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    So this happened today.....
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    Just a small tease for now...
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    Keepin the ball rolling with the early 2000's stuff ' I don't think I can call the last pic a 53 Corvette though
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    "Father?" "Yes my Son?" so the Kraken is on its way back to @Steele for some more work, look out for more updates soon!
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    Two can play at that game. Yours looks great though.
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    Bigfoot 4x4x4 Time.......
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    Oh you thought I made that RV for no reason?
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    Not bad for picking up blender after months and beginning this a little over 48 hours ago
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    More Grave Digger.... 1987: 1988: 1989: I hadn't originally planned on it, but I might give it a try.
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    So way back in 2015 I painted a truck for rFactor: Then I turned it into a truck in 2018: To which I never finished and procrastinated for another 2 years... Until: @Wambo did an excellent job on the headers. @fernBurn made the window netting and original body that really only remains in the hood, as I remodeled the back half and edited the hood. @Double.D ッ gave me most of these beautiful photos of the truck as well. So after nearly 5 years of sitting on this design, I'll finally have a new custom truck to use, Speed Energy, which will be making its debut in the All Star Challenge.
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    Trying my hand in Blender again... Some of the textures are not quite right yet, but it's getting there
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    Put this thing together a couple of months ago and decided to try to be a little more unique with the mercury body and modifying it
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    Credit to @AaronLurie and @Double.D ッ for the logos and some models.
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    For one low price of 617 verticies you can get this 30 ft 1994 Winnebago Brave with only 570 faces driven! With the higher detail cars and other vehicles I thought we needed a better RV model. Then I found myself deciding which carpet went best with the tile and what fabric swatches to use with the seat leather
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    Paint by @CMDeerfoot Truck for @Sonar118
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    The Day of Reckoning nears. Soon my brothers. Big shoutout to @Wambo for all the time and work he's put into this thing.
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    I'm trying guys EDIT Holy Sht this is the best SYP page we've had in a while
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    Oh hey, it's a thing! TBH I'm over the moon at how well this is coming out but I'm gonna need some serious help pretty soon with exporting and the node/beam. Any help or advice is appreciated as I'm very rusty and the last time I did anything serious in RoR was... (intense thinking montage) back when the V4 pack was new... (now I feel old as fuuuuuuhhhh)
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    Probably my best paint to date for ROR. Will be hopefully done soonish.
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    @AaronLurie Tomato, tomato? Will be up in the scrapyard section later for anyone who wants to use it. These are in-game screenshots (.37, I'm old school with an old computer) to make sure all the textures worked properly and see what it all looked like out of blender. There are 3 sky boxes, and two mountain textures to use for a day, sunset, and night time feel. All are included in the same .blend file. Just drag over the sky box and mountain texture you want to use and delete or keep the light flare from the stadium lighting. Scaling might be a tad off so re-adjustment might be necessary I usually eyeball scale based off the track but didn't make one in this blend.
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    Hello. I'm learning the basics again.
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    Might as well show this off, kinda inspired by Monster Jam's Vancouver show in 2008 (where it was a stadium show with concrete), I decided to put together a custom concrete Syracuse track, while also messing around with the new testmobile vehicle packs. When I release this track I will also include some png's of these vehicles in a multitude of colors for other people to use as well. (Still gotta mess around with some collision meshes and a few material errors and of course freestyle)
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    Huge shoutout to @stimson122 for making this beast come to life..
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    Credit to @Wave for Corrupted Ego and Tidal Wave paint, @Jam Customs paint for Desert Thunder. Trucks are still a wip
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    So I'm revisiting an oooollldddddddd track idea I had in like 2015/16. It's not finished yet but... Old idea, new look, new name: SPINMASTER SHOWDOWN! A 2 level track where you start above (wf20 inspiration) drop down the track and hit a hard hair-pin. Next challenge is a stoppie, to the line, moonwalk back onto the jump and take off to the next hair-pin. From there you go nice long straight away, then, over a small hill into a j-hook (vegas inspiration) down an insane drop right into a ramp. With enough speed, you hope to either land on or clear the bus stacks. Then top speed into another j-hook in a heated last stand to the finish line over the double! And this is just racing!! (Yes I put a moonwalk challenge in a race, I wanted another, more....challenging....aspect to add to the racing)
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    I modeled a Suzuki and did some changes to the Cali Kid chassis to make it fit. Let's see how this works out...
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    im trying to release at least one track a week during quarantine wish me luck
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    Trying some more stuff... Figured out that making a stadium is pretty hard so i gave up on Houston... 😛
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    Pack update, quite a bit of new stuff, bunch of revisions, etc
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    If anyone knows how the texture bump works on Rigs Of Rods please contact me.
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    I made this P.O.S in 2016 and I've realized that looking through my old files of all the trucks i have made this one isn't as much of an eyesore. A lot of work to be done. I have no idea why i chose a mustang body, chevy ftw.
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    Huge shoutout to maxdman for providing such high quality models for the community to use!
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    oh wow this is actually decent. had a tough time choosing between this paint and the one P3ForLife customs made
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    Hello Everyone! This is my first ever build and paint. I spent a lot of time Hand Brushing this piece. It is near being done! I still have a lot of things to add. Please hold judgement to a minimum as I had to work around the v4 Cali Kid. Many things are being fixed such as 4 Links Etc. This will be getting released soon and I am excited to say this won't be the only thing. Thanks! Introducing the Arizona Kid! (ZONA KID) W.I.P Read Above For Concerns/Info
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    I tried adding the small things
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    Nice to see some content that's not just 14 year old tryhards on Discord trying to "flex" because they have Dragonoid
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    this upload you have given the community is 💯 @maxdman
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