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    Which Monster Jam game is realistic?
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    RTR? On SM? Wat....
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    Here copy and paste this into any of your truck files you want it in cinecam -.5, 3.5, 0, 5, 8, 23, 27, 3, 21, 14, 33, 80000, 1000 also id like to mention, the lack of detail is because I was going for a somewhat old school look.
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    ok why hasn't it gone to steve. I want to see a wrecking crew freestyle that doesn't either end with some stupid part breaking that wouldn't break usually or having him staggering out the truck seeking a chiropractor
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    I still think wrecking crew should get the racesource to replace the 17 yr old avenger chassis
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    Rock was working on this one but who knows what he did with it...probably forgot about it while working on other things
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    According to ethan, Becky's fine after her adventure in arnhem, and so was el toro. so good thing there then
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    not alot is gatherd here today
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    no, we are gathered here today to witness...... this By the way Pancakeman, did you put time bombs in these breakies?
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    I thought that's what they call every Reptoid freestyle.
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