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  1. Sky said he would put my custom chrome trucks into his packs. They are almost ready... If anyone wants a specific truck to be painted chrome feel free to ask me!
  2. Skyliner sent me the paint so I could make it chrome. I'm helping him.
  3. Get ready to have your minds blown... El Toro Loco 2017 (Chrome Red) (Revamped 2008-2009) Skyliner did the red paint, I painted it chrome, added it to ETL McD Pack, and then repainted parts.
  4. Day one of Max-D Breakables lol I think I'm gonna do a video of this stuff xD.
  5. for recording, multiplayer, and for normal playing.
  6. yes, I realized.
  7. Body now updated:
  8. Let's go guys... 2017 unearths new and updated content... Before After Any suggestions before releasing? I still have to paint DshaftCage and should be finished.
  9. That breakable one I can't wait for, the others as well but I like breakables so... lol.
  10. Okay, well I don't know then, sorry. If you didn't look, I posted it in th e section...
  11. Skyliner849's bragging skills are up to date I think xD.
  12. HUGE UPDATE (Maybe) Updated tires so they don't overwrite other tires I think... It works for me soo. Here it is, ready to be unleashed... Probably by the time anyone sees this it will be getting approved. Enjoy!
  13. It should. I don't know how to make them for that versions since I use 4.0.7
  14. I'm sure this has been mentioned to you... If you're going to make a request to all the content creators here please try and actually take the time to make a proper request.
  15. I always am full throttle. It's not the best choice but it gets a ton of wild chaos and destruction. This may give you an idea of my driving... lol...