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  1. That was a hard project I built it for him i added that matte effect i will send it you sky hmu when ever.
  2. bruh u need a cookie this is sweg boi
  3. yea i would think so lol.
  4. Really like the look Blake it definitely fits i was working on a custom with that chassis but it never got finished.
  5. Hold the mouse wheel and just drag your mouse.
  6. Thanks man! for Night Vision 2.0 i was gonna do a camo look and change up some things i missed.
  7. Next is my current wip
  8. A custom that was done a few weeks ago
  9. sum more stuffz
  10. Stuff
  11. some diggers hood like Adoms sits on a angle so thats what i did the body is on fine i made sure of that. Im working on the nodes as well Shout out to @Mr. Self Destruct for showing me what to do where i live there is a blizzard going on right now so ill have time to do other Projects.
  12. its still in the works havin trouble with numbers lining 4 links up.
  13. I got board
  14. working on it right now thanks so much for the help!
  15. ????
  16. @StarksDoesMonsterJam im having the same problem
  17. will there .37 be version soon?
  18. all the .4 tracks work fine for me tho. idk maybe he will fix it.
  19. 39.3 but usually .4 tracks work fine
  20. Yea same problem for me put it in game and does not show up.
  21. Good dude ill update soon.
  22. HI everyone! These are coming your Way very soon!.