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  1. Yes know the stuff is still incorrect but it's a WIP showcase. Enjoy!
  2. Yes, I know that this is still wrong and I am still working on it. Just wanted some different pics. and Yes, that is Skyliner 849's VERY EARLY NOT COMPLETE Metal Mulisha 2017 paint. If you ask him for it he will tell me and I will kill you. It's running on my chassis from the early 2017 Metal Mulisha Pack. Also, I repainted the white and Black. I know the rear is fukd up...
  3. B Because I saw an earlier version of yours which looks nothing like the real thing.
  4. Well, this is going pretty smoothly. It needs a new chassis (I will need someone else to do that as I am crap at blender), the grill, and some tail lights.
  5. Anyone have some normal looking decals for the World Finals 18 Avenger? I have this side done but I can't find a decal and reference for the other side... (Sneak Peek) I need the logo decal for the other side that isn't mashed together like: This:
  6. Grave Digger over the Bus Stack!!!!!!!
  7. Been working on this paint job for a while now. It's still no where near accurate currently and it needs a darker coat of green again... World Finals 18 Avenger S10 Scheme Also, should I release this truck? Blaise is taking a while and I know his is more accurate but Idk... This is a pic of my chassis running his paint. I have my own too. Also, his horns are correct.
  8. I know that it's not the accurate paint but I still like the look... And yes... That is Coty's inaccurate version in the background.
  9. rigs of rods

    Whenever I do this, the body shows up black in game not clear-ish
  10. rigs of rods

    How do I make the image have transparency?
  11. rigs of rods

    Trying to make a body transparent and it's not working even with this. Changing the opacity makes the body black in game. I know that this is from a while ago as well.
  12. No problem! Can't wait to see what you can do and if you need any more bakes just ask me!
  13. The most likely reason half of the bakes aren't showing up is that people aren't uploading them to image sources such as imgur. I can't see any of them either but would love it if they worked!
  14. Sorry, for not mentioning that... The only change is the tires and I repainted the rims a different shade of green but it's not really noticeable.
  15. you can make bendable parts by adding in and editing the set beam defaults over the props section. I don't know how to make stuff completely break and I'm experimenting with flexbodies.