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  1. rigs of rods

    Whenever I do this, the body shows up black in game not clear-ish
  2. rigs of rods

    How do I make the image have transparency?
  3. rigs of rods

    Trying to make a body transparent and it's not working even with this. Changing the opacity makes the body black in game. I know that this is from a while ago as well.
  4. No problem! Can't wait to see what you can do and if you need any more bakes just ask me!
  5. The most likely reason half of the bakes aren't showing up is that people aren't uploading them to image sources such as imgur. I can't see any of them either but would love it if they worked!
  6. Sorry, for not mentioning that... The only change is the tires and I repainted the rims a different shade of green but it's not really noticeable.
  7. you can make bendable parts by adding in and editing the set beam defaults over the props section. I don't know how to make stuff completely break and I'm experimenting with flexbodies.
  8. Which of these V4 Trucks should be updated or, should I release Morgan Kane's Breakable Max-D that was previewed on my YT channel a couple of weeks ago. Lol sorry about the crappy quality, fixed that in my next vid.
  9. Can't beat the toxicity...
  10. The newest version of my tire changing and cloning tutorial. I'm sorry about my voice being bad since I was tired this morning. Hope this helps all of you upcoming content makers!
  11. If you want any trucks that are breakable with updated parts/settings, send them to me and I will see if I can be any help.
  12. Yeah, I was told to ask permission on a earlier truck I made on this body called MMX Speed Freak based off of MMX Racing by Hutch Games. This truck I thought was a much more wanted replica on SM currently. Not customs.
  13. Maybe I should ask Blaise for permission to use this chassis? Paint made by me... Any suggestions? I also kind of like the turbo charger things on the back so I may not remove them. UPDATE I'm trying out new angles for screenshots. Any suggestions?
  14. I would but whenever I export stuff using Blender it gets screwed up.
  15. Not making the truck EXACTLY the same. I don't know how to update chassis without screwing something up. If you'd like to send me an updated body for the F-150 please do. What do you mean by rims need fixing? I don't know where shock shaft bumps are located right now. I will change sponsorplate to say BKT.