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    Best thing I've ever made for this site
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    Started something I probably shouldnt have...Monster Jam's Version of Tough Trucks, The MINI MONSTERS!!
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    The Soul Taker custom Hearse
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    Version 1.0.0


    Jam Customs did part of the paint while I did the other part of the paint and put the truck together
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    Rebuilt my old Black Pearl from years ago so it wouldn't clash with the new Black Pearl replica Made some new improvements Now with twin engines
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    Version 1.0.0


    Oh my god it's my first upload to the site after 6 and a half years. Made this on a whim and I absolutely love the way it turned out. Me, Aaron Lurie - Paint Devin Doss - Prop Placement Kozak - Chassis Body - Andrew Sheets Tires - Andrew Sheets Rims - John Cavalini
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    Well here I am with another NAMT track (this week a little earlier in the night than last). Here's the Mercedes Benz Superdome! Hope you guys enjoy!
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    It's that time again. Here's NAMT Week 4 in St. Louis, MO. Hope you guys enjoy!
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    Created this in my free time. I am gonna wait a while to release, gonna fix some other things on the paint. (BTW this is cloned, sorry about my uncloned old files, thanks for the new tutorial ABGamerX)
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    Version 1.0.0


    Showtime's finally done! My truck for NAMT, SMRA and whatever other custom leagues come around. Have fun, and don't forget to turn the lights down and try driving around... she glows real nice Credits: Me- assembly, material file, digital display, SUR emblem, some props, paint Fern and Andrew- a good majority of the props used Johan- tires Everything else- Sim Monsters community Please remember that this is my personal custom and you may not run this for any leagues! Besides, you'd look pretty silly running a truck with my name on it!
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    never ask someone to release something, someone could take it the wrong way and could make them feel rushed, i know thats not what you mean. when the person is ready they will release it.
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    you really had me going until you put it on a Chevy body. smh. and at this point, i would probably leave Dmilli out of the Blue Thunder picture. No disrespect to him, but it wasnt his truck. If that were the case, we would have to put Tony on there too. Let the truck name, belong to the truck. My 2 cents.
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