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  1. After visiting judgeszone.com, I observed that you can put scores with 0.25, 0.5, and 0.75. I can only assume that's how the scores will be.
  2. I can get behind that Hot Wheels paint. It's loud, colorful and obnoxious. I think it screams Hot Wheels.
  3. Marc McDonald's
  4. LINE UP for Monster Jam in Riyadh: Max-D - Neil Elliot Mohawk Warrior - Steven Sims Dragon - Scott Liddycoat Hot Wheels Firestorm - Alx Danielsson Superman - Tony Ochs MM Dalmatian - Chad Tingler Blue Thunder - Randy Brown El Toro Loco - Joe Sylvester. Like Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry Comment
  5. Aaron Lurie Virtus.Pro Taz Truck thisisreallygay@gmail.com
  6. Any AMD processor that isn't the newest Ryzen stuff has a hard time doing anything relating to processing. When I had an FX-6300, I had constant problems with lagging over obstacles. I don't think adding more ram will help. Old AMD processors are bad, especially one as old as yours.
  7. George Balhan will be driving Bounty Hunter in Anaheim.
  8. It's ok. Next year is their year.
  9. The Eagles
  10. It's Kayla Blood's husband I believe (Might be brother, I always get that confused) I think he is supposed to drive full time next season anyway.
  11. Save of the millennium?
  12. Possibly replacing a truck unless it's a 15 truck field.
  13. Don't worry, It's going to take some time but I'll get this fixed.
  14. Happy?