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  1. this is why you fit the N/B to the chassis mesh
  2. Western Renegade has been rebranded, owner is Brandon Budd (former driver of Red Solo Cup)
  3. I would be lying if I did not admit I had a giggle at this line m8 Also Colton had some slow moments (including after his first hit), not worthy of a perfect score.
  4. that does not matter if once you remove doubles, blender merges verts with no real pattern so it will mess up your mapped faces. Might have to do some proper work to get that front clip to look cleaner with less jagged edges. If you are not bothered about it I would just leave it, or you can look for another body or clean that one up.
  5. deformable obstacles only work offline (unless that has changed in a newer version of ROR).
  6. sometimes you have to set solid then set smooth for it to take effect or there is a edge split modifier that needs to be applied
  7. set that body to smooth, you can see the hard edges around the headlight area
  8. Yes but for those unaware of the shuffle (at the time was not confirmed) just providing information.
  9. Listed as VatersHigherEducation
  10. so it looks like CVH is going to be replaced by Zimmer in 30, Dustin Brown will be driving Dragon and Trent Montgomery is going to be filling in for Todd Morey.
  11. welcome back! Damon made a public statement on his facebook pertaining to the issue (TLDR being he and FELD could not come to a contract renewal agreement). Scott's truck ended up being stuck overseas, same for Tony Ochs (SF black ops) and a few others. Sadly there is nothing that can be done about hurt drivers, part of the sport pushing the limits every year means there is the possibility of injuries. Unfortunately this year has been extremely unkind in comparison to others.
  12. " Jamie Loftus is a comedian, writer and animator whose baby teeth have been bronzed and loaded into a gun for when the moment is right. She's written for Playboy, VICE, Paste, and the Boston Globe."
  13. bryce kenny's MH does not run balhan's old chassis.