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  1. Thank you for putting this on Danny and everyone else involved that helped out. I like the new scoring system you came up with. It will be cool to see a breakdown after a season's worth of shows.
  2. Actually home for once so why not get a race in (if you'll let me run with you lol) Name: Kyle Carr Truck: Metal Mulisha (V4) AIM: snowjunki46
  3. Here is mine. 95% work and 5% ROR when I'm stuck on projects lol
  4. The "next version" of RoR has a free tech demo out. Pretty fun and has some great physics in it. Now its time to figure out how to get some monsters in it lol
  5. Beer. Lots and lots of beer
  6. If your thinking about jumping on a G27 you better do it within the next few months before they disappear. The article doesn't say when they will stop selling them but a good guesstimate would be by Fall.
  7. Enough to get in the wolfpack
  8. Another masterpiece. I love the FS layout on this track because its somewhat cluttered and technical. Those who can romp and stomp around on this track are good freestylers.
  9. I'm going out for the night so you can take me off the list. Have fun with the show Eric and I'll cya all next time
  10. Well then if this group is getting together I might as well join Kyle Carr Shock Therapy snowjunki46
  11. Name: Kyle Carr Truck: Shock Therapy AIM: snowjunki46
  12. Fun track to play around with. Plus you can be Charlie Pauken and grab a piece of the roof off of the jammer stack lol