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  1. we still need RVs back, i miss them so much
  2. rip
  3. Jester 3d body?
  4. there is a fountain, but there are rumors about a bus for freestyle, i hope that its true
  5. Krysten, Tyler, Morgan, Cole (or randy) and Adam are the digger drivers for world finals. But there is a pic of dennis with his firesuit and dennis chassis is in there, not confirming that he is competing but, just a random crap
  6. I loveIN KNEW THAT JIM PLAYED WITH US lol. That avenger is so lovein beautiful!. Its good to see the grandma and the legend body back but the green rims dont fit with the legend body. The diggers are not what i expected but it still cool, i was expecting like a retro body (like the red pickup or anything else) with a retro and rusty paint. But still being good, cant wait to see what else is in there! edit: that avenger is with a new chassis, i hope that jim does well on there!
  7. i realized that all the digger team is quiet somehow, there is not much activity from the digger drivers in instagram now, they have to be hiding something for being that quiet...
  8. Im pretty sure that Adam said that team digger challenges Tom in east rutherford 2015. I see more a Team Digger driver doing it
  9. Im pretty sure the age requirement is 13, but here are some younger people that lied about their age. Anyways, Welcome to the site Daniel!
  10. i said that before, also look at the middle ramp. Its long like for landing a frontflip