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  1. that track is awesome
  2. I cant wait till Atlanta 2016 comes out
  3. does this truck work for 0.37\38
  4. This track is awesome maxdman I can't wait till Atlanta 2016 comes out
  5. I'm just wondering if the SSRS is going to continue in 2017 Because that would be awesome.
  6. why do you guy have to be so mean I understand that you guys are like 20 30 40 year old men who have a lot of busy things in your lives and I've machined this on show your projects but I said I will try to make Minneapolis 2016 and Baltimore 2013 and also Jacksonville 2014 next month hey I'm actually going to do something that would give me respect on this site
  7. what is your favorite rap beats maker on this topic no matter what you like that you post it matters and I will not judge you my favorite rap beats makers are DJ Mustard Metro Bommin' Mike Will Made it
  8. your welcome Chris did I help you if I did than your welcome
  9. you could just look through all of your files on blender or you can go to medifire to see if it's there if not than I don't know
  10. I'm kinda surprised that I'm not seeing a lot of tracks and trucks on this page this topic should be called talk about your projects because I'm not seeing a lot of people showing their project all I'm seeing is talking you guys need to get your head in the game and start getting focused on the projects that you guys are working on because I'm very disappointed in you guys I know that you guys can make sim monsters great again but I just need to see it
  11. you're not a bad person in any way I'm just saying that I think that there should be a 0.37 version of this track
  12. That's stupid how come MROR Atlanta 2016 and MROR Tampa 2016 work but not this one
  13. I've tried to download this track like 1.000 times but it finally showed up in my game (btw I'm running on 0.37-38) and I entered my game and it crashed and note I put Houston 2010 raw inside the file but it crashed
  14. The only thing that doesn't make sense about that is that hot wheels has not finished the 2016 casting line
  15. Does this truck work for 0.37&38