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  1. Here is the full reveal of this, turned out pretty good. This is the red pickup body in nowadays Dennis Anderson's chassis (gd #30). Pretty fun truck to drive in the mud and in the monster truck/jam tracks. Will definetly use this in some leagues or fun runs. Also thanks to @Chazzymp for helping me with the muddy stuff The clean/shiny version (includes a flagless truck too) And here is an edit i made, turned out better than i thought
  2. Grave Digger having some fun in the mud
  3. mmm... full reveal soon
  4. When you are taking a hard poo in the bathroom ecks dee
  5. Grave Who? Grave Digger? Who's that?
  6. dennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisandersondennisanderson
  7. Marcelo M. Swegliner #2800 USA BIGFOOT BOI 'MURICA F#CK YEAH
  8. you have been asking the same things over and over again, you posted this questions in the same forum where the tutorials are but if you are blind here are the different tutorial forums: http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/forum/89-tutorials/
  9. kumin sun...
  10. it should be
  11. Nice, btw can someone approve the bigfoot that i uploaded?
  12. Version


    NiWell, first file uploaded in 2017... Credits: Me - paint and cloning Kozak - chassis/nb Andrew - body Everything else - sm community
  13. This thing is going to be uploded tomorrow yay Also first custom track in the works...