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  1. Fox Sports 1 Cleatus? More like Fox Sports 1 Fetus!
  2. 0.4 Compatible?
  3. My favorite moment in a Monster Jam event that I've gone to was when I saw Ryan Anderson come to San Diego in 2015 and burn it down. After CVH beat him, I knew that he was going to go off on that track, little did I know that I was going to see the best save I've ever seen live, but also the first backflip I had ever seen live in California. Truly was an incredible night.
  4. FUN RUN IS TODAY! Make sure you are in the Discord server by 6 EST to be able to qualify! If you don't make it in time, don't complain and don't whine. Make sure you have FUN out there to all those competing.
  5. Thank you for notifying me about the questionability of your appearance in the competition. I'll put you on the "Maybe" list for showing up.
  6. If you don't have Discord, then you can't compete in the Fun Run. It's the rules.
  7. Trevor has agreed to use Alan E's Red Max-D 2016.
  8. Yeah, I'm gonna have to have you follow the correct format Tim. Thanks Rocco.
  9. Hey guys! I decided to host my first fun run! The track will be Anaheim 2015 FS1. We will be using .4. Rules: Qualifying: Hitting the middle ramp won't result in a penalty as hitting in the first place is penalty enough. If you cut the track, however, there will be a 5 second penalty added to your time. Timing will start as soon as your tires move. Racing: Once you and your opponent give me “R” or “Ready” I will put "GO" in the chat. If you fail to go when that happens there will be no redo. If I cannot decide who won, I will look back at the screenshot. If I cannot decide who won, then I will call for a redo. No redos will be allowed if you make a mistake. There will be qualifying, only to determine the bracket. Anyone who qualifies will be able to participate in the racing bracket. Freestyle: There will be a full 2 minute clock for freestyle. Be realistic! If you do an unrealistic move, an RII will be called and the move will not be counted as part of your performance. Scoring will be out of 40, and once your freestyle is finished, you will be asked to leave the server once you've received your score. No hacksaves. If you do a hacksave, it will be an automatic done, no exceptions. Here is the sign up format: Name: Discord: Truck: Truck Link: Maximum amount of competitors will be 16. If we surpass that number, the rest who sign up after sign up #16 will be back-ups for the Fun Run! Server will be provided by Jon Cannon for the Fun Run! Here is the link to the truck that I will be using for the event: Track Link: Remember, this is a Fun Run. No arguments, no being mean to each other. I'll let good-natured barbs slide. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/n6rR76S The event will occur on April 15th. Qualifying will open at 5:00 PM EST and close at 6:00 PM EST! The Fun Run will start at 6:15 PM EST! Field Of Trucks: Max Halpert in Rage, Rocco Piergrossi in Grave Digger, Derion Brown in Blue Thunder, Joshua Micks in Monster Energy (Coty), Daniel Wray in Pirates Curse, Matthew Tyrrell in Monster Patrol, Marcelo Mendoza in Metal Mulisha, Ben Kelly in Blacksmith, Jonah Ecker in Madusa, Ahmad Goff in Toxic, David Karlsson in Monster Energy (Damon), Jerrick Mendoza in Northern Nightmare, Joey Burgy in Avenger, Anthony Malone in Bigfoot, Aaron Lurie in Mad Scientist and Andy Banks in Son-Uva Digger!
  10. rip my life
  11. Actually I won Wheelies but nice try
  12. Name: Max Halpert Truck: Pirates Curse Truck Link: Discord: Max Halpert#7962
  13. Real Name: Max Halpert Discord Name: Max Halpert Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA Truck Name: PENNZOIL Fuel Injection Make/Model: 2007 Ford F-150 Truck Link: I will be using the BKT version (Yes I got permission from Matthew c:)
  14. I guess I'll sign up since it seems dead lmao RoR Server Name: Max or ayy lmao Discord: Max Halpert Truck: Mad Scientist Truck Link:
  15. Max Halpert Discord: MaxHalpert Truck: Rage