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  1. I am the official.
  2. I have been meaning to make a post about starting sometime around October-November, I just do not have the time right now to run it.
  3. Nope Temperature Rising/Anger Management are the old Raab trucks. That is a PEI http://samson4x4.com/pei/latest-pei-competition-chassis-completed-dan-carey/
  4. better picture, on the old Avenger chassis
  5. kohler will be debuting a new body/scheme for Miami
  6. 10/10 render with those sway bar arms in the headers
  7. living up to the name
  8. straight up racing will be doing up another car bodied truck
  9. nope, I didnt on my truck because I did not want to line up the props
  10. Still get your truck done up, I am at a bit of a cross road as I am trying to figure out what my work schedule is. Even if I am not able to get it going within a month or two I can do it during the winter (November-February) as I will have more spare time then. If that is the case there is a very good chance I will bring forth some more node/beam changes for realism sake
  11. S'all good man, looks great!
  12. been sitting on these for a while but ya here they are
  13. steven's curse was sent over from what I was told. FELD trucks are pretty generic so swapping drivers into other trucks are easy.
  14. Why not? body swaps are easy, they would only have to swap the shocks or rebuild em and throw ine the ISP seat for Coty