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  1. That could be true in arenas but i can remember West lebanon 2016 Adam through tons of mud into the crowd and wasnt shut off,
  2. The only thing i would edit is to lower the actual mutant logo besides that it looks great!
  3. Jim also owns Axe
  4. Remember not to have pictures in quotes buddy!
  5. that is also true! now back on topic fantastic truck blaise. i mean phenomenal job
  6. he didny fix the suspension set up. he fixed the dif issue
  7. *licks lips intensely* NOICE.
  8. Ok but he isnt wrong. The 4 links dont match up and the rims do not fit the tyres. The chassis looks outdated aswell as the paint so we are honestly just trying to help AND we already have someone making the same avenger aswell as someone making the WF18 avenger
  9. An absolute work of art chris! Fantastic job
  10. lol yeah the bodys wrong but if its a custom to all there own i suppose
  11. but if its a 2000's truck when the rule didnt exist why put it there. or of you want a name there put meents name there
  12. My best video to date, hope you can all enjoy.
  13. it just ends up cluttering the thread with unnecessary comments that could easily be typed in a pm
  14. In my personal opinion World Finals 8 (the first one i watched) was one of my favorite tracks/shows to watch not only because of the triple bus and pure originality but the paint designs on that trucks, Middle ramp in particular really stood out as a unique track. Track paint for sure adds enjoy ability to watch because everything was different
  15. so my 3rd custom and one of my new favorites, I intend to add a BKT option as well as a qualifying and bodyless version, any feedback would be greatly appreciated, Huge shout out to @Zman5499 for putting it in blender