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  1. First off that "monster jam geek" is a complete and utter moron. Secondly if you actually watch Dennis's flip in racing, he lands on the left side of cage, not the right which is where it collapsed. Trying to use an image from a video of something that is in motion is to be expected from someone of such stupidity. Here is a screen cap of the video board at Tampa while he was trying to refire, the only thing that shows any kind of "damage" is paint scuff of the formed plating they use to cover the entire roof. The A pillar bar is not even bent, now I am not saying that the bar was not structurally perfect but use your brain people. Feel free to pass this along to monster jam dumbass as I refuse to get twitter because of mouth breathers such as himself running rampant on there. Link to the crash in racing
  2. the hell is an ROR?
  3. MFW when I see this thread for the first time
  4. There is your answer, any posts pertaining to what exactly happened regardless if they are factual or not will be removed.
  5. Excuse my ignorance but if you are planning to update Mulisha, what exactly did Fern miss with his version? I mean even if you plan on updating to the 2017 scheme, all the time and effort was kinda wasted when you would just have to repaint his...
  6. Or here is a wild idea, lets chill out and not speculate on what is happening?
  7. Yes I get what they were going for but they executed it too well, I have never understood why people would want something brand new to look like crap. also the swanson's schemes Tampa track
  8. It is rust, the chassis was never powdercoated.
  9. I do have it done just let me know how you want it sent to ya.
  10. Not really impressed with Basher
  11. barbarian rocking a new scheme
  12. if you want the proper chassis Dalton I have it finished just not released
  13. also sneak peek at snakebites new scheme