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  1. Name: Max Halpert Truck: Pirates Curse Truck Link: Discord: Max Halpert#7962
  2. Real Name: Max Halpert Discord Name: Max Halpert Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA Truck Name: PENNZOIL Fuel Injection Make/Model: 2007 Ford F-150 Truck Link: I will be using the BKT version (Yes I got permission from Matthew c:)
  3. I guess I'll sign up since it seems dead lmao RoR Server Name: Max or ayy lmao Discord: Max Halpert Truck: Mad Scientist Truck Link:
  4. Max Halpert Discord: MaxHalpert Truck: Rage
  5. Max Halpert You Have It Moonster Moot Jankyerd Doggo
  6. Max Halpert You have it
  7. Y'all are making some sexy mothertruckers but I really gotta ask, why Isn't there a Show Your Zombies?
    Handles amazingly and the design is spot on. Great work.
  8. Just to clarify, It works on .4+ right?
  9. So what do y'all think of Avenged Sevenfold's "surprise" new album The Stage?
  10. Right-wingin-bitterclingin-proud-clingers of our guns and our religions!
  11. Max Halpert You have it Truck: RAGE
  12. Max Halpert maxhalpert Pirates Curse
  13. In all honesty I think Crusader needs a new theme. Riff Machine really isn't cutting it for me, and I think A7X - Hail To The King would be a better fit for that truck
  14. Sorry for being unresponsive lol Thank you for giving me these examples, Mark. Especially considering I've seen yu freestyle before I knew you'd be on of the go-to drivers, along with Zonar. I've been putting some of the things you guys have said and done into action, but I wish there was some sort of way I could do more fun runs, you know, gain the extra practice by competing with others.