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  1. Or the middle click of the mouse too
  2. Sum moar progrezz in diz thinggg Oh and dis thing ik the background is not black, its for now only
  3. Bigfoot Power Wheels jumping over Bigfoot!
  4. The softwares that most of the people use are Paint.net (free), GIMP (free) and Photoshop (not free rip)
  5. Back in Monster Patrol Added a few things in the body (in the roof) and changed the paint (im not sure what i want to do in the paint yet)
  6. k edit: added spec map
  7. So, i wasnt satisfied with painting trucks so i got myself in Blender finally (never thought i would do that but i did it anyways) This is a custom Monster Patrol that i started last night. Working in the paint rn Thoughts?
  8. You said it. "EARLIER". It was an early beta that looks nothing like it looks now kthxbye
  9. The roof is wrong, also the flames of the sides have different tones of yellow or orange (you slapped the sides of a pic of the truck and putted it there i can see). Try to modify the paint and get the flames with the same yellow or orange, it looks weird with some flames with darker orange and others with a light yellow. Im almost done with mine, why you have to do the same things as me rip
  10. Does someone know how much time will take to know the lineup for Chile?
  11. The dates for Santiago, Chile are December 1-2-3. I hope that they bring dirt this time
  12. it looks empty to me, tbh i prefer the previous design
  13. I saw it in the official Monster Jam facebook, that is for Australia
  14. Sorry for double post but: