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    ok I didn't make moving violation but uh 2 pac out
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    more trucks should use stock fonts for logos
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    Not all Christmas presents come wrapped and under the tree in the morning. Merry Christmas Sim-Monsters!
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    Pretty busy lately, haven't been able to paint much. Credit to Roach for the original paint he did way back in the day like 2012 or something.
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    Thanks a lot to Andrew for helping me out. Happy New Year!!
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    I made another! Done for now I'll be adjusting a few ramps before release, just really pleased how this one visually came out. Be on the lookout for the ChrisB WRA Track Pack, coming early in the new year!
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    WRA Birmingham = done WRA Gaithersburg = done These will be released once I can get the time to convert 8 terrain files yes that's right I still use .39 for all my single player messing around cuz all my sh!ts on it I should still be making one more, and that is either gonna be _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ or somewhere else if I can't fix this one little issue I'm having with it.
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    Next pack currently pending approval! A much improved version of my previous one, which was just a body swap and clone. Redone this truck a few times, really trying to make this my best work yet. Hope to improve more this year!
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    Welp, had this on the back burner for quite some time, Merry Christmas!
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    Lots of amazing stuff in this thread from everyone! I've been working a lot on my electric stage 4 trucks. After making the radical Le Mans/Dakar rally-style Straker body, the other two looked like dinosaurs. I ended up making new Ford and Praxis bodies as well that are more sleek and aggressive looking. The bodies will all extend to the bottom of the chassis, which would keep a lot of debris out of the electronics, and the cabins will be airtight. Basically they are monster cross-country rally vehicles now. The Ford will have a unique door setup -- a door and an opening panel next to it. The cabin door opens upwards, and the panel opens downwards, which will be a set of steps. So if you were entering the truck, you would walk up the steps, then step to the left and enter the cabin through the door opening. You can see the outlines of the doors in the Ford in the last photo. Everything other than the bodies in these models are placeholder parts.
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    Hey everyone whats up. This is Joe Sylvester. I have no idea what I am doing on here haha. I have downloaded Rigs of Rods and Beam. Have been playing around on beam a bit but just downloaded Rigs. How do I download real tracks and trucks? (preferably my truck haha)
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    Will most likely be releasing this in an update to the KIW Racing pack along with Super Sonic, Gear Head, and others. (Will be getting rid of all the red bits for a more ??favorable?? color and will lose the flag..dont want it.)
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    Tires are on backwards and should be sirs. Entirely wrong chassis, it should be Heavy Hitters. Paint on body and tires are far from accurate. Please take time to look at the actual truck instead of throwing stuff together.
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    Neo Queretaro has been taken over by monster trucks!
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    Whatever you may celebrate, we here at Sim-Monsters wish you happy holidays! It's been a great year for content creation and league participation, let's keep it going for 2019! <3
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    I know its simple, but its a re make of my first track, I figured id give it a try! Merry Christmas Everyone!
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    swoosh I think I've lost my mind... realism's boring anyways
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    Thanks everyone! Got it figured out the other night and was on until 3am with a couple dudes Freestyling! Think I found a new addiction!
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    suki I started this a couple weeks ago and I'm getting back to it now. The current four-wheeler guy is most likely just a placeholder as I am trying to paint over it. Big thanks to rockgod88 for the PEI truck and Dank Sinatra for the body from Wrenchead.