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    She was retired after debuting at All Monster's Eve 1 and winning freestyle.. well now she's out of retirement! Thanks to Donnelly for cloning
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    Not bad for being thrown together in one night, thanks to Kozak for all the help since I am a total noob with truck editing
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    Credit to Crazy for the arena
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    >be 8 >watch video that mentions RoR >wow. >download .31 >"look at these crashes!" >go forward some years >"box5 grave digger?" >wow >pack comes out >"look at these crushes!" >make truck request for arachnaphobia >"look some housefly person is making it!" >go forward some more >rormonsterjam.freeforums.org? >"look at this leagues!" >rormj season finale >wow now that house_fly guy who is liquidfire is making a pack >oh look he has a site >become 21st member of site >get pack >WOW SUCH TRUCKS >make super underground swag stunt league with silver wolf >run like, maybe 5 events. >go forward to like a few months after V3 >oh yeah sim-monsters >oh cool V3 >get back into it on cifpo >this julio and devin guy won't leave me alone >make friends >make another underground swag league >start in real leagues >try own league >fail own league >MORGAN KANE POSTS A PICTURE OF RYAN ANDERSON ON A TRACK I MADE. >keep doing leagues >become co owner of mror >get in fight with owner of mror >not co owner anymore >do more things >finally make things people like >finally win a thing >finally get 1,000 posts >finally make this post >become better than everyone else
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    If you think you're a bad track maker, and you're just starting out, you can't get any worse than me. Just keep practicing, because that's what I did, and I improved....so you can too. First Sketchup Track: Last Sketchup Track: \ First Blender Track: Second Blender Track: Third Blender Track (The Worst): Fourth: AND THEN, my first replica.....oh god: And now my most recent replica (Atlanta 2014): So all in all, I think I improved quite a bit, and if you feel like your a bad track maker.......just keep practicing lol. Worked for me.
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    I did a thing. Should be released this week.
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    who's working on Penda/TNN era trucks? Cant wait to endo this pig....
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    I'm sorry that this track hasn't been touched in months. I have gotten in over my head with all the animations I wanted to add to the track and just made me want to stop working on it. But I am proud to say that I will work on this again because I promised I would get this stadium finished so all you track makers can have a nice looking Sam Boyd Stadium model.
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    Something Tharindu and I have started doing. We might continue this with different tracks, and with different trucks! I was the driver, and Tharindu did all the recording and effects! Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FAo58pbeZ0&feature=youtu.be
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    This thread is for sharing how you got into Rigs of Rods, how you found it, your experience with it etc. I'll start with my story. I had played MTM2 for the longest time when I was little. I stopped playing in about 2008 cause a lost of interest I suppose. In June 2010 I stumbled across a video that was uploaded by Nakuraz42, who you all know as Mark Colineri. It happened to be his first Rigs of Rods video. The video (which was just a camera recording the screen) was showcasing Box5's Maximum Destruction on Monster Jam Madness. I was really compelled by everything. I mean compared to MTM2, this was really legit. So I proceeded to ask where he got the trucks and so on. Fast forward, I downloaded the game and figured out how to install the trucks. Of course it took me 15 minutes to figure out how to actually start the ignition too. But I continued to mess around with the trucks offline. I then found Rigs of Rods Monster Jam by the summer, which was a league that Dave Cooley (aka Max) had started along with a bunch of other MTM2ers. I was late to the party but I joined in and ran as Bob and Tom. If you find the videos on YouTube, you can see I have no idea what the hell I was doing . But it sure was a blast to be a part of. Mark happened to start the same event as I did, and even got top qualifier in El Matador. I finished out the rest of those events and by then, Brian (Liquidfire) had already begun his massive Sim-Monsters project. I remember the launch of Sim Monsters and joining the first day. Its pretty cool to see that some of the same faces from then are still here and its even cooler to see how far the little community has come since 2010.With nearly 100 members on the RoRMJ in 2010, to almost 3,000 members now. I feel like the community has come a long way in the time it started, and I know there is more potential. And I do appreciate everyone that takes there time to create content for us. So share your story!
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    I decided to host a fun run in the middle of the week! A lot of people usually don't host things on Wednesday's due to school and work, but this is for the people that don't have too much going on this week and would like something to do! Even if you have school, this event will be ran after school hours so just hope you don't have too much homework! Track: Sydney 2013 Sydney 2013 FPS Version Event Times: Qualifying Opening/Closing Times: Session 1: CLOSED Session 2: CLOSED Session 3: CLOSED Chat Opens: Wednesday, March 12th @ 7:00 EST Drivers Meeting: Once everyone has joined the chat. Event Starts: Wednesday, March 12th @ 7:30 EST Event Info: Qualifying will be done through AIM, please message prestonsperez@live.com to qualify. Top 20 trucks will qualify in the show! Anyone afterwards is a fill-in! (All depending on how many sign-up). Customs are allowed! Please sign-up like this... Name: AIM: Truck: Link (If add-on): Qualifying Results (after session 3 of 3): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AoQFfSsKBEY9dGNFaDJ6Wk1qd182U00tOU92QWhTZ0E#gid=0 Sign-Ups: 01. Preston Perez - Newedle 02. Daniel Donnelly - Black Stallion 03. Antonio Rubal - Shockwave 04. Joshua Micks - Monster Energy 05. John Morrison - Scooby-Doo! 06. Chadwick Deerfoot - Bad Dawg 07. Trevor Amos - Goldberg 08. Andrew Sheets - Captain America 09. Dalton Widner - Monster Patrol (Custom) 10. Yovany Rayos - El Toro Loco (2013) 11. Aaron Cruickshank - Grave Digger #27 12. Edy Beltran - Doomsday 13. Jose Garcia - Texas Outlaw 14. Brandon Garcia - Grave Digger The Legend 15. Alex Lindgren - Scorched 16. Nick Loynes - Son-Uva Digger 17. Trenton Ray - Barbarian 18. Michael Murray - Savage X 19. William Epps - Khaos 20. Jon Cannon - Southern Star 21. Aaron Schultz - Pure Insanity 22. Josh Gajewski - Michigan Wolverines 23. Jeremiah Price - Stone Crusher 24. Gavin Hill - Bounty Hunter 25. Matt Wilkinson - Excaliber 26. Danny Maass - Chillin' Villain 27. Devin Doss - Bad News Travels Fast 28. Julian Baumann - Blue Thunder Hope to see you there!!!!
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    QUALIFYING SESSION 3 OF 3 IS NOW OVER! SIGN-UPS ARE NOW CLOSED! BE ON AIM AT 7:00 PM EST FOR THE EVENT! FINAL QUALIFYING RESULTS: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AoQFfSsKBEY9dGNFaDJ6Wk1qd182U00tOU92QWhTZ0E&usp=drive_web#gid=0
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    Sorry Jack, that is way too late. That is just shy of an hour after the event starts.
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    You wouldn't have been in anyway Trenton xP You didn't qualify in.
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    If you are going to be THAT late, you can't do the fun run... I am sorry.
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    QUALIFYING SESSION 3 OF 3 IS NOW OPEN!!!! Message prestonsperez@live.com to qualify! This session will end at 6:30 PM EST (half an hour before the event chat opens) No practice laps! (This is your final chance to sign-up if you haven't yet!) LIVE QUALIFYING RESULTS : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AoQFfSsKBEY9dGNFaDJ6Wk1qd182U00tOU92QWhTZ0E&usp=drive_web#gid=0
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    Well, I guess I can blab a few words and tell the tale of how I came to be a member here. But I'll leave the story of how I became a monster truck fan for later, not enough space to tell that story lol. It all started back around 2011, shortly after I joined a little thing called facebook. As I started gaining friends on there, I noticed that a lot of them were playing some sort of game that included monster trucks; and while I had no clue what it was initially, it blew everything else I had seen previous out of the water. After asking around, I found out that the game I was seeing was called Rigs of Rods; and shortly there after, I started taking the steps to download the game and ended up joining this site. But all of the excitement came to a halt when the game wouldn't load stuff properly, among other problems; and after getting royally pissed off, I deleted the game off of my computer and wiped my hands of the game and the site (as proof, my only post for well over a year was my "hello to everyone" post lol). But I still couldn't help but drool over all of the amazing trucks and tracks that kept popping up in photos and videos, that's when I got some help from my buddy Tyler Remieres. He helped me set up the game properly and taught me the basics of controlling the trucks, from then on it was just me having to practice. I started out doing a lot of fun runs on cifpo, and actually picked up my first win there; freestyle at Reno 2012 driving the Mopar Ram truck. More fun run wins followed until I finally came across my first league, RoR Big Dawgs. I proceeded to run the entire season and got my first ever league win at Houston 2011 3rd stop, if I remember correctly; after all was said and done, I made a good accounting of myself, got nominated for a few awards, and won sportsman of the year. Then it became time to take the next step, which was running in Sim-Monsters sanctioned leagues, fun runs, and special events. To that end, I signed up to run in ORL with my first ever custom truck known as Shark Attack (which also led to me discovering my passion for painting trucks, but I'll get into that later), and tried to qualify for Mayhem In Christmas Village; though the latter didn't go well due to computer issues, and the fact that I didn't realize the course was made of ice lol. But I did redeem myself later when I qualified for AME3 with a custom truck that to this day is still my favorite, and holds a lot of meaning for me; that being Bad Dawg. After a decent showing in AME3, I continued on racing in ORL and other various leagues; those being IDS and CFMTS, the latter being where I picked up my first SM sanctioned league win. All the while slowly and surely improving my painting skills, to the point that I actually started to get recognition for said skills. Things were going well until the fateful day that I finished working on a custom truck called Wicked Destruction, and boy did it ever live up to that name. I say that because somewhere along the way with all of the file transfers back and forth, viruses and rootkits were placed in the zip; and they did a number on my computer. So much so that I had to do a full system restore and wasn't able to do anything RoR related for over a month, with repeated attempts to try to re-install the game. But luckily after awhile, the game was finally able to re-install and I was able to resume my RoR activities; starting with finishing up ORL (winding up 9th in points), running in some other leagues (including DJM, RoR:MD, RTR and MRoR), and continuing to improve on my paint skills while picking up a win or 2 here and there. But during this time, I (along with many others) undertook a big challenge; that being running full time in SSRS. It's easily the toughest league I've ever run in, and the top league on the site. Week after week, I ran Virginia Giant as hard as I could, and in the end made the playoffs and finished top 10 in points there as well; one of my biggest achievements to date. But little did I know what was to come when I undertook doing something that I already failed at once. A little before the end of the SSRS regular season, me and Damian Bowers were discussing league ideas and he presented the idea of a racing only league; I thought it could work, and decided to give running a league of my own a second try. Despite my fears of the league failing within the first 3 weeks, it thrived and we made it throughout the entire schedule and are coming back for season 2. The biggest surprise to me was the fact that I ended up winning the overall points title, my first ever championship in this deal; and while you would think I'd be overjoyed for winning said championship, I wasn't at all. Since it was my own league, it felt cheap to me; almost like I rigged it, even though I didn't and fought to make sure everything was on the up and up. I've gotten more enjoyment out of the win as of late, but I still want to win a championship in a league other than my own; then I'll feel like I've truly done something as a racer in this deal. One other thing I've had a hand in that I take a good bit of pride in doing were the Hump Day Shootouts, a series of fun runs that Mark Colineri and I hosted. They were a huge success and some of the most fun I've had during my time in this game, and I hope to do more of them someday. Now I will say that with all of the good times, they were a fair share of bad as well; FM3 being the worst that I can remember. But all in all, I've really enjoyed my time around here and I've made a bunch of friends as an added bonus; and I hope to contribute more to the community as time moves along, if I can ever freakin' figure out blender.....
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    I played MTM2 forever, I found ROR and played it. Then started doing skins. Eventually I uploaded a pic to my Flickr account of the WFX track Brian made for safe keeping (thinking I had made the pic private), next thing I know Max is all mad because of this Hitler Max pic was on the back of the scoreboard... Then SM was formed lol. That is my ROR story.
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    No. I'm dead remember?
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    Well then....props to you for admitting that. You were a pesky little one back then. OT: I will share my story some other time.
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    QUALIFYING SESSION 2 OF 3 IS CLOSED!!!! You may still sign-up at anytime... The final session will begin before the show tomorrow.
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    In 2010 when i was 10 years old, I came across a ror monster truck video, I was like Johan, I used to change my name all the time and was a really big noob, I used to be know as a last name from a friend, and became know as, hmosk. Then I got banned and didn't play ror for a year till I learned my lesson. My real name is Hagan James, but back then I was hmosk. I was really sorry for those I aggravated. Then, about 7 months when v3 was released, I decided to use my real name because I want to be myself this time. Now, I came from a stupid, no good, piece of crap of a noob, to an OK person who now makes his own trucks rather than aggravate the heck out of a creator who is making a good project. If you guys have anything to say about me, just hit me up a message on aim, and really sorry to those I hurt. The guys that I aggravated, didn't deserve this kind of behavior. Now I'm grown up and ready to face whats coming to me.
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    Something got all wonkey in Blender and made the shading all dark and what not. Anyhow here's Baltimore Arena 2014. All there is to do is get it textured and in-game! EDIT: Thank you Gabe! Now it looks normal!
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    Adding sign-up... Gavin Hill - Bounty Hunter
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    I CAME HERE FOR GOLDBERG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But in all seriousness, I always loved Monster Trucks. When I was literally born, we would always travel across the U.S. And there really wasn't much to go around, cartoons got boring, etc. Until i saw Monster Trucks for first time in 2003, and ever since then, I have been a huge fan. Now years go by, and its 2010, and I got bored, the game Urban Assault was O.K. in its prime time, but I wanted something better. I literally spent about 3 month's searching for a realistic/good Monster Truck game. And I finally found a video, of someone driving Escalade on an old Concrete track. It amazed me, because the body came of and everything, but unlike the Urban Assault game, I actually wasn't limited, and i could do what ever I want. Now I will admit, I had a few other accounts haha (about 10) on this site in 2010. Reason being, is that when i first joined. Someone posted Goldberg, and I really really wanted it. And since i was the stupid Peruvian that I am, I would not stop asking for the truck. Reason being I got banned for it. And again since i was stupid. I made about 10 accounts, they also got banned! Now I learned my lesson, and I rejoined the site in 2011. But since I still had the fear of being banned, the second I joined... I joined as a fake name. John Cavallini. I stayed as that name and ran as it for the 2nd Season of Sim-Monsters League. A lot of people knew me like John, except my good old friend Tom, who I trusted enough to tell him my real name and the story behind it. Ever since there, he convinced me to switch my name to my actual name, Johan Seminario, and now that's what basically everyone here knows me as. I myself advanced a lot through the years. Going from being the annoying noob that got banned 10 times, to being a few of the well-known people on the site, An amazing painter (Thank to practice), and being Co-Owner on one of the biggest, leagues yet! It's been a blast being on the site, and I hope to be here for a few more years. Also shows how much we all advanced as a community. From only having people like, Myself, Brian, RKM, Roach, Kozak (Mainly the Mods) Making trucks, to now a lot of people being able to make their own custom trucks, and their favorite replicas! I even remember when it took more than a Year and a half to reach 1,000 and we celebrated the 1,000 Milestone, and only 2 years later we are 3,000+! Excited to see what else this place have to offer, and I sure hope this site keeps running for year to come. -acdcfan56
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    Alright. I've been preparing for this moment a bit now. This is my 1000th post. With this comes many things, mainly for me, partially for you. It's very well timed because, after about 7 years on this game, and almost 3.5 years on this site, I got my first ever league win last night. So I've decided to give back to this wonderful community by saying this. The trucks that you see below are open for anyone to use in future events a leagues, all permission is granted. Sure they aren't that great, and they aren't enough to give back with in my opinion, you guys seem to like them. So without further delay, here is truck 1/3. Yes, it's the Apex Runner. This truck was posted nearly a month ago, and you guys said I should carry on with it. It now has slight props replacement, and better textures on it. It will be open for anyone to use as they wish once uploaded. Next, we have truck 2/3. Yep, something else you've already seen, but not quite in its current state, the Meguiar's Clean Sweep truck! Sinc I posted it, roughly 2 weeks ago, the skin has had a considerable overhaul. It now includes a shiny Logo, (more so than the rest of the truck) and shiny chassis. Next. Oh look something new. This is, my personal favorite of the three, Rapid Ride. A last minute truck for something to put in this post, and it turned out great. Things to note: these trucks are not finished. I have plans to change their physics to something from the base V4 pack to make sure they will work in foreseeable leagues, and I plan to change the shock towers, I was already attempting to, but I ran into some problems, and I was afraid I'd waste this post on something else so... yeah. Thanks for all the great years, and here's to many more to come!
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    so much is wrong here I cant even begin to comprehend it. Kozak... You may now rage.
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    My first attempt at a track. Alvarado Texas 2014. Still needs some work (Lower roof, ramp adjustment etc). Truck is also made by me. 8 mega pixel potato camera
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    Stomper and King Krunch going head-to-head at the Travis McCarthy Center...
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    Jesus Christ you people are never satisfied. Feld expands the field "Oh its gonna be an all feld show". Feld adds indies "oh these indies dont it deserve because x,y,z were in arenas all year. Feld implements one of the best WF line ups in awhile " Not satisfied til this person gets in"," "why is this person in the show when this person is way better?" Feld adds those you cant have in the main show in the YGS "oh why is this person in the field he is to good for YGS". Lets face it Feld has definitely listened and is trying to make this world finals as big as it gets and for some reason you all are never happy. Stop complaining and be glad you get a world finals.
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    Toyota announced TRD Off-Road versions of the Tacoma, Tundra, and 4Runner This is the 4Runner Nothing but pure beauty.
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    So... I've been working on this lately, no where near done. Hope you like it. Constructive Criticism would be nice. The .png is not blurry, just looks like it here.
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    Lol I should make it breakable so that it randomly explodes anyway not that it really matters but on the other side there is a zombie instead of creeper.
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    are people that dull? really how can it be so hard to miss, but here it is for you guys that seem inept to read: it will be done when its done

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