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    Redid Racing! (ik the colors suck, gonna be fixed)
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    Custom Legends for league. part of 32 pack. For Preston Perez Jester 17, part of PEI next update
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    Some more of the UK Trucks. Not 100% accurate, but close enough for now. Hopefully a UK Truck Pack coming soon.
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    Literally 2.5 years ago this was started
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    Latest project. Still very much a work in progress, but thought it was worth sharing.
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    Something i made because why not Not making the truck, just made it for fun. If you want to make the truck, you can message me in Discord (Swegliner#0179)
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    Thats why they call me... BAAAAAD COMPANYYY Big thanks to @Chazzymp for the background
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    Guess who is back Nice job everyone! but Bigfoot hasnt get any love recently so its time for a Bigfoot Repli-Custom part 2 This is just a start of something coming later this year... Things are gonna be fixed and more trucks will be added, just wait for december
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    There was an attempt. Update:
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    Had some troubles with account today, but I can now access sim monsters again to show stuff like this
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    Well it's been ages since I actually posted a project, RoR has faded since diving into the real deal, but I whipped these bad boys out. I'm fairly proud of them, they look good and are fun. The 06-07 body is completely hand done save the logos, the 08-09 I had to borrow parts off the Safe Auto Raptor then freshen up.
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    This is not the body's final resting place, nor is the truck fully complete but the paint is done (for now) and I'm hoping it'll be a pretty good looking thing by the time im actually done. @fernBurn you were absolutely correct and thank you for the compliment, means a lot coming from such a skilled content producer such as yourself. edit: Truck about finished, a couple paint tweaks n it'll be ready for release
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    made some adjustments to my Grave Digger 23 did not like the old one.
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    For those that missed the stream today:
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    Sorry to kind of Spam the chat but just want to keep posting progress to get feedback. Finished up the Backdoors and Side
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    Happy Halloween Everyone!!! Oh wait......
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    Sketched out the logo, I think it came out way better than the flames
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    A WIP that is almost done.
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    Got Matt's revamped SMRA ride done, and it's on it's way to SMRA approval shortly. Probably gonna remaster the original paint as well and post it another time. But yeah, not dead. yet
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    Wow I have to admit when I bake a track it looks amazing with the shadows....I normally dont bake my stuff but dang I got to do this more often (time to start on the FS version
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    B E L I Z E (racing) It's not strictly a Monster Jam, the color scheme's merely a coincidence. ( but it can be if you want it to i suppose....)
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    @carkiller458 finally got her buttoned up.
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    When do sign-ups open for season 3?
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    100% Mine ...thought up and sketched up on a 2007 silverado when i was about 11 or 12 (18 now). the black is ghost-ish flames..cant see it too well but theyre there also heres these (fixed )
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    Well I took the challenge and im pretty proud of it tbh.
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    First go-around at painting and piecing together a truck. Still working on the driver's compartment, then hoping to get it in-game this weekend. EDIT: thx guys now over 250 repp lost my bronze >:(
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    Scarlet Bandit 2017 Paint is almost done just need to make a few more adjustments. Iron Outlaw and the 2 Bounty Hunter’s are nearing Paint Completion aswell
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    Coming Soon edit: left is old WB, right is new...how is this?
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    Here is an early version of The Punisher. It is currently on The Mad Scientist and has Metal Mulisha's rims. Upcoming features: Dark gray decals (can't find them online) Improved decal replacement upon request Glossier body Black headers Node/beam setup of Nitro Psycho's SFBO with Mad Scientist's halo
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    No he said put the Mutant body, Which isn't correct. I think he meant, he put the Mutant Paint* on an s10 body and on a Rummel Chassis. @Dominick ...coming from a guy who hasn't made anything, you're saying that his custom isn't creative? Sit down. Be Humble.
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    Small little paint project i’ve been working on
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    So far Osaka is looking good.....i think. I still need to add more props I need to paint the track make a FS version btw the giant hole next to the arena is the river that was nearby
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    Yea thanks man working on all that still lol. For now I have a beta in game. If anyone is good with texturing/baking could you please HMU I need some help
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    Another custom independent show in the works. Also Pending: http://sim-monsters.com/files/file/2738-custom-ksr-fairground-event/
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    want DLC? give me monyz............................
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    I dunno what else to put here Creds to @Swegliner849 for most of Avenger, I just re-did the skulls
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    About 45 mins into my first Truck Paint so it’s still in the very early stages. Please give honest feedback good or bad because I want to try and improve as much as possible and make this as best as it can be for my abilities. edit: been tweaking on it and trying to really dial it in
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    is this a race to see who'll finish punisher first? at least let me get off my flight before we start lol(I'm messing with you, I'll just work on my rendition still)
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    Since someone else is working on gunslinger I decided to make these.. Shocks need repainting, and I may try my hand at painting the bounty hunter version of this truck..
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    You don't have to threaten us into forcing you to show your work. If you want to, just post it. We don't need to beg to see it, we have enough other content creators that we don't need to be held hostage to see work.
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    i need to die ASAP. because ive ben wondering where is a rope abd where is a hook so, i'm making ths topic all about my death for the 2017 hope
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    You should look at Blaise's truck making tutorial on how to fix that godawful chassis. Almost all of the normals are erroneous.
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    Anyone asked for El Paso 2009? No? No one? Okay understandable... Anyways, Im almost done I just need to do the freestyle version and then ill release it to the public in October 31st!!! #monsterjam25 ]