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  1. Purple flames need to be thicker like in the photo from @steiale
  2. I would suggest new rims and maybe new engine for wild flower, other than that it looks good. Did you paint the body?
  3. It's page 30,anyone?
  4. To be honest, chrome just doesn't look right on Scooby Doo, as for monster energy, I feel like too many of the features or parts of the decals are covered by chrome, which they need to be seen
  5. There is a video showing you how on under the tutorials thread
  6. The spawn point in .4 is very far from the stadium, i recommend changing it in the .terrn2 file to something in the stadium. besides that good track
  7. Not to call you out for anything, but where did you get the idea for the gas monkey titan? Do you know photography1413
  8. Can't exactly see the custom part, just looks like Goldberg maybe with some new tires
  9. I think the red max d could definitely be worked on as it just looks like red overlay, try to get the paint as "crisp" as you can so it looks the best, such as being very precise on where the red is on the truck
  10. I'm thinking about doing that with World Finals 8, do you mind sending my that blend when you have a chance? Looks good so far
  11. Dream Car:
  12. I like it
  13. Get Jolly

    Version 1.0.0


    Decided to make a Christmas version of my first custom truck, Crossed Out , which is entitled, Get Jolly. Please note this IS a standalone and will not need any other parts to function. It was pretty fun to make and had two versions: *Regular *Chrome Credits: Rockgod's original Toxic Chassis Rims: Me Me: Candy Cane 4-Links and Tierods Everything else: Miscelaneous SM Stuff Also special help to SelfDestruct with making the -spec Merry Christmas Everyone!!
  14. lookin' pretty sweet!