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  1. @nks1996 got a link? @cp2013 if you haven't seen FELD's new rule on trucks, that's why I added it and no not every truck I make I have to add my name on it.
  2. @mdemko thanks, and FYI I added that bar on the back to make it hold up the wing, just wanted to make it have a realistic feel. if anyone else reads this what shock setup should it use?
  3. well sh*t: one of my better paints TBH
  4. I could give this a shot. PM me more details if needed
  5. @monsterjam9876 fixed it
  6. @monsterjam9876 best I could do on short notice should be transparent:
  7. "i'm a savage"
  8. not important RN we are blowing up the thread. PM for further info. EDIT: Page 21 have fun
  9. edited William
  10. please delete pics when quoting. here's a WIP:
  11. follow blasies tutorial it'll show you how:
  12. yeah double post I might be wrong on the chassis type so just to let you know.
  13. the chassis is a PEI FYI.
  14. For the first time ever in Tampa. Heartbeat attempts to climb up the BoxVan, did he make it?
  15. @Hagan Moskau um, what?