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  1. wow looks really nice zman
  2. wow really nice Chris cant wait to drive on it
  3. I put in with the other truck flies and when I go into game and type overkill. it doesn't show up
  4. not being rude but its not in my truck list
  5. linkin bishop junk yard dog file: discord: abcman26
  6. what about LoiLo Game Recorder
  7. are you trying to release a track every day?
  8. YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that's so dope, good job release date?
  9. that nice cant wait
  10. would really be happy to see this be made
  11. NAME: Australian fury BODY: 2016 max-d body (with solider fortune's gun on top) CHASSIS: maxd (Colton) PAINT: Australian flag colours
  12. Name: linkin bishop AIM: truck: pirates curse truck link:
  13. dragon sliding into the dm
  14. Name: Brisbane 2016 Venue: qsac stadium Racing Style: Chicago Replica or Custom: replica Date Ran: 10/1/16 Images/Graphics: Other details: