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    See this is what i mean, i gave literally all of my good models out to Johan to release and he just sits on them and now everyone thinks it's a no girls allowed club or something.
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    a couple hours later and another one is checked off the list
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    why don't you release them yourself? Cut out the middle man
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    Uh, I asked so I can use them haha. I'll release them, didn't know you wanted me too. I just gotta bake them all so they all have bakes and etc.
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    I are good at Photoshop. Custom truck i'm designing and building for my buddy Nick Migues.
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    Remember this thing? Did some work on it, unless anyone has any critisisms for it i'll finish it up and let it loose
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    The Summer Stadium Racing Series will be returning in 2015 following complications and a prolonged hiatus. Due to issues that occurred in 2014, a return to a simpler league format will be taken to avoid another problematic season. One of the most important changes will be the return to a replica only, once a week, format. While a two night league may be possible and something that can be pulled off, it isn’t something worth trying again this season. Something else that should be noted are some changes in the leagues management. Following the collapse last year, positions have changed and respectfully, some people will not be returning to help this year. Being as there is a somewhat different format this season, here are some of the most notable changes for this year: 2015 replica trucks and tracks only (2014 trucks included if necessary) 16 truck events 8 truck racing bracket for top 8 qualifiers 8 truck obstacle course for bottom 8 qualifiers 16 truck freestyle competition 10 Regular Season Events 1 Regular Season Finale (World Finals) 4 Play-Off Events More information is going to be posted throughout the first quarter, most important being the new driver rankings and ranked trucks, but for now, SSRS is back (and its real this time).
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    Makes me sad that they have a double decker bus in Tampa and they use it as a back flip ramp. But there's dirt covering the sides of the bus so the trucks wont even touch it. Plus the track is mirrored on each side.
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    We are running V6 breakables, made by Jezuz Crust, and the track is World Finals 17 by Clayton Hoelag. get them on cownap.com
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    I'm starting to feel like one of those old-timers who denounces freestyle, except for me it's backflips.
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    It's best suited for bigger sized stadiums (New Orleans, St. Louis, etc). In Atlanta, it wasn't a big deal but it felt kinda cramped in there
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    +1 I just now went back through my Vegas photos and realized it had eyes and seriously this thing is dead sexy
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    Do you have any other models you would be willing to release?
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    Backwards Bob 2015 is coming together nicely: