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  1. Debut of the 2015 Gold Maximum Destruction Breakable I made. Still a W.I.P sorry for the horrible quality btw. I'm brand new to Bandicam.
  2. So, after about 2 hours of cloning and adjusting suspension setup, body and chassis placement, and tire stuff, I have made Morgan Kane's 2015 Gold Max-D Breakable. Yes, I did mean to use the 2016 Maximum Destruction chassis and this is no where near complete. Yes, I also realize that some parts are still orange.
  3. I'll make sure I do that. I don't know if I'm releasing it though. Just a truck I threw together with some logos so not really worth posting unless anyone likes it.
  4. Custom in the works. MMX Speed Freak
  5. Modifying Penzoil Fuel Injection a bit. Added a custom flag, painted Good Years white, and made it chrome yellow with chrome orange flames.
  6. Fooling around with my custom I made about a month ago. Cloned and ready to release! Yes, I know they are two different tracks.
  7. Dummy, it still doesn't work. Stop giving advice to people who are advancing at a much more decent pace since your advice is nothing but junk.
  8. Hello, I am trying to figure out how to fix the missing meshserializer problem that happens when 0.37 up to the latest 0.3 users try spawning my trucks. This would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Fooling around with camera angles and the beautiful new Top Gunner truck...
  10. That's cool!
  11. Who do you drive for? This sounds cool!
  12. Also... Updated Breakables anybody?
  13. I haven't ever seen it? Show me a picture please?
  14. Haha. finally started my first custom. Kudos goes to @GuyLiner849 for doing the paint job. I need to clone it, and should be ready, any suggestions?
  15. It would be nice if you guys could send me pics of the 2017 Monster Energy (Damon) Truck, All parts (sides, top, hood, rear, etc...) would be appreciated.