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  1. Max-D with a breakdown
  2. nicer word for you know what
  3. Grave Digger getting some air out of a wheelie
  4. does anyone have the mror stockholm that i can get or any other stockholm or gothenburg track?
  5. looks a little like the argentina track
  6. oh yeah sorry
  7. VOLVO swedish power! proud to be a swede now
  8. Real Name:David Karlsson Discord Username: davai Hometown:Fjärås Sweden Truck Name: need for swede Make/Model: volvo 850 Truck Download Link:
  9. could i get that stockholm track i live in sweden and it would be nice to have that track
  10. Paint i got from @carkiller458 just wanted to leave this here if anyone want it i can send it or upload it
  11. Flying High
  12. World Finals 17 Racing Backflip
  13. the server is probably not up try Rigsofrods.org 12000 or 12001
  14. i love you chris cant wait to compete on it great work!
  15. when i try to spawn gdtl 2015 i get an error that says that i have run out of memory in d3blablabla but only sometimes mostly on gaitersburg 2015 but some times it work help?