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  1. i love this picture for some reason
  2. and here i was designing a tractor monster truck. not even sortof a joke. i called it the harvester
  3. no problem here
  4. This is a video thread for console racing games. (forza, the crew, NFS, DiRT, etc.) i will start it off with something i made in about an hour
  5. only
  6. my favorite moment of all time was cam's first corkscrew but my favorite event that i have been too was baltimore this year. the sunday show. it was the best show i have been too. i say this about an arena event because i never had the chance to go to a stadium event
  7. nice dude! what day? im gonna be at the sunday show
  8. Woo! second year in a row an M.E truck is at hagerstown! (i still count mutant as M.E) and it's steven!
  9. and then feld is like "nope. if you want to build a monster truck for monster jam that is diesel powered! you need to either not compete in mj! or we gotta do what we did with xdp! YA HEAR!" just thought that would be a fun thing to say lol
  10. one thing we can blame feld on is the termination of mj youtube channels. way to go feld. way to go. screw feld
  11. it wasn't. the one in that pack was a new truck made by zman i think. this is a modified version of the zombie made back in 2014
  13. hagerstown? i go to the sunday show every year
  14. Jonah ecker Tyrannos33 (jonah ecker) madusa world finals 16/17
  15. It's funny how this thread exist's because like last year i started thinking of idea's for a multiplayer mt simulator a lot like this