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  1. My God! That looks like Batman!
  2. I was at Monster Jam World Finals last year. It was amazing! Thanks to my Grandpa and my Grandma for taking my family to this awesome event. We also had the the tickets at Christmas. That kinda sucks they we are not at today's show because we don't want to spend to much in a row. I wonder if I could go next year? #SantaRocks
  3. Kyle Busch YAY!!!
  4. Who will win the Daytona 500 this race?
  5. I will guess the winner's will be Son-Uva Digger on racing and Cleatus for Freestyle
  6. Browns are still not at the super bowl. Sorry to another
  7. I hope so. I like the eagles and also.I like your Syracuse 2016 track. It looks amazing!!!
  8. The eagles were out of the playoff already. I'm sorry
  9. I rooting both because I was on the team of the Partriots at Flag Football and we won the champion game. And the Falcons because it is close to one of my cousins house in Pensacola, Florida
  10. Who will win tonight? You vote.
  11. And the front of the body is supposed to be Ford F-150. Please make it.
  12. Ok .Show it to me Please.
  13. That was good. But it doesn't have BKT tires on it.
  14. How could he keep on doing this? I might be because the stop doing it since July.
  15. It just requested it months ago. It looks great!