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  1. But the chassis is my idea of Cory's idea of Bob Chandler's idea of Jack Willman Sr's idea so really who is playing who here?
  2. with a alcohol blown motor ya. you are not going to see a monster truck powered by a diesel engine running indoor shows for FELD, they smoke like a freight train and a typical RII will not shut a diesel off if it becomes a run away.
  3. that is old news, there was a super old MT forum that was just a shitshow for industry people to rake each other over the coals. Rich's name came up several times.
  4. south american shows are public
  5. real people celebrate the day, everyday
  6. Dennis is coming up on being 60 years old and some of you still think that he is going to drive forever huh?
  7. Well you done dickered something because the Max-D stunt truck chassis that was under that truck I am currently looking at in Blender is 5.533 not 1.430 so there is your problem
  8. what are the dimensions in Blender of the object (hit N in object mode and the bottom left set of numbers is the models dimensions)
  9. Oh it is terrible, do not kid yourself there. The cab is fitted for a specific body that is super obscure (not going to ruin the surprise for the person building it)
  10. Was able to get blender working on my new HD and windows install, started small to back into modelling "shape" new set of shocks for the rig and did up a front engine CRD for someone as a favor, the good news is I was able to save my chassis pack aswell so that should be out within a month after I sort out FELD's musical chassis chairs
  11. The other Raab owned truck was in Montreal aswell also Wrecking Crew is on the old Avenger chassis
  12. Dunno what your agreements were when you formed the team, but seeing asyou and Aaron were the only actual active members you are minimum entitled to what you earned running last year.
  13. No he sold his stuff quite awhile ago, Matt Austin owned the original Anger Management (became Blue Mountain Monster) and then he sold it. Judging by what I can see in the photos, I believe Anger Management in those photos is actually the old American Guardian truck.
  14. Was wondering where Raab's old trucks disappeared off to.
  15. Working on finalizing some stuff but there will be something posted here shortly!