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  1. i think it is only for .37, it doesnt work for .38 if thats what youre using.
  2. no way!! thank u so much. ill play when i get the chance to.
  3. do the servers not work?
  4. Could I possibly change my truck from blue thunder 2015 to lucas oil crusader 2015? I won't be able to make for march 23rd, april 6th, april 20th, may 4th. the only way i would be able to attend those would be for them to be held back one day. if you can do that tell me
  5. Can someone PLEASE!! tell me the server name and port for the monster truck server on ror! plz
  6. i found it and made an account already, will it be ror .37 or .38
  7. whats discord and how do i get it, or what abouut skype
  8. Tommy Varilone Blue Thunder 2015 Tommy Varilone or
  9. is it on .37 or .38?
  10. can we do 2015 trucks?
  11. it keeps crashing my game, can you tell me how to fix?
  12. are you guys still accepting?


  13. name: Tommy Varilone Game name: manhog26 Truck: Metal Mulisha 2015
  14. dude, i totally forgot about my account, i dont even know if you still use this

  15. am i allowed to be a driver? or is it too late. and do i need what version of RoR