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    Sooooooooooo... i have been working on this.
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    I got a slinky. It's already tangled up.
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    This is the best on-topic discussion I've ever heard! /backseatmoderator
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    Just some of what I gots. Plus: - Couple gift cards - Forza Horizon/NASCAR Inside Line - Season 1 Spongebob (No. I will not grow up) - Seasons 1 & 2 Check it Out! with Dr. Steve Brule - Tix to Monster Jam at Baltimore, MD 1st Mariner Arena March, 2nd After my parents getting into some recent money. I honestly don't deserve all this. I have never been so spoiled in my life. But I guess this is what it feels like to be spoiled. So gracious to have people that love me and are always there for me, unlike for those who are less fortunate than I am. Thus why I thank everyone for the love and support that they always give me. And someday they will get what they've wanted.
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    Now what will a bunch of Monster trucks do inside a nuclear reactor? Hah just pulling your leg man. Looks awesome!
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    Im gonna leave this here... I still working on the chassis
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    Oh yeah. And this appeared in one of my football card boxes. Easily the best football card I have ever gotten in my life! REDSKINS BABY!
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    I dont like the steering, even changing the steering from tap to toggle or phone tilt it feels vague and numb, when it does work my fat fingers, going from opposite steering lock quickly, cause the steering to stick. won both championships first time trying but only won 2 races out of the 32 racing and won most of the freestyle events
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    I downloaded this game right after I opened my new IPhone and I love it! My only complaint is that I can't make it through overtime without losing all four wheels somewhere around the 00:20 mark?
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    me i got F1 2012, and battlefield 3 premium edition.
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    The I for IDS stands for International, so of course an event in England! Events all over the world!
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    Alright, this is going to be a dump straight from the website. To get a cleaner view of everything, go here: http://runt9.com/ids/rules/rules.php This is the official rulebook for the 2013 Spring Season of the International Dragging Season. All rules are to be adhered to at all times. Failure to do so will result in consequences based off of the action. Keep in mind that the rulebook is subject to change at any time per the league owner's discretion. Event Nights: All events will begin at 8:00pm EST with AIM and TeamSpeak chats beginning at 7:30. Qualifying will open 3 days before the event and close the night before. There will not be any official announcers, but we will be announcing live results as the event goes on. During the driver's meeting, everyone is expected to be silent except for IDS officials. Anyone who continues to talk after being asked to be quiet will be removed from the event. Depending on the size of the event, there will be either 2 or 3 rooms going at once. Please be sure you are entering the correct one when called from chat! During the Event: Only IDS officials are allowed to speak in TeamSpeak unless otherwise stated, such as interviews. Please keep the AIM chat clear of problems. This includes disrespect towards one another and discussions that would not fall under a PG-13 rated setting. Everyone is expected to be timely in entering a room. There is a strict 3 minute entrance time. After that, you will be disqualified, barring technical issues. Any and all disrespect towards officials will NOT be tolerated. If you have a problem with something an official did, please contact me personally. Anyone who publicly voices their negative opinion on an official will be immediately ejected and face a 1 week suspension from the league. Special arrangements can be made for people who need to leave early. Please just make sure you let an official know ASAP about your timing issue so we may help you out. Sportsmanship: We expect everyone who races in IDS to be a good sport. You wouldn't walk off of a football field angry because you had a bad call without getting fined or suspended, so expect similar results here. Being a good sport does not mean saying "GR" after every run, but it does mean showing respect to one another regardless of your particular feelings towards them. All cases of bad sportsmanship will be reviewed by the IDS Panel and you will receive an appropriate punishment depending on the action. This will range from a points deduction to a complete ban from the remainder of the season or year. If you are in doubt that what you are doing is bad sportsmanship, go ahead and stop. You should be safe rather than sorry. We will not tolerate it whether you meant to be a bad sport or not. Global Penalties: NOTE: All DNF penalties count as 99.99 for timing purposes! Hitting a turning car is not a penalty, as you will generally incur your own penalty by hitting it. Hitting a turning pole will result in a +5 second penalty. Only hitting a ramp with 1 front tire will result in a +5 second penalty. Missing a ramp completely will result in a DNF. If you flip before the finish line, you will get a DNF. Qualifying: Major Note: I am currently working on something to replace qualifying, so this is tentative if my idea does not pan out! You will get 2 qualifying passes and your times will be averaged together for your final time. The previous week's racing and freestyle winners will automatically be locked into the event. If you roll your truck after the finish, your time will still count for qualifying purposes. All available officials for that week's event will be posted ahead of time so you know who to contact. Qualifying results will always be kept private until qualifying closes. You will know the brackets the night before the event starts. Racing: Racing rooms will consist of 4 people at a time. It will generally be 2 officials and 2 racers. Every race will be timed for both Fast Loser and Lane Choice purposes. The website will have LIVE bracket updates as the event progresses (work in progress) so everyone can stay updated with what's going on. Flipping before the finish is a DNF. Flipping after the finish still counts, but you cannot be Fast Loser or get Lane Choice in the next round. In any brackets where there are fast losers, there will be one or more from each side of the bracket based off of previous round times in that side of the bracket. Close races will go to replay for further review. The officials will decide who won the race. If it was too close to call, there will be a re-race. "Run Done" Moves: Freestyle will be as realistic as we can manage. Obviously big air and sidewall saves are awesome, but keep them within reasonable confines. If your move is deemed unrealistic, you will be RII'd. A hard wall hit immediately ends your run. A hard full rollover, regardless of how/where you land will end your run. IDS officials have the final say on these. If you perform a move that requires an RII, you must stop immediately or you will receive a score of 0. Per an official's discretion, if your move was dangerous, but not run-ending, you may be refired to continue going. Timing: 90 Seconds main time The first 15 seconds are a grace period. If you perform a "run done" move during this time ONCE, you may reset and keep going. If you complete the first 90 seconds, you go into a 30 second bonus time section. Judging: 3 Judges will score regular time from 1-10. Bonus time will be scored by a 4th judge from 1-5 The current freestyle leader cannot judge. All issues with judging must be brought to an official for review. More information on how the points are tallied can be found in the points section. Ties: A tie between two or more racers will result in a Freestyle-Off. Each racer will get 60 seconds, no grace or bonus time. Each run will be scored by 4 judges on a scale of 1-5 for a max score of 20. Order will be determined by their previous freestyle position. Scores from a Freestyle-Off will NOT count toward the points standings. Another tie results in co-freestyle winners. Series: There will be 4 different points standings per season, and 3 different standings per year. Each of the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons will have the following points titles: - Overall - Racing - Freestyle - Bonus Each calender year will have the following points titles: - Overall - Racing - Freestyle Qualifying: Everyone that shows up to qualifying gets 2 Racing points. Top qualifier gets 3 additional Racing points as well as 2 Bonus points. Everyone that ends up qualifying for the event receives an additional 2 Racing points and 1 Bonus point. Racing: Each round win is worth 4 Racing points and 1 Bonus points So for example, if you win the racing championship at a 16 truck event, you would get (4+4+4+4)=16 Racing points and (1+1+1+1)=4 Bonus points. This makes 18+ truck events worth more because there's an extra 5 points up for grabs! Freestyle: All points received during regulation count towards Freestyle points. All points received during bonus time count towards Bonus points. What are Bonus Points? Bonus points are points awarded as an added bonus to normal winnings throughout an event. These points factor into the Overall point count, but can also be spent for useful items. How do They Work? They work like this: You win some Bonus points. You can keep them and let them add to your Overall points total. Or you can spend them on items listed below by contacting an IDS official. The points are then subtracted from your Bonus points and Overall points totals. Unlike other points, Bonus points rollover from season to season. It really is that simple. What Can I Spend Them On? 5 Points - Custom IDS Flag for your truck 10 Points - Single Qualifying Pass Redo 25 Points - Automatically locked into event 40 Points - Truck Change 60 Points - Automatically locked into World Finals 100 Points - Track Built in your hometown the next season Currently this list is growing and will be added to/changed over time so keep an eye on it!
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    I wanted the creator to acknowledge that I had seen it and since I had a neutral opinion on the matter, I typed the first thing that popped into my head; 'lol' It also wasn't an upper case lol, because that response seems like I'm laughing hysterically at it. and finally, I like to check up on how this site is doing every now and then. This time however, I was told by a friend that someone had made BV so I thought I'd have a look. Seriously I made like one post and everyone's already on my back..
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    testing sounds for brass beast any thoughts?
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    My next MTM2 remake started life from the inspiration of one of my favorite tracks made by Dustin Hart called Laurance County Fair. Not to knock Dustin, but I wanted mine bigger, badder, and crazier. The track was Remington County Fairgrounds, and this is round 2 of that series. MTM2: RoR:
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    As confirmed by the CBS Sports Spectacular, the 2013 Monster Jam World Finals Field Of Trucks will be expanded from 24 to 28 trucks.
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    i got the flu, now both my kids got the flu.... id rather have herps and crabs.
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    Wasn't that from a certain game... ***MJ: Maximum Destruction***
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    Well this is a personal project I have been tinkering with for a long time. I kinda gave up on doing anything like this a long time ago but I just couldn't stand the normal sounds any longer and decided to start messing with things again. I knew it was possible but it just took some figuring it out on my part to get things to work like I wanted. It took a while but now every truck in my game has the sounds it should. Part of the sounds in this started out as xunlex's, the mufflers and zoomies, they were a great start and I don't want to take any credit from him, but I edited them more to my liking. The rest is 100% mine. I'm a little nervous about even sharing it after seeing all the awesome work going on in this thread right now. But here it is...
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    For some reason it won't let me use the image code. This is my version of the Hotwheels contest winner Derailed, still missing a few things.
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    Nothing is funny, he is a new member and is asking how to do things the right way after being scolded for making a few bad requests. Those two just earned themselves warning points
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    Custom Truck + Old School truck + Retro Truck = This