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  1. What kind of freestyler are you?

    I like to start my run with a big opening jump, from there its more calm and conservative. Towards the middle i like to try stoppie/moonwalk. If all goes my way ill pull out a nice over the hood save, although I dont like hack saves or totally unrealistic saves. If I roll it over early and i know i can hacksave ill leave it be as i like to make it as realistic a possible. Towards the end I'll throw in a backflip right into some big air. From then on I just hit the biggest and best jumps, all while trying to keep it realistic.
  2. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    Awesome detail with the bump stops and limiting straps! I've been waiting for those for a while and I think it adds the final "realistic " touch. Well done!
  3. Metal Mulisha 2017 Fixed

    Awesome truck man!! The amount of detail is amazing. Keep up the great work!
  4. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    Instead of something being "meh" and releasing it , I recommend working on it to be the best it can be. Releasing a fully finished product will gain a lot more for you than that average project. It may take longer but it is sure worth the work. Just my two cents.
  5. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Ok, so no one has downloaded it because it hasn't been released (rockgodds mulisha) therefore no one knows if there are texture or mesh issues. Everyone's version of the software is different so what work on his might or might not work on yours. Just be patient and check it out when it is up for download, then you can see what needs a be fixed (if anything)
  6. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    looks pretty good. The blue is supposed to be darker (shown below), but the blue (flames) behind the Lucas crusader logo on the back, I think, should be a lighter blue
  7. photography thread?

    A super car show back in early June. In the Wells Fargo center parking lot
  8. Body Samples/Bakes Thread

    @bkelly The last one is the stone crusher body for reference
  9. East Rutherford 2017

    Nope, just the 2
  10. photography thread?

    Only in Philly..
  11. Screenshot of the Week!

    Two icons going head-to-head
  12. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Might just be the picture quality but the bodies, especially wf 18, look very grainy and not well put on. There's a lot of sharp white corners with the lettering. Improving the quality of the decals themselves would also help, such as hand painting . Other than that, great work so far
  13. photography thread?

  14. Screenshot of the Week!

    "classic tom meents"
  15. Show Your Projects Chapter 57

    There is a jump next to the bus stack facing us rather than that long strip of a steep hill