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  1. I'm off on vacation to Myrtle Beach for a week. So I will be back in no time. See you later
  2. Ok
  3. I know. I still not giving up because I want it to be perfect like the one on YouTube videos
  4. When I use 37.126, it has a lot of pink stuff on the truck and the track at the same time.
  5. Ok. I'll try.
  6. Thank you so much. But what if the game or setup isn't in the folder?
  7. 2017 Track Master of the Year!! @maxdman
  8. Give me description please. Does it get errors?
  9. Can I download it? My first was version 38.67 and it was terrible. Do you think?
  10. How did you get that version?
  11. Amazing truck. But the color and number is kind of a little different.
  12. It was 3 weeks ago that you made it @maxdman
  13. This is the track of metlife stadium
  14. You should add Time Fly's and Wild Flower in the game.
  15. Great! Now it can work on this version