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  1. Only in Philly..
  2. Two icons going head-to-head
  3. Might just be the picture quality but the bodies, especially wf 18, look very grainy and not well put on. There's a lot of sharp white corners with the lettering. Improving the quality of the decals themselves would also help, such as hand painting . Other than that, great work so far
  4. "classic tom meents"
  5. There is a jump next to the bus stack facing us rather than that long strip of a steep hill
  6. like this?
  7. whats the purpose of the vehicle that has a pitched inner camera if your going to change the camera anyway? Or even spawning a vehicle like that?
  8. Looking good! Like someone said previously, the small MJ logo in the back is the grey version , not yellow. Also i believe Coty has more silver headers rather than a grey ish like you have on there now
  9. CVH, John Zimmer, Chad Tingler, and colton drove it at one point
  10. diggers
  11. Looking good, alot of prop placement is needed for big kahuna, and the tiki head looks somewhat smooshed to one side it also needs new headers, swaybars, and shocks
  12. Wasn't me, that was someone else
  13. No worries, just had to see how the body looked then im gonna make my own chassis
  14. This thing is a LONG way from being close to finished but here is the beta of my new custom