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  2. Breakable monster trucks

    So Do U Or Do U Not Know How?
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  4. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    Bad ass
  5. World Finals XIX Discussion

    now that we're doing the DDS predictions: Rammunition - Mat Dishman Over Bored - Jamey Garner Stinger Unleashed - Zane Rettew Obsessed - Eric Swanson Pirate's Curse - Cory Rummel Jester - Matt Pagliarulo El Toro Loco - Mark List El Toro Loco - Armando Castro Grave Digger - Krysten Anderson grave Digger - Brandon Vinson Megalodon - Trent Montgomery Xtermagator - J.R McNeal Blue Thunder - Matt Cody Max-D - Jared Eichelberger Zombie - Ami Houde Wonder Woman - Collette Davis Winner: Eric Swanson - Obsessed or Corey Rummel - Pirate's Curse I put a decent amount of Indie trucks on here, they deserve the spots over some of the mediocre Feld drivers even though some of the spots will most likely get taken by Feld drivers and make the field just a bit slower overall. I though Rummel or Swanson were the best choices because of how well they do in racing (especially Swanson considering he nearly won it last year).
  6. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Here’s what im thinking on the DDS: 1. Krysten Anderson- Digger 2. Armando Castro- El Toro 3. Ami Houde- Zombie 4. Collette Davis- Wonder Woman 5. Kayla Blood- El Toro 6. Myranda Cozad- Scooby 7. Tony Ochs- Black Ops 8. Brandon Vinson- Digger 9. Jared Eichelberger- Max-D 10. Pirates Curse- Camden Murphy 11. Rage- Cory Rummell 12. Stinger- Zane Rettew 13. Jester- Matt Pagliarulo 14. Bernard Lyght- Alien 15. Mat Dishman- Rammunition 16. Blue Thunder- Matt Cody Or Over Bored- Jamey Garner im not a fan of this lineup,but l also don’t expect a huge independent presence either. Of course they’re gonna put in their drivers first, so which ever ones don’t make it in the main field will fill up spots in the DDS. I also think it’s very possible for Mark List to be on this list as well. I think Eric Swanson and Cynthia Gauthier will move up to the main field this year, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if Eric is in DDS again simply because he didn’t have a full schedule this year. Obviously for the TT central, everyone in the top 3 is already WF competitors so basically everyone else is either out or in the DDS so I think they’ll use the rest of their drivers but I don’t think Jack and Trent will be in it either. On the east and west, I think Sipes and Tristan will win their tours pretty much placing everyone else in the DDS or with no invites. across the board I just see the DDS this year as a place for the Feld drivers who missed the WF from mainly the arena tours.
  7. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Okay so considering the fact that we're about to hit a point where a bunch of competitors are gonna be announced, I guess I'll put my DDS predictions. Monster Mutt Rottweiler - Brad Allen Over Bored - Jamey Garner Obsessed - Eric Swanson El Toro Loco - Mark List Bounty Hunter - Austin Minton Scooby-Doo - Linsey Read Megalodon - Trent Montgomery Zombie - Travis Mowrey (Rookie of the Year if Brandon doesn't count. I mean, have you seen his freestyles?) Jester - Matt Pagliarulo El Toro Loco - Kayla Blood Grave Digger - Brandon Vinson (Rookie of the Year if he counts) Soldier Fortune Black Ops - Tony Ochs Stinger Unleashed - Zane Rettew Grave Digger - Krysten Anderson Pirate's Curse - Camden Murphy Pirate's Curse - Cory Rummel DDS Winner: Grave Digger - Brandon Vinson or Monster Mutt Rottweiler - Brad Allen They should really consider increasing the size of this field again, because it took me a good hour to decide on this.
  8. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    Not the best not the worst Decided to give it a try also not finished
  9. Breakable monster trucks

    Can't wait to see the new breakable trucks soon
  10. Breakable monster trucks

    I sorta assumed lol.
  11. Breakable monster trucks

  12. Tony Ochs Pack 2017

    spawns in white, everything is white
  13. Scooby Doo 2018 (Gordon) UPDATE

    Good truck
  14. Breakable monster trucks

    he's referring to legochamp958
  15. Breakable monster trucks

    Chaotic don't help this idiot, the dude can't even figure out how to use the stupid eraser on paint.net, DON'T HELP HIM WITH CRAP
  16. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    Slowly piecing together
  17. Breakable monster trucks

    i could use a gas monkey;)
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  19. Breakable monster trucks

    Can you send the files please? I want to use those lol
  20. Hot Wheels Firestorm World Finals 18

    it wont load on 0.38 please help...
  21. World Finals XIX Discussion

    there back to 32 now just seen the site
  22. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Tom Meents and Scott Buetow have been announced Also there’s apparently only 24 spots? I’m guessing since the WF will be traveling again this is downsizing
  23. SMRA Finale Denver.4

    Thank you so much!!! I really wanted this map to be a 0.4 compatable and now it is! Thanks so much! 5 STARS!
  24. Pastrana 199 & Nitro Circus

    Doesnt work on 0.37. Mesh serializer error.
  25. SMRA Finale Denver.4

  26. World Finals XIX Discussion

    The length of time of which you've been driving clearly doesn't matter in determining the field considering Neil was snubbed for years and Pablo hasn't been officially listed since 2014. I agree with Scooby-Doo being in the main field (thinking they may put Cynthia in it?) because it's a HUGE attraction for their casual fanbase, but Linsey just hasn't had the exposure yet.
  27. World Finals XIX Discussion

    I mean Linsey has been driving Scooby Doo more longer then Steven Sims. So I doubt Steven Sims will be in the main field considering he is just 'subbing' for Haley Gauley
  28. SMRA Finale Denver.4

    Version 1.0.0


    well I got bored so here you go SMRA Denver.4 CREDIT Kayton: Banners, Cars and textures, Tarp, Container texture (edited by Aaron Lurie), Dirt, skyline Dan Agosh: SMRA logo, freestyle obstacle suggestions Danny Mackey: Paint and obstacle ideas Aaron Lurie; track modeling, paint, texturing the stadium Google Warehouse: Stadium model Conversion-MedalWarrior215 Not Hate Please Thank You
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