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    I think these are worthy of a new SYP thread! World Finals 18 Freestyle is officially done modelling wise! Release is only a few days away... And in case you were wondering, there's two versions of the track. Part 1 with everything still pretty fresh, and Part 2 with 3 different grip setting throughout the track to simulate the track getting wet from drivers going through the pond. The bottom 2 pics are part 2
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    Big Crush, this signifies truck 5 of 7(Maybe 8?) done, Just need the 2(maybe 3?) Non-predator kitties.
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    B i g V r o o m credit to @SealedGecko for the lit tires, Just need to finish Prowler and Pouncer and make a Driver suit, then final touch-ups and she's ready to battle
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    Flames were never really my thing, so I wanted to try to improve them a bit by redoing an old favorite I made in 2013 as well as just do the rest of the Bad Habits that have ran throughout the years. Still need to do the Dodge version which shouldn't be too much longer. Computer decided it doesn't want to work too well anymore, so I'll be upgrading to a new system to hopefully not only play games better, but actually get some projects done and exported. But for now, I can still paint some trucks. Also, if anyone wants to tackle any of my previous paints that haven't been released yet, feel free to message me. 2006 Bad Habit still needs some hood work lining everything up but most of it is there.
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    "Can he keep it on all 4 wheels? No." I have random old quotes associated with these trucks. Shoutout to those that know this quote
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    Everyone is entitled to their opinions but I find it entirely unfair to base judgement on somebody you "watch" on a regular basis but only get to meet in person for a brief moment for a picture and autograph. Sure some personalities will not jive with everyone but FFS some of you act like they murdered your family pet in front of everyone at the pit party 🙄
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    Version 1.0.0


    World Finals 18 Freestyle! Is it perfect... not at all. Is it damn good... hell yeah! Worked hard on this over the past month to get this old project of mine completed, and here she is! Keep in mind that this is a high quality track, so if your computer is known for running things below say 30 FPS, you're gonna have a bad time. There is no low quality version because I simply didn't feel it was necessary. Feel free to resize textures on your own if you are having troubles running it. But this is way more optimized for performance that the crappy racing course in terms of vertices and texture sizing. Two Versions: Part 1 (after about 10 trucks have went) and Part 2 (muddy mess!) Now the credits! Rockcrawler (Klayton) - the cars, the bus, the original stadium model, dirt textures, various little textures Maxdman- props like bulldozers and hybrid obstacles, some textures, a lot of inspiration in terms of baking and decreasing amounts of verts Me- the track itself (like the ramps), putting it all together, material and odef files Google Images- mini photos and various logos Chazzymp (Mason)- the exterior posters and some entertaining snaps to looks at when I got bored Rigs of Rods dev team- help with some code things Monster Jam's Youtube Channel- The "fathers day rewind" that gave me all my reference shots Mcdonalds- Food for when I was hungry Instagram- a constant distraction Don't roll in the turn
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    "We're getting paid for this, right?" - Tyrese Gibson from the critically acclaimed smash-hit blockbuster "Fast and Furious 6". With this bit of humor, Tyrese went on to win 2293 Academy Awards, launch himself into early retirement, and officially purchase the forgotten country of Madagascar. Well done, Tyrese, well done...
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    Version 1.0.0


    Pleased with how this pack turned out! No its not perfect. Massive thanks to Starr Creations for permission to use their Black Pearl wrap! Make sure to check them out: https://www.instagram.com/starr_creationsllc/ Also thanks to @ChaoticMayhem for sending it over! Made for 0.4! Blender work, Over Bored & Rod Ryan paints - Me Black Pearl Paint - Starr Creations MSD Box - rockgod88 Rear Steer Motor - dd908 Chassis - Outlawed Fuel Cell, Fans/Radiators, Fire Extinguisher, Magnaflow Collectors, 540 Merlin - fernBurn BKT's, 540 Merlin, Fuel Cell, Fans/Radiators, Body - Andrew Sheets RII Box, RII Lights - DanDon Gauges, ISP Seat - Steele Shifter, Power & Fuel Switches - crazyman444 Transmission, Battery - RockCrwlr If I missed anyone, message me and I will add you! ENJOY!
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    Version 1.0.0


    AwesomeKong13's Introvert truck Credit: @Outlawed - Chassis @Andrew - Tires @fernBurn/@AwesomeKong13 - Props I did the buudy and the paint
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    I understand this side completely, I haven't experienced first hand the amount of stress and work they put in during the week, but I've chatted about it with crews. While I understand emotions can get the best of people, this is also part of the job and I would expect everyone to do their job and do it well. Like every other job involving customer communication, it's expected that the customer is respected and treated well, right? Why should FELD allow their employee to disrespect paying fans.
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    Damon is not and has never been the PC child friendly MJ driver. He was a racer and I think that rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way. Take a trip though any real Motorsport garage where big money is at stake and Damon would seem like an angel. Every series that has competition for million dollar contracts, sponsors, media trying to make a story, all while trying to beat other rival teams with the same expectations as yours results in super competitive personalities. Probably had good reason to trash talk Dennis' racing ability. Once he got out of his ancient PEI he and adam were the two fastest almost every weekend on every type of track. Racers are a different breed, those who do it on talent rather than daddy's money/achievements are usually super competitive and care about only one thing and thats winning. Everything else isn't their problem, their job is to win. Not saying their are not nice racers out there, but the number that have been rude, said bad things about other competitors, and a slew of other 'naughty' things far out number the nice ones.
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    Yes, after all he is just a television personality they put in a truck to build exposure. Similar to what they did to get Madusa in the early 2000s. I personally dislike them both. Diesel Dave (the diesel brother one) seems to be okay though. And I’m just going to defend my boy Damon real quick. In my opinion, he was one of the most real, down to earth, and humble drivers out there. I had actual conversations with a couple of times and he was probably the most interesting and friendly guys in the industry. Just cuz he wasn’t a Bryce Kenny in terms of enthusiasm doesn’t mean he was a douche. Or maybe you just had a bad experience with him, which is actually totally understandable. Like, and I know most will disagree with me, but based on multiple experiences I’ve had with Todd Leduc, I’ve really started dislike him due to his cöckyness and egocentricity. I’ve only met him in real life twice, but both times I just got a bad vibe from him.
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    Getting so so close now. Credit to @xyrose for the paints EDIT: I darken the paint on the left to closer match what it looked like in the desired year, so that's been changed since this picture.
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    Everyone is a human and makes mistakes, gets annoyed, isn't in great moods or what ever it is. Being on such a strict schedule, meeting literally thousands of people every event day, you can't give 110% and be a saint to everyone, it's just not possible. Some make it seem that way on tv or in interviews, but personalities are also different. Some just have more energy and enthusiasm than others. I'm sure not all drivers love pit parties and autograph lines. Sucks to hear it and think about it since we all are fans and love the industry, but they have EXTREMELY long days and nights, both fly in drivers and especially those who own and work on their own stuff.
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    This is what happens when they give out participation trophies. Everyone gets too soft.
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    @c0nman or people can just choose to ignore the post, that is why it is a "request"
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    A new temporary look for Over Bored, IMO I really like it for it being a local sponsor.
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    Wanted a bit of a challenge in a new truck i have never done before ever, and thus Krazy Train was born! After seeing the truck run in person i knew i wanted to make it. big thanks to the people who helped made this possible Blaise: Headlights and Horn William Fancy son: Mini Matthew Tyrrell: Testing And everyone else who had a hand in making pieces on this truck! To honk the horn make sure your sounds are on and press H To turn the headlights on its N
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    This community baptizes people by fire, its an age old tradition, we cant stop now. Ah the newbie days of asking RKM for his private mtm2 Captains Curse. I bet he'd still chew me out for asking for it to this day then promptly log off (Or as I assume block me) to wallow in my shame. 🤣 Just to keep on topic, this isnt 2005, no cars at a monster jam event is a non issue. The tracks havent relied on cars for a number of years now. And turning boxes arent anything new, and quite cheaper and easier to move than a car.
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    Will anyone ever convert this track to version 0.37.126?
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    When the league is dead and you sign up
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    Version 0002


    This is the second truck/track beta preview of the POWERTRAX electric monster truck series. It includes two tracks, and three trucks with road tires -- one from each brand. The tracks are compatible with versions 0.37-0.39.7, although the trucks are compatible with newer versions as well. In the future, the entire series will work with 0.37 and up. I consider these to be Stage 3.5 racing trucks (with an all-new type of futuristic MT, Stage 4, on the drawing board). The handling and speed of these trucks are not entirely realistic by today's electric monster (BIGFOOT 20, which is underpowered and heavy), but rather are balanced between what the future could hold if monster trucks had Formula 1/WEC team budgets to explore new technologies and materials, and simply being fun and challenging to drive from a gaming perspective. They are (purposely) difficult to drive, and although each brand is somewhat different in terms of handling characteristics, it is entirely possible for each to achieve near-identical results using any of them. Results will depend on your driving style. Remember, sometimes slower is faster. The two tracks included are rounds 02 & 05 -- 02 is all concrete, while 05 is a mixture of asphalt and mud. Because round 05 is a combination of different surfaces, either dirt/mud or road tires can be used (the first preview pack includes three trucks with dirt/mud tires); it really depends on which portion of the track you feel most confident on. The start/finish posts have "lights" on the top -- green is for start while red is for finish (see photos below). Round 02: Round 05: As for rules of racing (that I like to use), the lines and posts are there for a reason. At least two tires must remain within the racing lines at all times, providing the truck doesn't benefit in lap time, e.g. two tires over lines to cut a corner is not acceptable, while two tires leaving an outside line or coming off a jump is. All four tires must hit the jumps. Some notes: Because this series was not originally intended to be released, each track only has a single lane for single truck runs. There are no motor sounds as of yet & there might be minor texture/alignment issues with trucks/tracks All of the textures were made to be used in Caelum sky mode, and although Sandstorm will work, it might not look pleasing to the eye. Each brand (and truck) have different handling characteristics, these three trucks best represent each brand. Instructions for use: Extract the ZIPs from the main one (POWERTRAX Beta 0002 - 2017-01-28.zip). I advise keeping them in the ZIPs. If you decide to extract them to a folder, DO NOT put everything in one folder as certain files might be overwritten! Place them where you would put your normal trucks and tracks, or make a POWERTRAX folder. It's up to you. Go racing! Credits: Helen Weales -- everything except for the following (all of which were modified): Straker shocks & (parts of) the frame - Outlawed Seats - Crazyman444 Driver bodies - Racing Sim Developers Group Apologies if I left anyone out, I started this project three years ago! I hope everyone enjoys this preview, and I would love to hear your thoughts! -HW