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    Yes, because we should treat women differently because they're women. I approve of having an event to make them feel separated from the rest of the monster truck community when all they want is to fit in. This is obviously the best idea ever. Yay exclusion!
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    I think he wants this released Harlow
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    Madusa is a man, so he shouldn't be in the list...
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    That's what happens when you have an all girls motorsports event.
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    My experience today.
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    *Cough* Reporting in here, and I have to say....... If there were to be a female monster truck show, I think that only girls should be allowed to attend it. Female commentators, female officials, hell I want the Monster Jam logo changed and I want the dirt painted with a MASSIVE Venus symbol. I'm not a feminist, and I'm not sexist. Runt nailed it on the head. And please, kitchen and laundry jokes are overused and they're not even funny. I don't get angry when I hear them; I just find them unoriginal and stale. If you wish to continue with the female jokes, I will comment on the puny size of your genitalia. (Whether it's true or not).
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    No, they would be making a statement that "We don't believe the female drivers in our sport are good enough to compete with the men and we're afraid that they're feeling left out, so we're holding a competition just for them so they feel special for once." and I think that's positively disgusting. They wouldn't gain any additional revenue other than the guys watching to go "MAN, I'm glad that chick knows how to drive that dang ol truck! -spit-". Honestly, even if they made it a PPV event, they would barely turn a profit, so why do it? All you're doing is making a mockery of women in motorsports for what might turn out to be some pocket change.
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    Just Saying I would like to see Courtney Jolly back but eh seems like a good idea gives the ladies in the sport some good exposure
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    not a meme, but worth showing lol
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    Saw this on Facebook, and I had to.
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    it looks like amateur paper mache or however you spell that
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    you miss the first part of my post Runty? posting your work is optional just like leaving an opinion also things: paukens digger pablos digger
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    ehh idk i just liked the new paint scheme. i tried... close but not close to it.
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    i already painted sting and vette king, i'm just remodelling the corvette body before i show it. just a heads up
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