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    Action is coming This is an ambitious project. I'll keep you posted.
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    A simple truck deserves a simple teammate.
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    I guess you can say I've been busy......................
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    Want everyone's feedback on this because I'm not sure how I feel. Safety hold on, or safety hold off the first two rows of seats? Thanks Aaron for inspiring me. Tarps on? Or Tarps off FERDA? Actually let me know though because Idk which I think looks better.
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    Do you feel it now Mr.Krabs?
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    Happy World Finals Freestyle Day
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    Version 1.0.0


    Well, here she be. I started this project late last year, and I kind of lost stream with it, lost interest in getting the final few touches finished up. But I finally kicked myself in the rear and got it done. Hopefully you guys enjoy! I did not include Prowler and Pouncer in this pack, the paints just didn't get done, I will upload a separate pack for those when they are done. This pack includes 7 Versions: 2001(World Finals 2) 2002(World Finals 3) 2006(World Finals 7) Pickup Body PEI Chassis(Based on the truck ran at Bristol) 2018 Pezo Tires 2018 SIRS 2018 BKTs Credits: Andrew Sheets: Cat clip/Bedsides, 2018 Paint/chassis Mathew White(Xyrose): 2001, 2002, 2006 paints Kozak: Pei Chassis Me: Chassis propping/texturing, major blender work, shock setups, minis. SealedGecko: Pezo tires(sized to fit rims by me) Various creators: Chassis props. This Pack was made for Rigs of Rods version 0.4.6, I will not make this 0.3+ compatible. If I failed to credit anyone for anything in this pack please contact me and I will make sure proper credit is made.
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    World Finals 20 freestyle track. The event already happened in the time zone I'm in.
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    cookie you say?
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    Tarps on incase someone were to Blackwell a turn or somethin.
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    I think these are worthy of a new SYP thread! World Finals 18 Freestyle is officially done modelling wise! Release is only a few days away... And in case you were wondering, there's two versions of the track. Part 1 with everything still pretty fresh, and Part 2 with 3 different grip setting throughout the track to simulate the track getting wet from drivers going through the pond. The bottom 2 pics are part 2
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    Crushstation running a new body for "10 years of terribleness"
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    Version 1


    wanted a brand new rendition of this truck. completely redid the truck, new chassis and all! if its on the truck and its on sm yall made it possible you know i dont take credit for it i just put it all together in blender i do know beautiful paint was done by Chadwick and the wonderful mini was made by Will Meyer
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    Version 1.0.0


    World Finals 18 Freestyle! Is it perfect... not at all. Is it damn good... hell yeah! Worked hard on this over the past month to get this old project of mine completed, and here she is! Keep in mind that this is a high quality track, so if your computer is known for running things below say 30 FPS, you're gonna have a bad time. There is no low quality version because I simply didn't feel it was necessary. Feel free to resize textures on your own if you are having troubles running it. But this is way more optimized for performance that the crappy racing course in terms of vertices and texture sizing. Two Versions: Part 1 (after about 10 trucks have went) and Part 2 (muddy mess!) Now the credits! Rockcrawler (Klayton) - the cars, the bus, the original stadium model, dirt textures, various little textures Maxdman- props like bulldozers and hybrid obstacles, some textures, a lot of inspiration in terms of baking and decreasing amounts of verts Me- the track itself (like the ramps), putting it all together, material and odef files Google Images- mini photos and various logos Chazzymp (Mason)- the exterior posters and some entertaining snaps to looks at when I got bored Rigs of Rods dev team- help with some code things Monster Jam's Youtube Channel- The "fathers day rewind" that gave me all my reference shots Mcdonalds- Food for when I was hungry Instagram- a constant distraction Don't roll in the turn
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    I'd actually kill for a good Providence track.
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    Version 1.0.0


    St. Louis 2019. 3 versions, Racing, Two-Wheel Skills, Freestyle. Credits: Me Klayton HotShoe Mark C. Diggerfan If forgot someone let me know. Should be compatible with .37 and .4 If there are issues or you experience a problem with it let me know in the comments below. Enjoy!
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    00 Racing 01 Racing and Freestyle 02 Racing and Freestyle 04 Freestyle 06 Freestyle 09 Racing 11 Racing 12 Racing 13 Freestyle 19 TWS Count that.....
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    I'll have you know its #8 thank you.
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    Hey everyone, i was wondering if anyone would be down for a rocket league tourney. it would be 2v2 and more rules to come. I just would like to see if people would be down to do it
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    Lmao what he meant to say was World Finals 21. Typo errors can mess you up sometimes.
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    Wow..... what a night!!! So glad to see Linsey win the Showdown, can’t wait to see her tomorrow in the freestyle. 2 Wheels was the best it’s been all year, phenomenal moves. Racing off the charts... lots of unexpected and Jimmy finally got his long, long, loonngggg overdue racing championship though Bari was amazing as well! Can’t wait for High Jump and Freestyle tomorrow... I assume we’re gonna see two rounds of the High Jump too and let’s hope everyone has a backup truck because we know, at least Jim, will shoot for the moon. The Freestyle track will be interesting... hopefully not a rehash of the last few years.
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    I’m the odd ball out, I am a huge fan of the smaller field. It raises the bar of competition the entire season, the drivers that didn’t make it will want to push that much harder to make it next year. Obviously major sponsor trucks are going to be in the show, I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing a different driver jump in those trucks if they don’t win or perform well on their respective tours. If the field stayed at 32 it’s basically just a giant show with every driver competing and very little chance of not getting in regardless of how the regular season goes. One thing that really gets under my skin is people saying Marc McDonald or BJ Johnson and others should’ve gotten in when they haven’t driven all year. The one thing no one can argue is the sport is at its highest level of competition and popularity now then it has ever been, so maybe Feld is doing something right.
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    For future reference, please use this form when making content requests
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    owns the truck but doesnt know the chassis type...hmmmm
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    Not bad for your first completed track. I'd recommend for future reference to make sure some ramps line up straight and not curve to the right or left such as the one in this screenshot: If I need to edit a cross thread, then I do 1 of the 2 following things: rotate it back to the original 0/90 degree angle then edit them there, or I only edit them along the z-axis since editing them along the x/y axis is tricky on an angle. Also, the paint could use some touch ups in a few spots. And when you use these backflip dumpsters, try to export them as a separate mesh file and put it on the track as a non-collidable object and put a wall that's either JUST inside the dumpster or a wall that's transparent, since the dumpsters can grab onto your truck if you hit them the wrong way.
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    Got a new track done, more to come.
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    Double post? hmm its rly ded on sm
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    Any suggestions on making the blue paint pop more? Using paint.net and the overlay function. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Thanks to Blaise for the Tires for my Bigfoot 5 & 7 trucks
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    You may want to consider changing your attitude if you’re looking to have your requests filled. Your language and rather disrespectful comments are definitely not gonna get you anywhere around here. And I haven’t seen you post anything other than rude things about other people’s work, so if you claim to have already made things, you may want to consider posting them to have a chance of backing your self up. Otherwise, be polite and grateful that someone took the time to make these trucks, because they sure don’t have to make anything for the community or especially people who talk like you do.
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    so you're telling me you get a notification for every single request put in truck request? JESUS CHRIST you people have 66 iq
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    Like the truck good job
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    Version 1.3.0


    I hope that everyone enjoys this track, this is by far my most detailed track and took a really long time to make. This track is compatible with both 0.3 and 0.4 so no worries there. Special thanks to T.Ray and Sonar for a lot of the ideas for this track! Credits: Stafford (Track Model) -Edy Props -MaxDMan, RockCrwlr, Sim-Monsters (Let me know if I forgot about you) Paint -Me Anything Else -Idk tell me
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    Nice to see you back in the thick of things Demko!
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    Welp i thought i posted this last year but i guess not, most likely wont be made but its worth a shot Name: Oklahoma City 2014 Venue: Chesapeake Energy Arena Racing Style: Chicago Style Replica or Custom: Replica Date Ran: February 15-16 Images/Graphics: http://imgur.com/a/m7cal Other details: im late but who cares

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