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    So WF15 Avenger is getting closer and closer to release day thanks to Jon Cannon for helping me with the body and managed materials. Here's an update with the lexan and new chassis, AwesomeKong 13 is responsible for all chassis work/construction
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    Ok, I know it's been a little while since I've posted anything in here, but I wanted to give everyone an update on the progress with this deal. As of now, I think I have the format and the events that will be run all figured out. If it all works out, the event will be held over 3 days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and there will be a total of 7 events. As for the events themselves, they are as follows: Friday Monster Mudbog Monster Hillclimb Saturday Monster Endurocross Monster Rallycross Monster Short Course Sunday Monster Gymkhana Monster Freestyle I'll be contacting track makers sometime in the near future about getting all of these courses made, but that leads me to my other announcement. As of right now, the earliest that the Sim Monsters X-Games could possibly happen is this winter; more than likely around christmas or new years. But the ideal time for this event to be held would be summer next year, which is where I'm currently aiming. The reason as to why I'm pushing this deal back is because I have a lot of other planning work to do, as season 2 of RoR MT Pro is just a few months away. Now while I know this may be disappointing to some, my goal is to make sure that this event goes off without a hitch; I'm trying everything I can to avoid having another special event debacle, and most of you know what I'm speaking of when I say that. But worry not, as I can confirm to everyone that the Sim Monsters X-Games WILL HAPPEN; after seeing all of the positive responses to this idea, there's no way I'd let this idea die. I'll post another update as soon as there is something else significant to announce, so until then, stay safe and keep on enjoying the monster life.
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    I like to change things up, okay? Yeah, Deja Vu II came out only a few months ago, but ever since I released it, the more and more I thought that it shouldn't have been named Deja Vu. When I first came up with the concept of Deja Vu, it was supposed to be a mix of old and new, which is why the original truck had the old paint with the newer body. I feel as if this truck more directly sums up what the concept was all about. And yes, the stripe design was inspired by the Rambo II leafer. To be released uh...whenever I feel like it I guess.
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    Just showing off the body everything else is temporary...
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    Final look before this makes it ingame.
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    Let me know what you think Lucky #7 And King sling!
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    So...I revisited an old project... Remember this? from back in December of 2012 I've been working on redoing it... Tires are Matt's firestones, just edited. Chassis is an edited PEI from Kozak, Body is diggerfan's and most of the props are Johan's. Paint scheme isn't final and the color of the parts aren't final. I also will probably be making some new rims since the monster truck rims just don't work as well.
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    Dude, not a problem at all. Like I said, it's all a matter of fine details at this point. You have a great base.
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    This is actually amazing! Ive been waiting for a track like this for a long time. Good work!
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    Revamping Metal Mulisha with newer parts. The drive-shaft is new and it moves, now has lexan and windshield, new axle and knuckles, new 4-links and sway-bars, and the shocks are underway and shock shafts are underway! Credit goes to Johan, Klayton, and others for the parts on this truck! I hope you like it! :) :rolleyes:
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    Only headers like that need a chassis like this. Totally made it myself and didn't steal kozaks cohen and modified it >.> this is not an insult to your headers.
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    Well Guys Dylan Bernier in Doomsday got a double down. This was an outstanding first event. It went better than planned. Im so excited for next week.
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    I love playing it as tetris
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    Gorgeous Job Ace. One of the best trucks I've ever seen. However. Those are the wrong tires, they are good years. And I think I can help with the shocks. Message me on aim and I can help you.
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    This is a great little track...Love realistic it is when you hit the cars with no ramps. Throws you side way almost if you hit them to fast. Love, love this track. Great job on re-making it!
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    My new video, took a couple days but it's here! The best World Finals Moments in ROR.