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  1. what Digger was Dennis driving?
  2. won't know till the 21st since atlanta was rescheduled
  3. don't know if this was posted before but.....
  4. the taillights look a bit small IMO
  5. another video from the always watchable DiggerFanJSB
  6. a cold, that is 2016's gift to me.
  7. they'd miss out on an opportunity to have another Bigfoot vs Digger showdown. last time they faced each other in competition was in 2011 i think
  8. it may seem floaty because of the traction. next update will include Goodyears, Firestones, and Ukraines as well as a detachable front clip on every body
  9. hope for Bigfoot 1 and maybe a restored GD #1
  10. beamng is more CPU intesive than anything. and the devs might not be able to get multiplayer working, too many calculations that need to happen in game for the car crashes.....but two people got multiplayer working abiet a bit laggy but that was before the devs ripped all multiplayer related code from the game
  11. if they race USA-1 in competition. imma laugh.....and if it beats at least one truck. i'd be surprised
  12. do you by chance have the blender file for that body? if you say to import it, blender is not accepting the .mesh.xml file. don't know why but it doesn't
  13. well, graphics wise, beamng doesn't require alot, but it does require a damn good CPU. from what i've heard, it's easier to make something for beamng than RoR. and yes, the beamng monster truck uses alot of RoR textures.
  14. well, why don't you head over to the beamng forums and tell F2YS your ideas.
  15. i thought you meant with the tuning, it's very easy to break the truck. near the end of these videos i took