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  1. Um how do I spawn in the Excalibur pull tractor to spawn?
  2. I meant to say ''I need help on how to photoshop paint.'' Xd
  3. I really need help on photoshoping paint.I need to get this paint done.So if you have a tutorial let me know right away! I hope you are able to help me if you can.Have a nice day!
  4. I need a lot of help please
  5. Um so all the files you posted are the stuff to make the track?
  6. If anyone would like to make this track let me know.
  8. You will need the paint,and some rims.
  9. I have the right chassis but I need a ford body like the one Xtreme Diesel runs.Also I'll need the paint to do so.
  10. Nice job oh and I will use this for a WF 18 encore pack with the Grandma the chrome and yours.
  11. Thanks zman this will be awesome to download Friday nice work!
  12. Wilson Hill wrecking crew
  13. Wow it looks awesome Zmann.
  14. Zmann put the truck on sim monsters.PRONTO.
  15. Nice job playdrewtv.Keep it up.