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  1. we need a strict rule so Edy doesn't win every friggin week because of his d@nk edits jk dont hurt me plz
  2. I just noticed there are actual officials standing around. ALL HAIL THE GOD OF ROR EDITS!!
  3. all hail the g.o.a.t. of ror picture edits
  4. As long as it's not from Garrett, anything is good for uploading!
  5. Whenever you see @Edy put something in the screenshot of the week, it's a winner.
  6. rip
  7. Track is Gaithersburg 2015.
  8. Those look sick! But who's GD is that again? Krysten's?
  9. I have no experience or tools or anything that I can make a custom, so praying that Repli-customs are still allowed Real Name: Joey Burgy Discord Username: Joey Burgy Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA Truck Name: Grave Digger Retro W/ Flag Make/Model: 1950 Chevy Panel Truck Truck Download Link:
  10. I thought that was saigon shaker in the first picture for a second. Looks nice. Never fail to impress!
  11. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! also take my overrused meme
  12. Front engine CRD? Don't let monsterjamfan344 see that or else he'll annoy the living s**t out of me about how bad front engine CRDs look.
  13. joey burger u got eet avengaa shood b in dat pack
  14. what about toilet humor? huehuehue bad joke
  15. What track is that? Looks good so far