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  1. PUBG

    yes both
  2. Hafen Hamburg Fun Run, 3/18/17 5:30 PM EST

    dylan rothmann maxd 2014 tom meents link: Discord: Virgin Retard #7340
  3. Looking for someone to play with

  4. Fun Run @ East Rutherford 2015 - 3/4/17 *TODAY*

    i asked preston he said as long as it a different version its neils different shock setup
  5. Fun Run @ East Rutherford 2015 - 3/4/17 *TODAY*

    im changing to 2014 neil
  6. Fun Run @ East Rutherford 2015 - 3/4/17 *TODAY*

    Dylan Rothmann Discord: Virgin Retard #7340 Max-D 2014 Neil Elliot
  7. backwards tires

    thanks chaotic that really helped!, much apreciated!
  8. backwards tires

    ive recently changed the tires on my tom meents maxd 2014 from ukraine to bkt but the problem os that i noticed that the tires were backwards and i dont know how to fix it; if you could tell me that would be very much apreciated. Thanks, Max-D Is The Best
  9. PC Hardware Sales/Discounts

    get a rx 480 its up there with the 1080 but way cheaper rx 480 is $195 on newegg and $209 on amazon.
  10. Looking for someone to play with

    Im looking for someone to play ror 4.6 multiplayer with me; Tracks like anaheim 2017 where you can get huge air and whatnot and world finals too!have to have maximum destruction pack by acdcfan; Message me or reply in this topic. Thanks, Max-D Is The Best
  11. Servers for 4.7.0

    yeah it is
  12. trucks with crushable objects

    that would be monster jam madness
  13. Show Your Projects Chapter 56

    hey its taz's retarded brother
  14. 0.4 Controller Problem

    just download the xbox one controller map in software
  15. Loading Main Menu Online Longer Than Expected

    try going into the folder for the game and troubleshooting it