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  1. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    man i can't wait for it to get hyped up so much only for it to be unreleased
  2. Importing MTM2 Models to Blender

    you have to re-make them in blender.
  3. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    nice truck but i want that version of bajarama lol
  4. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

    just got home from hagerstown. gary went out with style with the CC team winning racing, qaud wars, and freestyle with wheelies going to pablo. steven almost rolled in racing just barely saving it and had a great fs run
  5. Car You Want to Crush The Most

    2007 honda CRV
  6. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    why is the pick up so pixelated
  7. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    custom mexico???? also very nice
  8. 2017 Megalodon

    andrew sheets made the body so maybe someone will end up making it
  9. Screenshot of the Week!

    i love this picture for some reason
  10. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

    and here i was designing a tractor monster truck. not even sortof a joke. i called it the harvester
  11. Reno Monster Truck Madness 2017!

    no problem here
  12. console racing video's

    This is a video thread for console racing games. (forza, the crew, NFS, DiRT, etc.) i will start it off with something i made in about an hour
  13. Screenshot of the Week!

  14. Your Favorite Moment at a Monster Truck Event

    my favorite moment of all time was cam's first corkscrew but my favorite event that i have been too was baltimore this year. the sunday show. it was the best show i have been too. i say this about an arena event because i never had the chance to go to a stadium event
  15. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

    nice dude! what day? im gonna be at the sunday show