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  1. If you have purchased DD tickets you have access to Sam Boyd for the whole day (you need to have your DD lanyard with you) Thursday. As for bag checks, I have taken a T3i rebel with a 55-250mm zoom lense for the past 4 years (will not be bringing it with me this year). They have always checked my bags before going into the stadium each day the seating opened up but there has never been anything said to me about the camera or the lense. I am not going to claim you will not have an issue at all, but I would recommend not lying, security people do not like that.
  2. Nope it is going to be Sean Wilkerson, Metal Shop employee
  3. Original Saigon has been renamed
  4. Jim re braced the cradle after it basically ripped out a few years ago in Vegas (the year he ran the purple chrome body, I think 3 years?) The new one mimics the low CG chassis rummell came up with. Brutus is a Racesource and Wrecking Crew is a even further outdated Kohler design.
  5. Considering Jim has had with people ruining the avenger WF's scheme after asking nicely repeatedly for people not to post pictures of it, I would not be surprised if chose leave mounting it until Thursday.
  6. Can I has grave digger?
  7. I cannot distinguish if the truck to the right of the hotwheels zone is Wild Flower or Hot Wheels but I am assuming the ? is possibly for the YGS winner? Also puzzled at the truck located at the MJ 25/Truck Pals, I am assuming it is a display truck but why it is shown on the map?
  8. It would be highly hypocritical to lambaste Buyten and not say anything about Rosalee, Kenny or Buddy. But knowing how invites to Vegas actually work, the issues with other drivers being hurt, no longer driving or just not wanting a spot at Vegas (yes that is actually a thing) there is always going to be some interesting competitor choices. The only thing for all 4 is that they have the opportunity to prove their spot in the main field was justified. Do I think there are other drivers that should be in the main field before them? Absolutely, but I am still going to hope for the best for all of them. Little miffed on Buddy getting a spot after so many years of JR chasing one but I am sure there is a reason.
  9. Dustin Brown and Carl Van Horn only filled in due to multiple shortages and injuries, both are shop mangers for FELD so that is the reason both are not driving full time anymore.
  10. Was it not a big enough indicator when it was supposed to be Madusa's farewell season (chrome paint scheme for her truck) that moved into her not driving but still going to the shows she was scheduled for to not doing any of that and disappearing completely? I have sure as hell enjoyed it!
  11. skip it, 4.6 is more stable multiplayer
  12. So here is my issue with it, why not give the seat to another person, they never had an issue with putting random drivers into other trucks if they deemed necessary. There is zero justification for him being in the Vegas field of trucks other then he took over the Mulisha seat this year, I would rather have Deegan drive it then.
  13. https://www.monsterjam.com/en-US/news/monster-jam-world-finals-field-grows How buyten gets an invite is mind boggling
  14. monster merc got a new body
  15. how old of a version of aim are you using?!