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  1. Enjoy!
  2. same
  3. Truck that i am working on....
  4. Looks fine to me.
  5. Can I have some help?? For some reason, i cant upload a photo. Can anyone help?
  6. A truck that I'm working on, it will be based out of Michigan. I only have to paint the body.
  7. Shocks don't show up in.38
  8. I think you should the Hotwheels silver truck series, just an idea
  9. I did a thing, kinda made this truck. I only changed the shocks and put a DoomsDay body on a different chassis. Can you guess what chassis it is?
  10. I don't see it
  11. How do i do that???
  12. Oh, i didn't know, i am new to this stuff. I will keep that in mind.
  13. Got a new computer so i wanted to test it out on ROR, and it is a big improvement!!!
  14. You should put the purple version in the green pack (if you release them)