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    2002 called; they want their Hot Wheels back.
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    Here's a new custom with a flat landscape style that I've wanted to do for a while, and also a new body that comes with it
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    More progress on this bad boy. Next thing to do is hook up the drive line. big tires still on their way! Shooting for this to be my best and most accurate truck to date! (a lot of new props coming soon after the release of this truck!)
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    Still work to be done 😎 Thanks for the body Fern
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    If enough people want this I'll release it but if theres not much of a want for it ill keep it private: MY AVENGER ICE! COMPLETE WITH SPARKLES. And yes before you say anything, I switched out the chassis with a Spec-tacular...and shine-tacular...one.
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    Show Your *Finished* Projects Chapter 65
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    Aloha done, pending. Also made a new Showtime while I was bored one night. But yeah this is my last project for a little bit, I'm a college boy now. Peace out Sim Monsters cya soon
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    Anybody able to guess who these housing belong to? Showed up at my door step with no note 🤷‍♂️
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    Attempting to crash course my way in actually using Blender 2.79 since 2.49 looks a little washed out, plus it's a little out dated. If there's any tips and tricks for the new Blender that you can suggest, please let me know as I find it very confusing and I still have issues with exporting. Either way, there's a paint.
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    Dont Wanna show too much but Im really excited for this pack to come out when its finished. Its been really fun!
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    I have been building the body for Big Kahuna for the past few days, and I think it's almost finished. I'll probably have to make it thinner.
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    Believe it or not, YouTube is taking most of the eyes that were once attracted to the site. You see leagues, truck unveilings/teasers, music videos, etc.. Maybe open up a thread for videos or reach out to those that only post content on YT to "partner" up with Sim Monsters? Such as promoting the site on their videos, having their videos on the site, or something to that affect. A lot of trucks and tracks are found on YT channels but never make their way to the Downloads section for one reason or another. Is it possible to ask the YT channel to upload their content onto the site as a means of promoting their channel? Tutorials are lacking and i have been meaning to make some clear cut videos. If anyone can help me snag a good screen recorder (bc Bandicam is trash lol) that would be appreciated. just spit balling ideas here, so if you need calrification. lmk As far as what i want to see from the site, I would have to say that progression and unity are the biggest things. More creators. More diverse content.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This has been underworks for a couple of weeks now. Shout out to @xyrose and @ESSKEETIT for making this possible! Credits: Hood, roof, and tailgate decals: @xyrose Hot Wheels rim covers: @ESSKEETIT Original base truck used: @rockgod88 Sidepanel paint: Me
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    Hello everyone! Sim-Monsters is entering into it's 9th year in operation next month and for what started as a very small group of people, it's been incredible seeing the growth the site has had, and seeing it still running today. I've been watching the forums lately and there's been an obvious drop-off in posting and discussion on the forum overall, which is fine, but I notice there's a lot of people who still visit the site regularly, and sometimes even daily who never post (such as myself) and I've been trying to think about what to do to get those users active again as well as give the newcomers more discussion when they make an account. I wanted to open up this topic to see what people thought on the matter and ask for any ideas people have as to how to spark more conversations on the forum that pertain to either the industry or the game. An Idea I had was to make weekly themed discussion topics to try to spark conversations up more frequently on topics such as "What are you expecting from the All-Star Challenge?" or "What was the most memorable show you've been to?" or "What got you started in Rigs of Rods?" In my mind these seem like they could interest both newcomers, as well as long-time members who still read the site but may not post much anymore, but if you disagree let me know what you think could help. Overall, I'm curious what people want to get out of Sim-Monsters, if they have any ideas on how we could breathe some life back into the forums, and if people really care about the forums or if they're really just here for the downloads at this point. Thank you!
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    lets talk about the real truck we have been waiting for
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    should be pretty obvious.
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    Used to have a small obsession with Custom Grave Diggers, these are 5 packs that i made back in 2017 and i am releasing now because i need to free some disk space. The packs are: Custom 35th Anniversary Grave Digger Pack (11 Repainted trucks using Blaise's GD31 as a base) Custom 35th Anniversary Grave Digger Pack Breakable (11 Repainted trucks using Blaise's Breakable GD20 as a base) Grave Digger Red Pickup 2017 Update (Basically the one i made in July 2017 but with fixed missing textures and new props, also a few visual differences on the body mainly) Grave Digger Red Pickup 2017 RoRFS Season 5 Grave Digger The Legend World Finals 18 Encore Credits: Me Pablo Blaise Fern Andrew Kozak Klayton Harlow Many other people from SM Also, these are trucks made about 2 years ago so please don't compare these to my current projects.
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    I've always wanted to stream or make episodes of how I make a track start to finish to give the community another tutorial and hopefully inspire others. Time and hardware limitations always prevented me. I've recently switches systems so I've been wanting to go back to my old computer with literally everything RoR related and clean it out to make it more possible to screen record while in Blender/stream content creation. I do agree that there has been a significant decrease of content put out and overall activity on the site. Could blame other social media to get information on the industry, or just a large portion of the fan base growing older and moving on/not having time to create and post. I 100% fall into that group, but still enjoy creating and pumping things out, I just simply don't have the time like I used to.
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    These have been finished for a while now, I just never made a post about them. Here are the new and improved modern hoodflames! (Pics for comparison)
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    I'm not sure if this will make a difference or not, but there are 2 things that I make sure of when I record with Bandicam. First off, I make sure I don't record in full screen mode, and I make sure I'm using the Direct3D rendering system (you can change these settings in the ROR configuration file, or if you're using 4.8, then it's in the game settings when you launch the game). Here are the settings I use: Secondly, in Bandicam's settings, I record using the game recording mode option (just click the icon that looks like a controller). If that doesn't work, then I'm out of ideas
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    Awsome. Wish they wanted me back instead. 😔
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    this looks extremely unorganized... there's already 5 pages on this thread and the event itself hasn't even happened yet usually when people do fun runs here, the threads aren't this long this is where discord is very useful also isn't 0.4.8 extremely buggy or something?
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is my first project I've put on here, feel free to leave any criticism you like. I wanted to make a few trucks based on the "big 3" in video games, so I made Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 trucks. All I did was repaint the trucks. They are based on FS1 Cleatus 2018, War Machine and WWE undisputed Era. The paints are simple but they're the best ones I've made so far. Extract the separate truck zips! Original Trucks - John Dough and monsterjam507yt Paint - Me If I've left anyone out send me a message
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    Version + Special Edition


    This is my personal truck, please ask before signing up in it. This is a truck. Body and Tires: Andrew Sheets (Modified by me) Chassis: Kozak Paint: Devin Doss Engine and Driver: Wambo Most of the props: Johan Seminario Other Parts: Various SM Creators
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    Exactly, Hurricanes are not a joke. i am getting hit by a cat 2 (I am in Georgia on the coast) edit: Also, the next fun run after this will be in the Amalie Arena Custom 2019, I will post link after this fun run is over.
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    Just started making tracks for MTM2. Looking to bring my own models into this game being they would need to be heavily reworked to look good in ROR.
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    Might have something to do with being a couple weeks late for first Q and then chasing the engine issues that came back as a malfunctioning RII box. Remind me though, I still need to make the chassis.
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    this is the content i expect to see in SYP. I think the front fenders can be a little wider. they look a bit thin. The body looks too squared, its a lot more round than what you have. I'd also recommend splitting the body into two piece to make it easier to work on as well as the real body being 2 pieces. Hood and Body (sorry for the bad photos. not a lot of photos of this truck surprisingly)
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    I think I've only made one thread, and a few forum posts, maybe a few comments? Yet I'm active on the BeamNG forums, so I think I'm qualified to say atleast a few things? Honestly, if I can take from my own personal experience, the drama/words said inside of the leagues and tours (Pretty much behind the scenes) is what distanced me from the tours and forums in general. One specific example that was uploaded is what pretty much made me quit, alongside other smaller incidents and insults, mostly having to do with what my profile picture portrays. The lack of content is another decent point, yet I always wasn't a huge fan is a ton of private mods. Yes people have their reason, and it sucks, yet I understand. I usually just make jokes about it, never meant to be mean. Since I quit, near the beginning of 2019, (Involving laptop issues) I haven't been too interested in Monster Jam. Now, I'm trying to get back into it, yet the overarching thought of drama happening again always looms over (So far it's been good). Some people say I am actually pretty good at most things, yet I don't find myself so good. This is all just from personal experience however, so I just might be the worst example.
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    Mike Thompson, brother of Steven Thompson, driver of several trucks including Wrecking Crew, Taurus, and Lumberjack, and a frequent crew member for the Vaters during the Spring and Summer this year, has passed away Got to meet him when MJ came to Metlife this year. A very nice guy and a great driver. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.
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    The sparkle and metallicy blue looks superb man. I'd like to get a look at it first hand but idk wwhere you're getting this "market" thing from . the site is free lol. its due to relocation of the shock mounts. They made new brackets to improve the track width and give that extra shock travel and stability whilst still being able to use PEI housings, as opposed to the Anderson's or Team Over Bored that achieve this with different axles and planetary arrangements.
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    if you need the logo for that spider man stilll i found it online
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    I don't think these are terrible points at all. I know the site won't really be as popular as it used to be and many people don't and won't visit anymore. I know having more content creation would help but it is difficult to boost that across a site. I think Chris Hamilton's recent thread outlining what projects have and haven't been completed and what has been partially completed is a great idea to help spur on some new content creation and help others get into modding for the site. I'd also like to make more content sometimes but have lacked the time over the past few years. As far as leagues, I know the site gets more activity when there's leagues running, and I think there are some more coming up, so that should help. In the mean time I'm trying to find what might encourage current site members to be more active on the site until that happens or potentially start their own events even.
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    Hello, everyone. I'm Carnage, my friends call me Adrian if you prefer that. I'm from the Roblox Monster Jam community but I figured I'd start to dip my toes into Rigs of Rods. I want to get better at making trucks because as of right now I only know the basics of cloning and stuff, that's about it. My favorite driver is Todd LeDuc as well as my favorite truck being Monster Energy.
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    Hey everyone i need a bit of help. i wanna add my xbox one controler to ROR , i downloaded the program for it but it does not work. does anyone have a tip or a vid they can show me on how to set it up correctly, thank you
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    New Hurricane Force Body/Scheme
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    aftershock got a revised scheme
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    Version 2.0


    This is the all new Leafer pack class 1. .There is 68 trucks in all every truck has been rebuilt plus a ton of new truck to go with those. You will need Leafer pack Class 2 all so for everything to work right . for best results try to delete any of the old original leafers from the old packs because some meshes have a different name or at least copy and replace when asked . Please do not alter and reupload this pack for any reason This pack was made for version 38 So a ROR 38 set up is included in this zip along with the sound scripts needed I am working on getting it to work for 46 some people say it works and others have problems I will be updating the pack after I adjust the incab view and steering wheels Please rate and review thanks !!! All construction - Taurus Racer 13 Paint - 80% Taurus Racer 13 - 20% Mark barrett Thanks to Digger Fan , Blaze , and everybody who gave me parts or tested the packs
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    These "cringey" live streams have got me noticed by many people at FELD and Monster Jam. It's also helped me with my public speaking, confidence, and self-worth. I now have friendships with many Monster Jam announcers and have an almost guaranteed hosting job when I turn 18. And Ryan LaCosse is my idol and the person I look up to most. My hosting style comes from mainly him, with dashes of a few other announcers (Casey G, Scott Jordan, Matt Isbill, etc.) Now back to the truck. For all I know, the paint is already made and the chassis is already made. I think the body was already made too. It's just throwing stuff together, which isn't the best way to make trucks, but it looks good and works good. I like the truck.

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