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  1. anyone else catch that MJ25 truck was on a wilman?
  2. i had fun even though somebody kept kicking me from the discord server.
  3. i count at least 60 trucks. god damn thats alot of trucks
  4. they brought every truck that still runs that competed at some point that they can bring out, out and made a MJ logo out of some of the trucks. so awesome brings a tear to my eye almost.......except they forgot the big blue ford that started it all
  5. they are only missing one particular truck
  6. congrats to Ryan on finally winning a WF and congrats to Koheler to making it to the F4
  7. RYAN WINS!!!
  8. a stunt trucker vs one who got skills from RoR, my bet is on Ryan
  9. avenger lost to Ryan
  10. tyler is in the finals
  11. hope Avenger wins
  12. RIP blackwell Avenger in Semis and Ryan is as well
  13. this has been a night for the history books
  14. my prediction using that bracket.....i haven't payed attention just going off what i know from a few years ago http://challonge.com/tournaments/WFXVIIIRacing/predictions/137025/edit?token=333eb720f3020134618a723c913352cc