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  1. To Me it looks like a k5 blazer mud truck.
  2. Venom Looks like an intresting truck for ror.
  3. Heres what ive been trying to do i need to put it in blender first tho!
  4. Instead Of Doing that may you p.m People instead Of Filling up the thread with replies? We made this thread to share trucks etc but not for replies.
  5. I Kinda was asking the dude that uploaded it. Just saying
  6. How Come This was in playdrewtvs pack?
  7. no one will use it joey nice try.
  8. Thats World Finals 17 not 18 Go to the 17 map and postion your free camera just like it And if that was 18 it would say Double Down Showdown not young guns ...
  9. I think you should use a cohen
  10. Do those work for .4?
  11. I mean aslong as theres no major body changes(or none at all) all we have to do is repaint maby with a flag.
  12. Is that Coltons Max-d?
  13. Upgrade to a newer version,Like .39 or .4.5 or 4.6
  14. Thanks For The advice about the name i didnt think about that.
  15. I Didnt Upload This To have it be anything major I made it as an edit you dont have to download its Your Choice I Uploaded this for fun i could care less if you have a problem with it.