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  1. still do hope he all good.
  2. you said you put them all in a big compressed folder right?, so take all the trucks out of that folder and put them in the packs folder so then theres nothing in the "big compressed "folder then try.
  3. try taking them out of the folder and put them in the main "packs" folder then see what happens.
  4. can you send me that pls?
  5. you dont have to call me color blind mate. its like a burnt brown and yellow
  6. brown and yellow
  7. sucks ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  8. I dont know if this has already been made; if it has been im sorry. i know its probably not going to be taken into consideration but i thought i'd atleast try.
  9. freaking awesome!, nice job
  10. no but seriously i used to play trumpet, there ya go p.s. haaaa not a double post! lol kek
  11. mustard
  12. damnit
  13. ooh ooh ooh i know what it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, its the front end of a chevy avalanche
  14. i dont really know what it is but my guess is a chevy front fender