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  1. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    I think that you should have kept working on with me but instead you just stopped messaging me on discord. I still have the chassis ready and waiting but apparently you don't need help. Other than that, great job on the paint.
  2. Youtube stuff

    Video on my second channel. It's now being converted to a magic channel so keep on the lookout!
  3. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Is that my breakable version of Mutant? Just wondering if I sent you which I probably did. Or is it someone elses?
  4. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Yo Vegasfest, are you blind or what? Breakables are in progress rn. Any suggestions of trucks that I should make breakable would help with the pack.
  5. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    great job! Can you help me make the breakable settings on your old trucks more realistic? Ex: Wheels break off in hard landings, or driveshaft can be torn off.
  6. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    4th of July is coming... and a new truck along with it!
  7. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    I am trying to make the settings more realistic right now. It'd be helpful in anyone could help me please.
  8. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Thanks. i'll make sure to check it out. How do I make it to where the lexan isn't white? This is my first truck I've ever modified with blender whatsoever.
  9. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    what do you mean?
  10. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    lol maybe fudge? sounds dumb tho. Anyways, more progress. Finally figured out how to texture the inside of the body so it's not see through body from the inside thanks to @Swegliner849. Thanks! And yes, I'm aware that one half of the truck is lighter than the others. Textures are hating me today... Sorry, about the screenshot box. Wish there was a way to hide it. If you guys want any other trucks breakable just request it to me through a reply or dm me. Also: The breakable settings on all of my trucks belong to Blaise (rockgod88). The node beam setup is also his. I did not make the breakable settings. I just made the flexbodies and cloned all the stuff! (Thanks Blaise, hope you don't care if I use your settings. Proper credits will be given if this is released.)
  11. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    fart? Insult? lol wut
  12. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Maybe a Breakable truck pack will be coming to a download's section near you...
  13. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Making progress on my breakables. Finally got them working!
  14. Screenshot of the Week!

    Matt Buyten out there tearing up the track, and the truck!!!
  15. Fun Run @ Atlanta 2016 FS1

    Hosting a fun run at 2016 FS1 Atlanta Racing and Freestyle. Signups due by 3:00 PM EST. Event starts @ 3:15 PM EST Signups should look like this: Server: Server info: ror.cover6.net port: 12001 I am stupid... here. Sorry for huge font. SERVER WORKS FOR ALL VERSIONS! one more thing... https://discord.gg/qxCFPH join that so I don't have to update this every 5 seconds. Name (On Server): ShockReBoUnD Truck: El Toro Loco 2017 (Yellow) Link: