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    Haven't posted for a while, finally got rid of my old worn out laptop and upgraded to a decent PC. Been seeing some great work on here lately, so now starting to get back into making stuff myself. I'm sure you all saw the reveal of Joe Sylvester's badass new Bad Habit truck yesterday, I thought that would be the perfect project. Currently working on the paint, and also have the beginning of a first chassis mock-up. Still loads of work to do, taking my time to make it as best as I can. These pics are far from perfect, changes will be made. Not sure when it'll be released, but it will be eventually.
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    double the fun, double the doughnuts
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    Best Trick. Night one just about wrapped up, just have to go through for final touches and editing the chalk lines before moving to night 2! HUGE tiny thank you to Chris B for the Stadium!!
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    Do not ask content creators when they will be releasing content. Content creators will work on projects when they want to and feel like it, and may release content if they feel it is ready. Asking this question and begging for content is frowned upon here because it can wear creators out and discourage them from making content.
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    Version 1.0.0


    My first ever truck on Sim Monsters website. I am so glad with how this came out. Upfront and honest, this is simply the V3 paint but with the shine slapped on it. So glad the lights worked out aswell. I originally did this because it's the only truck I visibly remembered from watching All Monsters Eve 1, but now that I'm thinking about it, it's been nearly 10 years since the first videos on the RORMJ channel were uploaded, so I guess this is my (slightly early) way of saying thank you for nearly 4 years of meeting friends and new people....And people I dislike, but we won't get into that...Hope I have the motivation to make new things....Maybe... Original War Wizard Truck: @fernBurn Original Driver: @ushra (DrifterX) Original Paint: @Patriotic Canadian Redone Logo/General Help: PabloG Paint Swap/Cloning: @Danny Werewolf (Me) If I will do more, it will be at my own pace and my own choice.. I only did this because of boredom and it's another truck that I really cared about. Thank you for reading.
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    Your T.Ray series of tracks are consistently at the top level of custom tracks in ror with the shear creativity going into them without going completely overbored, and still looking awesome
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    Version 1.0.0


    I'll keep it brief, simple little custom arena and track that I modeled to test my abilities and learn how to export and build everything within newer versions of blender. There are a lot of small things wrong with the track and the way things are textured, however for a first build I'm happy with this. Be careful giving the triple a full send, you might end up in the roof. Racing is a bit different than most with a J hook into Chicago racing. It's meant to be tight and difficult to get out into the Chicago portion of the course. Please enjoy it and look out for more content in the future as I get better and more comfortable using Blender. Enjoy!!!! Thanks to everyone who helped along the way!
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    I dont QUITE see it that way...I guess digger has to be your favorite truck for that.. BUT I do see the side of the argument that taking drivers out of the trucks/chassis/bodies they've been getting used to all season/career can be detrimental to not only their skill but the show. However, would I PERSONALLY like to see a variety of trucks rather than 5 diggers, 4 max Ds etc etc? Yes but then again, I'd appreciate just a simple WF scheme. Just to give the trucks a little individuality aside from driver style.
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    C'mon yall are being lazy, re-texture the floor. I left it that was because the dirt mesh covered the not pretty looking areas of the tarp/concrete floor
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    So time for a double post here but I feel like this is a pretty big deal. I've heard from around the community some resentment towards newer versions of blender. Heard things about how you cant export tracks and some other silly misinformation so, I decided to look into this, I'm sure a few guys remember me working on this and figuring things out, but I'd like to think this is my proof of concept, using Blender 2.79b (not newest anymore but darn close) and all newer resources from the rigs repository for exporting so its easy to access for everyone without giving out spoopy mediafire links with old software. I have a track built and put in game. Working, sans some issues with ramp angle and such (being a first track I expected as much for future fine tuning) but I'm extremely happy with the results and I can't wait to tackle more projects in the future. Please leave me some feedback on what I can do better in the future, not sure if this will get released, may just throw it into a stadium model and get it out for people to mess with. But for now, this is the "more to come soon" post. Looking into the idea of doing some very in depth tutorials for newer creators, but thats still tbd. Not sure if its really that big of a deal, but I figured I'd share regardless since I know we've certainly had a drop off in content creation.
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    your not really supposed to extract your trucks/tracks. you pretty much leave them as zip files and u put them in whatever folder you put ur tracks/trucks in. BTW be sure to make sure you have the .WAV files and the .soundscript file for that truck(s) in the zip, if not just replace them with ones from another truck or whatever.
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    You say that as if your idea is the only way, and have taken no time to consider what other people are saying about your idea and the industry as a whole, and just answer with “well no ones listening to my great ideas because they have to dislike me”. You wanted a discussion and you got it, don’t take it so personally if people don’t agree with you, it’s the whole point of a discussion. Plain and simple, monster trucks will never be a racing based sport again, and if you ask me it’s a good thing because that’s what keeping monster trucks around and popular. But at the same by no means am I telling you not to pursue it, because if you want to anything can be tried out. Lots of different series and ideas have been attempted in this industry and you never know what will actually happen until it happens.
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    Boy you really took this a long way from the discord lol, nice job.
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    The thing you have to realize is that there is substance in my eyes. For those that want to follow it, there is a real legit points series. And like I said, the majority of Monster Jam stadium shows are independents, 8 indies and 6 Mj trucks. They’re sending indies over seas. There’s a tour of random shows completely made up of indies! So in my eyes their not pushing indies out, and they never will because they simply cannot supply all the trucks, but there’s nothing wrong with supplying some, because there has to be some money made outside of the show profits, so that’s where merch comes in. Also, I really don’t understand the 3D body hate honestly. You can’t convince me that Kraken, Wolfs Head, Dragon, Megalodon and others just aren’t bad ass. I think what I’m getting at is that MJ still has legitimacy, but can also provide for fun family entertainment that is imploding MTs all over the world! And they’re not choking out others either. Toughest MT Tour, Throwdown, etc are huge. They do some huge shows. I really just disagree with anyone who thinks MJ is ruining the business, because they’re helping it. And I don’t think anything like the old penda or TNT days will ever make it on its own again- there’s a reason they moved away from it. Stuff that still has that old school racing like the 4 wheel jamborees just aren’t as popular anymore, so it’s really just a good thing that MTs can survive as entertainment to those who want it to be, and a sport to those who chose to see it that way because it still is a sport.
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    Missing the following files. material SOLID/TEX/35chas.png/VertCol limitstrap35.mesh
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    Only thing I would suggest as of right now regarding its still a major WIP. Maybe bake the body at 15-20 samples in blender. The tailgate looks a bit distorted. But other then that it looks amazing so far!!
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    I think a big problem with circuit racing is is that these trucks just aren’t built to handle running past 2 minutes or so- the cooling system simply cannot keep up, and the amount of fuel they down would be insane in those races. You’d be looking at a lot of down time just to cool trucks down. I think it would be cool, but just not feasible for a monster truck. The other big point I’d like to make is is that while it’s geared towards kids, I think those parents enjoy all those same things just as much. I love a good race, but I also love to watch a insane or a nice clean freestyle as well. Another thing to look at is those sports you compare to- NASCAR, Supercross, NHRA, etc, the big legit racing series- are falling off. I don’t think it’s any secret that Nascar is declining, and I think the only reason the NHRA has kinda climbed back up a little is because of the huge popularlity of Street Outlaws. I just think those legit motor sports don’t have the following anymore. I think MTs have all the makings of that- dramatic story lines(thrashes and such) and some amazing action, but I just don’t think it’s a big time legit racing only series anymore. Maybe one day, but I just don’t think it’s there right now.
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    Version v1


    "This truck number 8, built in 1992, its a copy of number 7, in St. Louis to give the fans a good show, jumped the last set of cars, did a wheelstand. I was running out of room, slammed on the brakes, and when I slammed on the brakes I broke the front wheel off." - Robert Parker fun fact, its not a copy of 7 😧 Credits: Blaise: Chassis, Body adjustments, Tire adjustments, Texture adjustments, Shock adjustments, 4link adjustments, NodeBeam, Axle adjustments, Sounds adjustments, MSD box Micah: All Paints, Help build the chassis John Dough: Original Tire models Fernando: Knuckle models, Tie rods models, Engine model, Radiator Model, SM Community: Any other items I may have not listed Versions include: Early 1 - Reminiscent of Digger 8 during the 90s, featuring silver headlight bezels, and a Jolly Roger flag Early 2 - Reminiscent of Digger 8 during the 90s, featuing black headlight bezels, and no flag Seattle1999 - Reminiscent of Digger 8 during Dennis Anderson's run in the King Dome Early2000s - Reminiscent of Digger 8 during the 2000-2001 season Retired - Reminiscent of Digger 8 parked in Diggers Dungeon Restored - Reminiscent of Digger 8 parked at Kings Dominion STANDALONE
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    I forgot that someone uploaded an Xbox one controller map on here. Download the "input.map" file and paste it into Documents/Rigs of Rods 0.4 (or just Rigs of Rods if you don't have another version installed)/config/ and replace the current input.map with that one.
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    Ryan is already retiring his second chassis, brand new CRD for him now
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    aaaand JUST when i wanted to tell you what a great job you've been doing on trucks... lol nice work man. That race stripe version looks sic. Looking forward to more
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    The vehicles and tracks folder should be in Documents/Rigs of Rods and they might not show up until you actually launch the game.
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    I suggest beveling out your ramps, they're super squared off. Also try and use some curves in the lines on the track texture. Lotta hard edges in there but it's coming along.
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    Do you think you have what it takes to be crowned the ROR champion ? This is the Monster Truck Champion Tour we will find out who the ROR champion is here! There will be 11 stops each stop will consist of Racing , Two Wheel Skill, Best Trick, and freestyle! At the end of the tour we will find the over all points leader. They will be crowned the 2019 ROR champion. Then we will add up all the points for two wheel skills and find the person with the most points in that competition and the top 5 people will go to the world finals to compete to see who is the best Two wheel skills competitor. Then we will do the same for best trick. Then everyone gets one last chance at a victory and will go to the world finals once again for the racing and freestyle championship. There is over 20 trucks to choose from so find the perfect truck for you that are listed in the discord chat. So do you think you have what it takes lets find out here is how to sign up. THERE IS STILL TIME TO SIGN UP THE TRUCKS LEFT TO PICK ARE BOUNTY HUNTER IRON OUTLAW BEARFOOT PHELPS EL TORO LOCO MARK GREAT CLIPS MONSTER ENERGY JUNK YARD DOG ROD RYAN SOLDIER FORTUNE HOOKED AND BRUTUS Discord name~ Then thats it plz get your sign up in as soon as possibe and we hope we will see you there.
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    Can you maybe post the discord link?
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    SIM MONSTERS NAME: Snake_Playz DISCORD NAME: Cuddle Team Leader #1526 Can I drive over bored?
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    digging it, i love getting to see people get creative with custom tracks that seem feasible in real life
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    Oh, wow. And if it's a custom I would remove the am pm containers because they don't have any stores in the northern New England area except for one way South in cape cod.
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    Everyone has seen it, but you can't beat it
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    Just when I thought I was done downloading various mods, here comes rockgod88 with four new Digger mods. It's going to be a long night.
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    I wish Feld would do away with that points series because they were doing just fine without it. We only need one Grave Digger at the world finals! Put Charlie in Monster Mutt, Morgan Kane in Alien Invasion, Brandon V. in Rottweiler, and Tyler Menniga in Blue Thunder. Why is that truck still competing in arenas? I would love to see Linsey drive it in the stadiums now that his contract with Lucas Oil has expired. Also, where is Gas Monkey Garage?
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    Sim Monsters name: Gronk88 Discord name: gronk123/Dillon Kearns #2323
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    You know youve been on the site for awhile if your rep is in the negatives 😂
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    Version 1.0.1


    Its a little early but: HAPPY HALLOWEEN Heres a fun new Avenger and something to hold everyone over until the other Avenger packs I've been a part of come out. I originally wanted to hold off on releasing this until Halloween night but I figured since there wasn't a lot of Halloween themed trucks on the site I'd put it up sooner for anyone possibly wanting to do a Halloween themed show on youtube or something...idk. Anyways its an open custom so use it for whatever you want! Hope you guys have fun with it! Credits: Credits - Fern (modified by me lol) Body - Harlow Paint and tire texture repaint - ME Shocks, Heavy modifcation to rims, Dual AirFilter, SwayBars, SponsorPlate, Fuel Cell Mounts/Straps/Connectors, & All Chassis Tags. - fernBern Tires - John Dough Chassis & Headers - Kozak Main Engine - Wambo Rims - Fern Everything Else - Wonderful content creators of this entire sites history, including RORCentral.com
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    Immersion is key and unnecessary details are my forte @stinger
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    Alrighty so normally I don't really post here, but I feel I need to share this for a good reason (sorry if you've already seen it). I need opinions on how to make Dragon's paint better. It's good, but I'm definetely looking to improve it. Thinking perhaps the dragon's skin texture needs the most help. Does anyone have good ways to improve it? I'm open to all suggestions, and will consider/try all of them! ******(side note: I only take credit for the paint)
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    New Yokomo prototype for the 4wd portion of the 2019 Ifmar 1/10 electric offroad world championship is about 98% carbon fiber:
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    These are an unfinished, work in progress project . Nothing here is exactly permanent and im doing my best. oh and NO THE BODIES ARENT gunna live on those chassis.
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    back at it with more finished projects retros are fun
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    2002 called; they want their Hot Wheels back.
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    Think about this for a second. You are so negative towards yourself, for no apparent reason. Would you say the things you say about yourself, to other people? My instinct tells me no. Your tracks and skills are progressing quickly, so perk up a little bit man. Just some food for thought.

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