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Found 40 results

  1. Monster Mutts!

    Monster Truck Throwdown Tracks

    Hey If You Know Any Tracks That Are On SM Please Post It Here Because I Need It For My League And I Cant Find Any MTT Tracks
  2. MJC0nn0r


    Hello all. I'm in need of help with a truck I'm making. It's not 2018 Fluffy, but something else I've decided to work with. I''m having trouble finding the file where the chassis and rims are displayed. I can't find them = I can't paint them. Just say I'm editing a Grave Digger to fix a minor issue with the paintwork. Lets start with the file "GraveDigger34.png". That displays the body texture layout and a few other bits and bobs that I don't even know the name of. I've finished "fixing" the bug with the bodywork and I'm now moving onward to the chassis and rim paint. I've been searching for a painstaking 30 minutes for the rim and chassis file and haven't been able to find it. What is the file usually called for other trucks that you guys might have? Is it a mesh file I'll have to end up going through the matrix to finish? Also, I would like to know how to add a driver into the roosterpit and repaint the driver too. It pays a significant factor to the loveing aweomeness of the project I'm building and the current truck I'm "fixing" doesn't have it... I've included the download page for the truck I'm using below. http://sim-monsters.com/files/file/2783-grave-digger-34-v2/ Thanks in advance, Connor
  3. NtheDiggerfan

    2/4 BKT's show up

    Hey guys. I have @Chazzymp new Black Pearl, and the over bored pack(as specified). I noticed on the two trucks that have BKT's, (Over Bored and Black Pearl), only my right front and left rear show up. Ive regened my cache, unzipped it and put it in the pack, and all kinds of other stuff. Please help. Thanks.
  4. Fossal

    Why are my trucks white?

    All of my trucks are white and so is the chassis and wheels. I tried regen chache and clear chache but they dont work.. Reply to this if you know how to fix
  5. Fossal

    Why are my trucks white?

    All of my trucks are white and so is the chassis and wheels. I tried regen chache and clear chache but they dont work.. Reply to this if you know how to fix
  6. NtheDiggerfan

    Adding Paint to Bodies

    Hey guys! I have a new paint i want to put on an old Digger body. How can i add that paint to it? Do i delete the old PNG and add the new one? Thanks, NtheDiggerfan
  7. Lance

    RoR 0.4 Sound?

    All the trucks I have downloaded from the website for 0.4 do not have sound. I have turned he volume on and checked to make sure it was not on mute. Any suggestions? I'm running 0.4.7 for your information.
  8. Okay so I wouldn’t say I’m “New” to rigs of rods, but I’m no veteran. To put it simply for those who are willing to help out I barely know how to add modded trucks into the game. Luckily my gf mods sims all time and she teached me. A+ for the WiFu. ANYWAYS couple of questions for the veteran players that could lend me a hand. 1.multiplayer. Loading up the game pops up the main menu and “multiplayer” is darkened and cannot be clicked on or loaded up. But I can load into single player no problem. Am I missing some critical detail to enable myself to join leagues or fun runs or is it something I forgot to install when I first downloaded ROR? 2.customization. Ok seriously seeing the build projects is so freaking cool on this site it unbelievable. So I would like to learn Just the basics for now I guess in just applying different skins to current trucks before I attempt loading different chassis and drive trains to different bodies. 3. Sound. All of my sound setting are turned up all the way and I can’t hear a thing. No engine noise no nothing. The only thing that can be heard is the main menu music and that’s it. I’ve tried countless trucks and all of them have no sound. 4.dark truck skins. I’m sure this is a simple fix but again I’m dumb with technology. Is there a display setting I’m missing to get these trucks to show there skins? The body is there but everything looks so dark it’s barely visible. 5.crush cars and leafer tracks. How to I include crush cars in the game and are there any old schools tracks for v.4? That’s also all I run. I have no idea how v.37 works. Thanks to all who reads this over I’m sure I may seem like an idiot but hey I’m trying thank you and god bless! \m/
  9. Cutlass206

    The next 0.4 question

    The rear steer for all of my 0.4 trucks are unresponsive. They are mapped to F1 and F2 but neither work. And when trying to re map. Nothing happened.
  10. So I had previously asked a question on this form about the sound not working in Rigs of Rods Some of you suggested sound-packs, but when I looked through the truck files, I saw that they all had sound and should be working. I even played some of the sounds on my computer, but not in-game. I looked at the configurator and saw the sound on the master volume was low, so I cranked it up and went in, but still no sound. Then I went into the in-game settings adjuster on the main menu screen and realized it said only .1% for the master volume. I moved it to 100% and had to restart the game for it to take effect, but it just kept resetting it from the Configurator when you load into Rigs of Rods. What I am trying to get at is that the Configurator's sound levels do not match up with the in-game ones. For a 100% volume in the game, I would need the Configurator's volume to be at 1000%, but it does not go up that high. I have tried again and again and can not get it to work. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to fix this because it has completely stumped me! Any help would be appreciated!! Lance
  11. Hello, Sim Monsters community! I was wondering how you would go about converting truck and or track files from 0.37, or 0.38 to fit the 0.4 compatibility requirements. I am not a modder, although I would like to become one, as I am a newb to that, I am not sure how to go about it. Any suggestions? Thanks. I am running 0.4.7 by the way.
  12. ABC MAN26

    RoR steering wheel problem (kinda)

    hey guys it's been awhile ik, but I got a Logitech g920 for my birthday and I wanted to use it for ror, but I noticed there is no Logitech g920 control map, and I'm asking for some help. thank you
  13. Wolfdude2206

    How do you make a server

    I am planning on hosting a fun run two weeks from now and I was wondering how to make a server? Can anyone tell me?
  14. Warwizard

    Controls Are Messed Up

    Ok so everytime I spawn a truck in .38, I can get in it and it shows up on the track, but I can't get any of the control to work! It steers and that's it. and the HUD is somewhat frozen. PLEASE HELP
  15. Warwizard

    Version I Can Use?

    Hi! Here again. So, I really want to use the breakable trucks for download on this site but I cant find .38.67 anywhere! It sucks. And all the versions of tried other than 37.126 get error 6 and cant find a Config file. Someone please help!
  16. BubbaBigMac

    Can't Find ROR 0.45

    I just got a new Laptop because my old one's memory disk broke... I can't find the version 0.45 of ROR, can someone link me to it please?
  17. savageracer21

    PS3 Control With RoR

    So i was wondering how to use a PS3 control on RoR Without using MotionInJoy. whenever i download motion in joy i get an error or it either says ''DS3 Tool has stopped working'' so i was wondering if any of you know how to use PS3 control with RoR without using motioninjoy. Thanks!
  18. Acespence3195

    About me and where do i begin?

    Hello fellow monster enthusiast! my names austin and like you im a huge monster truck fan and excited to get involved with Sim Monsters since monster jam and activision have no idea how to make a decent monster truck game. looking to make new friends since im a fresh college graduate from UNOH in lima OH and i need an outlet to kill time outside of work and paying the bills. so with that being said im very new to all of this i need some guidance. first off where do i start? i downloaded ROR but theres no maps or any form of vehicles other than a bus and an 18 wheeler. so links to everything to download to get a feel for the game would be outstanding. second im also part of a real life monster truck team out of quincy illinois. if youve been to any of the 4 wheel jamborees this year you might have seen our truck. Venom by Vengeance motorsports. if i could get some help to linking some of the pictures to get a request out that would be great and possibly a custom build tributed to my college . im also trying to help the team out using sim monsters to kind of get the word out about the truck being this is our first year out and we could really use some support from the fans! third is there any multiplayer so i can actually race against some people and not look like a grown man playing with monster trucks on the computer all by myself? its no different from me playing with the hotwheel trucks when i was a kid.. i didnt have many friends back then either lol ;p any more questions feel free to comment and please mature users only. I left playing xbox with 10 year olds for a reason. itd be nice to socialize with people who are closer to my age(21) if not older. thanks guys and hope to hear back from yall
  19. TheyCallMeDanger

    I cannot install tracks

    Call me a noob or whatever, but I have been trying to install tracks for ages and can't figure it out. Trucks install easily but after watching many tutorials the tracks still don't show up when I load the game. Please help me.
  20. So, I am working on a realism soundpack and I extracted a few sounds from some videos, my question is how can I deepen the final sounds in rigs of rods? What I mean is that the sounds have a gain applied to them when rendered in game and so they sound higher pitched than normal. Is there a way that I can counter that gain and make it sound closer to the video instead of a nascar engine lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  21. supercharge71

    Lag over cars at some tracks?

    I get lag over cars on some tracks not all, its a small hiccup. I don't know why but its like the frames dip below 30fps while everywhere else gets 60fps. My pc specs are: CPU: AMD Fx-8350, GPU: GTX 580 1.4GB, RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB. I can more than handle Rigs of Rods maxed out but I need to know what to turn down specifically to fix the hiccup I am having and keep everything smooth, or at least be told the reason behind it. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it.
  22. Mr. Self Destruct

    Ogre Mesh Tool

    I'm dying to get into content creating. It's bad enough I suck majorly at blender, but I need this thing called "Ogre Mesh Tool" to open mesh and material files. Anybody have a link, download, or answers in general?
  23. Shockermonstertruck

    Need a hand...

    Having some trouble with opening trucks. Watch the video below and if someone can help me with this, I would be very grateful!
  24. CharmingCharles2896

    Why does the truck keep resetting it's position

    Hello everybody so I've edited the truck unnamed and untamed from the v4 pack. No big deal I just lowered the maximum RPM. Anyways so I'm in the game and if I get over 40MPH it gives me tan screen then resets the truck to it's start position. I have no idea why it does this.
  25. CharmingCharles2896

    Trucks Spawns Invisible

    So I need some help, I have the v4 pack and the leafer pack in the same v4 folder. My problem is that whenever i spawn in one of the leafer pack trucks in 4.5 like USA-1 II LF it spawns in, but all I see are four grey cylinders, the rest of the truck just isn't there. I can hear the truck just fine but it just isn't there. In .37 the trucks freeze up my game saying that it can't find a certain file. I don't know what i can do to fix these problems. Please help me.