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  1. The Monster Truck Logo Thread

    Anyone got the 2017 Instigator logo?
  2. Baking Bodies

    Well,Atleast,someone wants to help those who don't really know how to use Blender.
  3. [TRUCK] Devastator

    Chassis:Unknown Body:Already made I just need a new chassis. The chassis is a certain chassis that's painted very weird.
  4. [TRUCK] McGruff 2017

    I might be able to get this done.But I need a ford mesh new parts that McGruff ran this year and ETC.
  5. [TRUCK] 2009 106.7 the fox

    I might get this done.But it will take time.
  6. Excaliber #1

    Um how do I spawn in the Excalibur pull tractor to spawn?
  7. how to photoshop paint

    I meant to say ''I need help on how to photoshop paint.'' Xd
  8. how to photoshop paint

    I really need help on photoshoping paint.I need to get this paint done.So if you have a tutorial let me know right away! I hope you are able to help me if you can.Have a nice day!
  9. How to convert a .3 track into .4?

    I need a lot of help please
  10. Toronto 2017

    Um so all the files you posted are the stuff to make the track?
  11. If anyone would like to make this track let me know.
  12. [TRUCK] Xtreme Diesel

  13. [TRUCK REQUEST] Master of Disaster

    You will need the paint,and some rims.
  14. [TRUCK] Xtreme Diesel

    I have the right chassis but I need a ford body like the one Xtreme Diesel runs.Also I'll need the paint to do so.
  15. Grave Digger 31 2016 Season & WF

    Nice job oh and I will use this for a WF 18 encore pack with the Grandma the chrome and yours.