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  1. tie between the front flip and Meants's 2004 freestyle. breaks a wheel and stuffs it into a box truck
  2. Bigfoot 18 has had a rough couple years now. I think it may be the next Bigfoot truck to go
  3. Wildfoot Blacksmith Captains Curse Bearfoot Bigfoot #4 in it's post crash state Bulldozer Donkey Kong Stomper
  4. and thus another legend retires from monster trucking. wonder what'll happen to the Carolina Crusher name.
  5. well it was originally sealed gecko that brought the truck to beamng and we are still using those props to this day (some of them are VERY old). if we could get some higher quality parts from somebody who's willing to donate them, i think F2YS will be very grateful.
  6. F2YS has to deal with being a single parent, dealing with an ex wife, his job which he's on call 24/7, and he has some serious health issues. modding for beamng was his only way to have fun
  7. the evidence was in the presets when they were available. back to private development it goes
  8. sorry for the bump but the CRD monster truck is now on the Beamng mod repository. only 1 body with 2 skins but is fully breakable. no official logos or names on it but a pack will restore them and the rest of the bodies and skins will be in their own pack for download as well.
  9. so similar to MotorTrendonDemand? have a poo ton of old races w/ commentary and put up new events somewhere between 1 week and 1 month after the event? if so, i would pay $5 a month for that in a heartbeat (of america lol)
  10. posted by the Monster Jam Facebook today
  11. well Bigfoot won racing and freestyle this past weekend in Loveland CO. if i'm correct
  12. would this be considered monster truck related? this was at the toughest MT tour at the budweiser events center April 3rd 2015. sorry for potato quality from my Galaxy Stellar
  13. since i've just found out about this, let me share one of mine. the CRD has been a good testbed for things and this is the Outlaw replica i made (download here look for the 3.0 post)
  14. but a best trick competition would be pointless. Lee did the First clean front flip and landed it. remember Cam Mcqueen pulling off that first backflip in competition? same as that.
  15. anyone else catch that MJ25 truck was on a wilman?