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  1. It's some sort of Silverado.
  2. It was a joke. It would take literally a million people buying the game for them to make a profit.
  3. That's nonsense. There is at least 2000 people who want a realistic game, and at $30 for the game, 2000 people, that's $60,000. Now, if they pay the game developers $500,000 then it's a win win situation for everyone. amirite.
  4. I hate to be that guy, but the BKT tires shredding over cars is the worst excuse that anyone can use for the lack of cars lately, especially with your example. Tom stuffed the tire into the edge of the front flip ramp, things are going to break. I don't know how many people are hitting front flip ramps these days in Monster Jam, but I don't think it's common. It's also not very common to see a BKT tire shred over cars. I know that there isn't an abundance of cars the past few years, but there is always a few cars at the show and it is very rare that tire damage occurs from going over the cars. Yes, they are sometimes damaged on rougher landings, but very rarely is it because of a car. I've also seen plenty of times where trucks run BKTs at non Monster Jam shows around plenty of cars and the tires hold up just fine. Now, I'm no BKT spokesperson, but I think that people just hate on the BKTs because they are basically the only tire you see in Monster Jam. Since there is like 100 trucks running BKTs and maybe 5 running something else, yes, it will appear that BKTs are damaged more than other tires, since there are more of them than other tires. Tires are not the reason that there is a lack of cars. Dirt is cheaper and provides for a better show. Yes, the tracks might not be the greatest right now, but give them some time and they will improve.
  5. Honest question, and I only ask this because I've seen a trend in all of your projects. Are you color blind? The color of the chassis, rims, and shocks makes no sense with the green body.
  6. Coty is doing Europe shows in Monster Energy while Steven Sims is driving Mutant in the U.S. I don't know what will happen after the European tour, but Coty definitely isn't cut and he certainty isn't a full time chassis builder.
  7. He has run many indoor shows this year for both Monster Jam and other promoters. It is absolutely impractical to run an alcohol engine indoors one week and switch to a diesel engine the next week. It makes much more sense to switch back to a diesel engine after he is done all of his indoor shows, so he can do the outdoor summer shows with a diesel truck. And yes, the truck has an RII while running either engine, it just becomes much more difficult when something goes wrong in a diesel engine.
  8. Update: I am now the most hated person on the BeamNG website and I possibly got the entire monster truck mod canceled. Nobody will listen to me when I try to explain why I felt people weren't being credited properly, instead, they assume that it was my goal to derail the whole project. I've tried to explain myself multiple times, but I don't seem to be getting anywhere. Apparently this is all my fault because I decided to complain now and not when the mod wasn't even released (Don't know how that works). Looks like I won't be showing my face on the BeamNG site anymore, looking like it's full time Sim-Monsters for me. And to sum everything up, this guy is a loser.
  9. I fully supported the whole monster truck mod operation and I think they have made a pretty decent truck, but I am less than satisfied with the way they treat people, especially people whose things they used to make the truck. I have complained many times that they aren't giving proper credit, and in some cases, they aren't giving any credit to people who made the mod possible. Every time I tried to get people the credit they deserved, I was given excuses for why they don't need to be credited in the release notes. They say they are getting proper permission from the original authors, but there is no evidence of them ever contacting the people they claim to have talked to. I wasn't a big fan of the Sim-Monsters community, but it's definitely improving, and it's definitely a thousand times better than whatever is happening on the BeamNG site.
  10. Eye see you.
  11. Aaron Lurie Mad Scientist
  12. I can definitely see why people are getting so upset over their videos and even channels being taken down. Coming from someone who hates to see one of my videos being taken down, I can only imagine how it must feel to have all of your videos taken down. However, holding a grudge against Feld Entertainment for taking down your videos is like being upset at the manager of a store that you just stole a tv from. The ownership of your video goes far beyond the person who held the camera. Even though you pointed your camera at the track and filmed the event, they still own everything that you just filmed. On the marketing aspect of the situation, I think this is a great way to improve their Fox Sports 1 viewership, which is probably what they were aiming for. Basically, when you originally uploaded a video that contained content from a Monster Jam event, the risk for a situation like this was always present. *This was not aimed at anyone in particular. It was mostly aimed at people who the situation effected*