link for it somewhere or am I just stupid?
  6. I don't drag my images, I just search for them.
  7. Make an account on imgur, upload your image there, select it, copy the direct link, and paste it into your comment. It will automatically embed into the image.
  8. Mom Meents - Maximom Destruction
  9. You can make one.
  10. Wow.
  11. I can tell by the shocks that Adam probably ran the Grandma body.
  12. What do you think the next "era" will be?
  13. Looks like they really faked us out with the past 2 years of bullcrap... Now they've made up for it.
  14. That was an absolutely great World Finals... I think FELD might be improving now...