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    well, its almost spooki day, and well... finished this junk
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    did I post this? I don't remember life is a blur
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    Been working hard these past few weeks to get these trucks close to done, I really enjoyed working on these, a few more versions to come! *Started to add Qualifying versions!*
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    Updated Grave Digger 5 paint since I thought the old one didn't do the truck justice. This will be used in @rockgod88's Grave Digger 5 pack when it's released.
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    remake of @Lonewolf572's Sinister truck (old paint IK need to update it) #Spooky
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    More projects. First real attempt at putting together a chassis from scratch with Overkill, pleased with how it turned out. Still work to do but been fun working on these so far.
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    SUPER DUPER... im in a fat rut and am having some sort of writers block or whatever when it comes to trucks but this is my most recent...yes i know theres warping in the back, i dont really know how to help that
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    I assure you, it is not your map, nor does it use any of the resources or assets from it!
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    yeah boiiiiii finished this up last night (thanks @Lonewolf572 for the updated paint!!)
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    you really need to start listening to peoples constructive criticism. il second what Frosting said. needs ALOT of work
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    I've seen countless nonsense reports simply because someone does not like another member of the site, this is not a valid report and anymore are going to result in warnings and further penalties if it continues.
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    just put it in ur packs folder then the stadium should be a bit behind you, the spawn on it is weird
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    Bill is going completely off the wall with the new Rockstar 3 build
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    hello if you ever wanna play my discord is gronk123#2323 I cant teach u how to do tricks and moves
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    Some custom King Krunch leafers for the new leafer packs
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    Version 1.0.0


    i know my last track sucked but i made this one better, i like how this turned out, i know its not the best track but its ok and fun to drive on i know the spawn is really weird but idk how to change the spawn point but if i find a way i will update it, also if i find a way to raise the terrain out of the ground i will update it so its nighttime credits paint- me stadium- monsterjamcod0329 props-rockcrawler for the vehicles if i missed anyone please tell me
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    I have 0.4 and when I load a truck, it is invisible and has no sound. What do I do?
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    Here's some more progress on Grave Digger #1. I've updated some of the props (shocks, traction bars, etc), and added a new engine model... I'd like to get some opinions about whether or not this truck should have rear steering, though. To be a true replica, this truck shouldn't have rear steering (since the actual truck didn't), however that may generate an unfair disadvantage for anyone that chooses to use this truck for online competition.