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  1. Grave Digger at World Finals 3. It was probably the biggest, wildest, most complicated fluke of it's time in Monster Jam. "HE DID A FLIP! THAT WAS A FLIP!" "C'mon, you gotta let him go! He's beggin' for them to let him refire!"
  2. Don't assume like that. He said that it's inaccessible when literally one of the biggest updates to 0.4.7 was adding a working multiplayer GUI. But if you're using 0.4.7 or 0.4.6, try out and see if the problems go away.
  3. Send me a PM telling me what material files and png's you need and I'll send them to you in a zip.
  4. If you're downloading a version of RoR specifically for leagues, then I'd go 0.4. Its easier to use, all of the trucks work (the terrain system is different, however), and it's more evolved. Most of the issues from 0.3x were resolved. The only major problem with 0.4 is the "texture issues" some people experience. There are more league options for 0.4 now then 0.37, as its becoming obsolete. I downloaded 0.37 from SM and it worked, however.
  5. Absolutely none. It's either 0.37 (which I'm almost sure only 1 or 2 leagues use anymore) or 0.4.
  6. Oh this is true, I saw the old style paint and immediately thought the old version. Thanks! Anywayzz got these three done Left to right: World Finals 2 (no headlights), 2002-2003, AutoZone (World Finals 4 only) Got like 8 FPS with these pics but worth it lol 4 down, 2 to go... The biggies...
  7. Okay, so then you might wanna get the textures from Johan's Max-D pack he released back in 2014(?). If you're still having problems, I'll send you the textures.
  8. I'm almost sure that there is a logo of it somewhere here on Sim Monsters. Maybe on one of Box5's trucks, because I'm pretty sure he ran the scheme only the Hot Wheels trucks ran (the reaper on the side panels). Just if you wanna get it up to better quality.
  9. I was thinking about doing 10, however it kind of slipped away knowing I didn't have a chassis. I was gonna make one but got wrapped up in 16. Looks stunning, nonetheless! EDIT: The original 10 had matte white rims, and I'm pretty sure it didn't have sponsor plates.
  10. Its base V4? I had this problem when I downloaded a few other trucks. But it may not have installed right either way. Just try redownloading it if you had already read the RoR log and all that jazz.
  11. I had this problem as as well. Your V4 pack may not have installed right. I had to reinstall my mods for it to work. If you do this, keep a backup of all your mods before putting your mods in V4 so you don't have to go digging around SM.
  12. Don't listen to him. 0.4.7 is not broken as far as I know. It doesn't connect to multiplayer correctly but it is not broken in terms of single player.
  13. If you don't wanna throw it in the V4 pack, I would suggest combining it with the other Max D pack that was recently updated. I had the same problem with the Diggers and thats how I fixed it.
  14. Tom Mints
  15. Lmao I knew the actual videos were staged, I'm talking about the actual events. The MJ videos have such horrible acting that it's obvious it was staged. But growing up with it I can see how you still enjoy it. I didn't start watching WWE until I was 10 and stopped shortly after I found out it was fake.