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  1. then is it still truly "diesel"? lol but nonetheless it looks like a decent lineup for minny
  2. not sure if it was covered but in minny the Xtreme Diesel truck will be there... never seen it before,,,
  3. how much do you want to bet that damon signs on to a TORC offroad race team?
  4. is it me or will the eyes light up on that snake bite? Im guessing red LED's
  5. the sx tracks are trying to cram too much into the confined space, it is beginning to look more like arenacross than supercross... narrow lanes make it impossible to pass etc. as for monster jam, I guess I got a little carried away in saying that, What i meant was that all the scheduling on tv was much better in say 2005 etc, and the track layouts provided for better entertainment then too IMO...
  6. I wish that supercross would be owned by another company so they dont have the really stupid track designs that have been put on recently... And as for monster jam, It is really poorly managed... I wish that it would also go to another entertainment group(also wishing that it would bring back crush cars to freestyle)
  7. Hope he is alright
  8. looks like that bigfoot has a lot lower profile than other trucks do anyone else think that too?
  9. Thank you for making the US Bank Stadium, cant wait to see it this febuary at supercross...
  10. but in all seriousness, I like to get big air, keep momentum up, and I tend to end nose first a little bit, and carry slap wheelies into my next jump.
  11. lets just say, i like reptoid, and I go for van stacks...
  12. got a new laptop recently, Lenovo Z50-75 Signature Edition Processor: AMD FX-7500 Radeon R7, 10 compute cores 4C+ 6G @ 2.1 GHz (can be overclocked to 3.3GHz) RAM:8gb HDD: 1TB all there is to say really... Runs RoR in the 60 fps range on high settings, and other games pretty decent as well.
  13. Am I the only one annoyed by the new announcer for the shows on fox sports 1?
  14. anyone have a link for the n-labs test facility for 4.0?
  15. not sure if this is the right place, but can someone help me find a video of the minneapolis racing layout that started the trucks in the center of the floor on a table top sort of deal? it was a chicago style track (oval)
  16. idc, monster jam was my only way to see/keep tabs on monster trucks whatsoever... I never followed bigfoot closely... not to mention I hardly frequent this site anymore anyways...
  17. nah, just don't follow monster truck industry as much as I used to... The new tracks have kinda turned me away from watching...
  18. O.O figboot and snake bite making a competitive comeback possibly?
  19. To be honest, I am glad I missed minneapolis this year, it just seems that the dirt ramps just are there to launch the truck up high(and the air is cool dont get me wrong) but it seems 9/10 times the trucks break immediately upon landing, rendering it a completely boring show... I dont want to waste 60 bucks a ticket to see maybe 2-3 good jumps then whoops the truck broke. I would also have to imagine that landing on a crush car would be a softer impact than just a dirt ramp, anyone remember the couple of times that they had a huge landing pad of crush cars?
  20. Does anyone still have the track made by Ethan called Sunrise Valley Stadium? I just got a new computer, and my other computer's hard drive is inaccessible. Just wondering if anyone could help me out in maybe reposting it or something. Sorry if this is in the wrong place/ format at all.
  21. It may be a little late on the post, but I love that little tiger Roach!
  22. Unless you count the amount of times in december that Minneapolis had a show..
  23. Minnesnowta Wild...
  24. driver of doom's day is courtney jolly... For teh lulz