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    Las Vegas, Nevada Racing's almost done! Just a few more re-exports and then gotta whip up freestyle! Yayayayathistotallywontkillurgame
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    Finally after numerous reexports, a complete redo of the obstacles paint, and some toolkit issues, racing is complete! Time to grind to get freestyle out. How much I get paid if I get it done in a week?
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    Well, with seeing how many truck are in the works, and us wanting to bring this sites quality to a new level, Andrew Sheets and i have been hard at work putting together this brand new 540 Merlin Engine together for everyone to use! Behold: We have played around with texture sizes a lot and are proud to say that this engine is very user friendly! However, your export times will be increased greatly due to the amount of detail put into the project, but im pretty sure we can agree that it will be worth it. During the testing, we found that there was only about 10 to 15 fps drop (fps may vary upon users computer) and export times for the engine alone, vary between 10 - 15 minutes. (we recommend exporting the engine on a separate line from your propped chassis, in case of causing lag for some users. They will be able to semi-colon the line, thus rendering your truck still playable, just without an engine.) Once we release it, the file will contain a blend of the engine, the textures/spec maps, as well as an already exported mesh of the engine itself. In case of users not wanting to wait the prolonged export time, they can throw the engine onto any chassis they like by simply adding a new prop line to the truck file. (we also recommend to bring the engine into Blender and fitting it appropriately to your chassis/engine mounts, to ensure correct fitment once in-game. We have it all loaded up and ready to be shipped out. Sheets and i are super stoked to release this for you guys ! Coming to a Sim-Monsters near you! and maybe just a couple more things too
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    The stage is set for the Winter Racing Association's World Finals 3. This is the best World Finals track I have ever made, and quite possibly, the best custom World Finals to come to the site. I would also say this is some of my best work, even after taking quite a long break. I started with ideas from the Jersey style race course, but amped them up a bit from their regular size. Freestyle turned into a test bed for some things I have used before, in an attempt to see how they work all together, and I think there is a nice mix of space and controlled chaos. This will be released following the event, as competitors will be given the track at set times before each competition. Racing Freestyle
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    Its Christmas time again and you know what that means, like last year, its a big pack but not digger this time, wanted to go back in time and do some replicustom bigfoots from the 90's and early 2000's. (99' long jump bigfoot paint credit to @leggster First show that ive ever seen in TV, i had a flu and since my dads knew i liked cars a lot they putted speed in tv for like 3 hours and we were all watching what was in there, monster jam came in and i was blown away on how big and fast the trucks were so thats when my passion started. Nostalgia in here Little detail Should be up soon edit: st louis has been pending approval all day, can someone approve it please?
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    Nothing of this could happened if it werent for one truck and one guy, right? Some pieces are placeholders for now, far from done, i want to nail this. For now its just a side-project that ill work on while time passes. I'm planning on making all the versions of this truck. First weeks of work on it so far.
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    i aint no but ... danny boy too (its a figure 8 but this one wont suck like figure gr8 trust me)
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    One last thing to show before 2017 ends, back in febraury when i repainted those trophy truck bigfoots i really wanted to make this truck but i didnt know how to use blender, now that i know how to, of course ill give it a shot. just like the others, not an specific replica.
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    @Double.D ッ has once again painted a stunning new scheme for my Monster Energy Pro 4 truck. You may see this on the track one day. Props will be updated eventually.
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    (Sorry for long post, Have A bit of stuff to show/say) Ok so recently I've been pretty unhappy with some paints of done(I.e: Bad Company, Hot Wheels,etc) So I have been attempting on revamping the paint with the help of friends building the truck and all that good shiz. Here was the old firestorm: And heres the updated one(s): Ive also made some attempts on upcoming trucks Thanks to Jam_Customs_Offical for the logoand @nks1996 told me to do this But as fun as making paints are so far, I'd really like to expand out more and learn to put together trucks, If anyone would like to give me tips or hell even let me watch you put together a truck, Id appreciate it a bunch. Long post Over.
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    Been keeping this underwraps has working leafs, dash, headlights, 4-links, only thing not is shocks, maybe though :\ also paint probably will change
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    Blender died so I'm borrowing my friend's computer for content making for a while. Scrapping some older projects and focusing on the ones I've been dead set on for a while. Finals are rapidly approaching so don't expect much more from me, but this is what I managed to accomplish halfway through my 3 day weekend.
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    Guess the truck? Stay tuned? All we know for sure at the moment, is that this will be a game changer in the world of detail. It may even give you that new found 'horse power' you've been searching for. This project will exhaust our collected efforts, between Andrew Sheets and I.
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    Truck all the way from Sweden making its way onto Sim-Monsters! Pending approval
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    So I made a custom paint for rFactor a few years ago: I felt like making a truck today, so I'm repainting and making a new version: More work to come, nice getting to make something again. Some stuff is from @rockgod88 's Chuck Werner El Toro Loco 2016, some stuff is older, and obviously the body and window netting is from @fernBurn. Didn't even expect to put this on a Wilman, but it fits perfectly. Also made my first pair of headers, like how they came out. And by the way, it seems that the Jeep hood nearly fits perfectly on the Max-D body.
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    Rebuilt my old Taurus trucks. Just need some help putting the double coils overs on at least one of them . I all so tried a custom Monster Patrol
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    Got Black Stallion 2000 in game, Also repainted the Tires for the WF6 version.
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    Too much 80's? First exports of the truck so far, still a lot left to do but i'm proud on how its coming along so far. too blurry m8?
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    shes finished. should be up tonight or tomorrow.
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    Something new coming to sim monsters. Still tons of work to be done.
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    Took me a while but i finally got the double coil overs lined out
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    so after a long hiatus (sort of ) ive finally got around to getting a track done thanks to @Chris 🅱️ for painting the track, texturing the floor and ramps and exporting TRACK LAYOUT: RACING: AND HERES FREESTYLE (THERE WILL BE TWO PARTS P1 SLIGHTLY CRUSHED OBSTACLES PT 2 CRUSHED DOWN OBSTACLES) HOPE TO HAVE IT UP BY TONIGHT
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    Hmm, well this little track is coming along quite nicely. Still got some ways to go.
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    WRA wf truck if i qualify in rip. I didnt had any design in mind but when i was layed in bed around 2 am some days ago this concept/design came to my head.
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    k.. someone cant take a joke, anyways Soon
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    The Black Pearl! New truck just been announced by the Over Bored team. Will be driven by Cole Venard! Saw this truck and instantly had to get it on ROR. Just done quickly
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    While we're on the subject... My first cloning, as well, so here's hoping it works.
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    With all these cool projects being worked on i thought i would finally finish this for @Chazzymp. As always @Chazzymp did a killer job at panting the truck.
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    I got into the mood to make a truck so I said screw it and made something I haven't seen before. Made the wing, gonna make a parachute later. Logo is 100% hand-painted.
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    Just messing around with some concept trucks
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    Kinda keeping the theme with the classic diggers (bc gravedigger) This has 2 versions, one Painted roof, one with only Green BTTB at the very edge. Also not specifically any year, just generalized around 2006-2008
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    So first off ill say all my posts will be replies to this thread from now on so i dont clog up the forum lol. This will be weekly as well so look for them every Monday-Tuesday depending on when I can do it. So I'll start off with my first 2 weeks down in DeLand Florida at the Razin Kane shop. We're building a brand new Amaile Oil Xtermigator truck, and the former Xtermigator got several frame updates and changes to be ready to become Monster Mutt Rottweiler during first quarter. These trucks have fought so hard to go back together. Its just seemed like one thing after another, getting stuck on waiting for parts to show up and other things just not wanting to fit right no matter what. The first week was basic stuff, putting housings and drive lines into the trucks but still didnt have axle parts or the motor and trans for Rott, and same for the Gator, so we got alot of other small stuff like running lines and mounted seats and a few various pumps. Finally over the weekend we got the motor for Rott, and was able to get the motor and trans in.. Finally felt like progress. Then this week, we got our corner/Axle parts, which dont quite want to go together either but after a little fighting we got 2 out of 4 corners completely done and the other 2 were most of the way there.. when we realized that the tie bars and steering rams dont fit, because the knuckles didnt extend out far enough so the bars hit the back of the housing on both the front and back of Rott, so they had to come all back apart to get the housings fixed. Lots of other little problems, which was a bummer seeing as how the trucks were so close at one point before having to undo alot. When we left, Xtermigator just needed shocks, wiring and some other various small things, and Rottweiler needed wiring and all the axle parts. I'm home now, but I think we're going back later this week to help finish up and get ready for our first shows in Nashville, Tn. This week they should be able to get close, I think they got the housings fixed yesterday on Rott and the trucks are getting wired this week as well so hopefully soon they will be ready for the Rottweiler and Razin Kane should be ready for the Megalodon body! it was a awesome experience and I cant wait for first quarter. Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed, I'm not sure how well written this was its my first blog lol but I think I'll get better. Thanks everyone and Merry Christmas! Feel free to hit me up in this forum with questions or feedback too
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    Another fun project that @Chazzymp and myself are finishing up its not quite done yet.
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    A little busy with stuff at the moment, but waiting on groups approval before releasing some stuff. Also took these shots before anaheim, I just forgot to post them before I left.
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    Version 1.0.0


    THOR, from Sweden! This truck was originally the second Blown Thunder that my father, me and some friends built a while back. Still going strong today in Sweden, so thought I would get it onto ROR. I take NO credit for making the original truck, all credit for that goes to rockgod. Cloning and Paint - Me Enjoy!
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    so ive had this under wraps for a while but wanted to post something so here it isEver since my good friend Josh Gibson left team Bigfoot i wanted to do one of the trucks he drove so after i saw @rockgod88 had an updated retrofoot body i decided to make hey truck i saw Gibson compete in for the first time so heres my 2015 40th anniversary retrofoot as it stands so far hope to get this project further along soon feedback is appreciated
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    Another Truck that's been on my list for while. Doing some shock testing on it, Props soon to come
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    Mainly they have turned into groups of friends with unreleased content making videos of a "funrun", calling it a preview, and still not releasing anything.
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    I got bored, so I decided to make a custom Reno track : I'm too lazy to make both a racing and freestyle version, so I'll just keep it like this
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