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  1. seriously thou. that looks wicked sick!!!!! hel it even makes the current jester look like a puzzy (plz don't hate meh it's a joke)
  2. @racingrichardYT he's not retiring he's just not competing at WF anymore
  3. @racingrichardYT from what I know of he is, i'm pretty sure he's still competing.
  4. @RoRFan 76 you need to find the texture. i'd suggest looking in other truck zips for the texture
  5. quick question does dennis know about this?
  6. @vegasfest most likely not. also could someone send me reference pics of the Dirt Crew Chassis? thaks
  7. @LeMaddog it's not. also my 2 cents @vegasfest i'd suggest not asking when trucks are coming out. just be patient.
  8. a attempted replica that me and a partner did awhile back:
  9. @Tylinater you are right. also just my 2 cents please PM people if you have any problems with future content. BTW @DiggerFan loving the trucks.
  10. you need to extract the folder in the original .zip file to a new .zip file. other than that @Chazzymp great job on the truck
  11. thought I would inncorperate my idea. how about the ability to import trucks from ROR onto the game? not sure how it would work in the game but feel free to brain storm. (would most likely work for PC only)
  12. classic tom meents
  13. sorry for bumping this old AF thread but does anybody know what the font is for the Shocker truck?
  14. @lilacwarrior4 just right click and click open in new tab it'll work. @erhminer love the track.