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Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

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Pink Guy    1,507

I don't quite fully understand why Team KCM has done such rapid expansion and change. Seriously one year ago it was just Wicked, and now we have three new trucks and Wicked is now Jacked Up. I mean Kreg doesn't really run any specific tours, certainly not Monster Jam, so I don't know where the money to cover all these trucks are coming from

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bkelly    175
4 hours ago, Hagan Moskau said:

I think Todd Morey is driving Jacked. He posted a Pit Party pic in the 'Jacked" jumpsuit, so yeah.

That and the truck has all the sponsors that Morey runs (Bubba Burger and UNOH)

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NitroMenace    65

Yes Todd is driving Jacked Up. Kreg has accumlated so many parts and trucks (have to remember he gets double the income from the fact that he also runs a big deal down in Aussie, as well as all of his employees are family with normal jobs so i dont think he really pays them). But Kregs shop has just been full of parts and he makes his own frames so I imagine its pretty easy for him to just throw trucks together. I dont really know why such a sudden expansion but I think its pretty cool to see Kreg coming back so full force all of a sudden. And I wouldnt be surprised with Todd on board if Kreg tries to make a push to get his trucks into Monster Jam next year which I think would be pretty cool as well. Either way, I love Kreg and its awesome to see him kickin butt these days.

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Thoughts of Stafford (Saturday Afternoon):


SCOTT BUETOW MADE IT TO THE RACING FINALS. I AM DEAD SERIOUS. Anyhoo, he would lose to Gary, but OH BOY just imagine what it would've been had he won. WOW. Other than that huge shocker, it all pretty much went as expected; Pablo, Gary, and Zane all advanced to the Semis.


Unsurprisingly, Pablo took the win in this one. Paul sadly couldn't get a true donut going, while Zane also struggled. The other 5 were very close in scores, all in the 8 area, but it was Kevin who got the upper hand out of the five, taking second.


Not only did Gary take the win here, but what may be surprising is that Pablo struggled. Paul got last in this one, while Zane and Scott pulled off OK runs. I honestly thought Steven should've won this, but Gary winning is also fine by me.


Here's where we get to the controversy; some think that Kayla should've won, while others say the win should've gone to either Steven or Scott. Though they all pulled off great runs, I actually believe Steven should've taken it over Pablo. Reasons being that he had bigger air, more highlights, and overall just a slightly better run. Kayla and Pablo both gave awesome runs, but in the end, I think Steven ultimately had the better run of the three.

It was a great Saturday afternoon. Won't be recapping all shows because then that'd be considered spam. Can't wait to see what happens with Hagerstown, and hopefully Gary is able to take a few more wins.

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EightBitMS    4

Thought what Monster Jam was doing was cool, might as well share. In Sunrise, the BB&T Center never sells out for MJ. Not even close. So what they did was only sell lower levels. once those were close to selling out, they opened three sections on the upper level. So far they just did this for Saturday Afternoon, as that is the most popular time slot.



Really hoping they have dirt for the first time, they're bringing ATVs and Speedsters so I think Sunrise get's dirt for the first time!


Sorry about the mild Sunrise spam by the way, this is one of the highlights of the year for Monster Jam year for me, as I live an hour away.

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