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  1. Max Halpert Discord: MaxHalpert Truck: Rage
  2. Max Halpert You Have It Moonster Moot Jankyerd Doggo
  3. Max Halpert You have it
  4. Y'all are making some sexy mothertruckers but I really gotta ask, why Isn't there a Show Your Zombies?
    Handles amazingly and the design is spot on. Great work.
  5. Just to clarify, It works on .4+ right?
  6. So what do y'all think of Avenged Sevenfold's "surprise" new album The Stage?
  7. Right-wingin-bitterclingin-proud-clingers of our guns and our religions!
  8. Max Halpert You have it Truck: RAGE
  9. Max Halpert maxhalpert Pirates Curse
  10. In all honesty I think Crusader needs a new theme. Riff Machine really isn't cutting it for me, and I think A7X - Hail To The King would be a better fit for that truck
  11. Sorry for being unresponsive lol Thank you for giving me these examples, Mark. Especially considering I've seen yu freestyle before I knew you'd be on of the go-to drivers, along with Zonar. I've been putting some of the things you guys have said and done into action, but I wish there was some sort of way I could do more fun runs, you know, gain the extra practice by competing with others.
  12. If anyone would like to help me with this, since I play with keyboard, what is the best way to keep up your momentum during a Freestyle run? I seem to have trouble finding what flows well with what jump I'm following up and keeping up my momen tum after that, and for the rest of the run.
  13. Max Halpert El Toro Loco Black
  14. Max Halpert Son Uva Digger 2016