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  1. @StarksDoesMonsterJam im having the same problem
  2. will there .37 be version soon?
  3. all the .4 tracks work fine for me tho. idk maybe he will fix it.
  4. 39.3 but usually .4 tracks work fine
  5. Yea same problem for me put it in game and does not show up.
  6. Good dude ill update soon.
  7. HI everyone! These are coming your Way very soon!.
  8. BOI look what ya started lol XD
  9. Sum more stufz
  10. Some Stuff
  11. How come Bigfoot #19 is the only CRD out of the fleet? But wow that truck looks amazing.
  12. I attempted a fire storm but the body was bad here is what i had this was a few months back. Body is not even close to Andrews. All it needs is a new Body.
  13. dude you did it again nice job man.
  14. had one of my old friends paint this one up bois.
  15. Ahh i knew i was for getting something thanks for letting me know fern.
  16. umm yea they are collecting dust. life just got in the way i have some time now so i decided to do truck making again.
  17. Thanks man ill make a green rims version to.
  18. Just a update
  19. ok dude no problem
  20. Dude you nailed this dude your great at what you do dude.
  21. Im sorry