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Found 4 results

  1. I do have the user name server. I just don"t remember the password. I tried 12008. But when I try to connect it doesn't work. Any help? (Using the 0.38.67 version)
  2. I've been encountering this problem where I try to join a server and it won't let me (I use a laptop) example server: these are the messages I get: please help me!!!
  3. I know now that the master server is down, but the avichtech (sorry if that's incorrect) server doesn't work, if I do find a way to get it to work, then whatever. But in the meantime, please link some servers that are currently working, thank you..
  4. i have been trying to play on servers but when i press update nothing happens? i tried to download it again but the same thing happened do you guys know why?