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  1. all you did was copy and paste it. so now the taller part of the ramp is on the wrong side of the fun box
  2. remake the fun box on the right side of the el paso track. and wf 18 looks good!
  3. this makes me happy
  4. santa clara?
  5. chad being in MMD again makes me happy.
  6. was not expecting you to sign up but thanks!
  7. sorry. would not let me delete pics. anyways could you send me the houston track?
  8. 14
  9. forgot this thing existed. never really liked it that much
  10. jared and zane look thrilled
  11. Tristan is getting better and better every show!
  12. why? why?!? WHY?!? so they fix the trucks every where else but not there? feld.....go home you are drunk. i mean in baltimore etl bent a four link. fixed. grave digger bent a four link and destroyed one of the sway bars. fixed. ami broke a wheel off. fixed. come on feld! get your sh!t together!
  13. Jonah Ecker Strait Jacket http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/2368-strait-jacket-2015/ Tyrannos33 (jonah ecker)#2954
  14. idk i think the 2017 CRV looks nice as well
  15. welp. imma start using SU now because blender is difficult for me