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  1. that would be monster jam madness
  2. hey its taz's retarded brother
  3. just download the xbox one controller map in software
  4. try going into the folder for the game and troubleshooting it
  5. ive been having trouble with all versions of my rors this week, but i just fixed them today but when i go into the game and load a track the only camera angle i can use is the cinematic camera angle, if i try to use any other camera angle my screen will turn white, everything like the speedometer will be on screen and i can still control my truck just my screen is white. if anyone know how to fix this it would be helpful. Thanks, Max-D Is The Best
  6. knockoff of backwards bob, nice
  7. page 30 anybody?
  8. I'm trying to swap two maxd bodies but im not sure how to do it,i know chaotic mayhem asked this before but wasnt really in depth; if you can answer it would be very helpful. Thank You, Max-D Is The Best
  9. is there a chance in the future that it will continue steiale?
  10. im using my moms laptop rn mines in for repairs so i dont have the maxd rn| plus edit: i dont know how to make the camera work like that
  11. ay man stop sh!t talking him you were once like that too.
  12. have aim or skype?
  13. oh yeah forgot my bad
  14. was still somewhat muddy in freestyle
  15. ok, ill just use red maxd if thats ok