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    Well guys, I have been waiting a very long time to make this announcement and it's now official. I am going to be driving Nasty Boy! I've worked extremely hard for this opportunity, and of the many friends I have made in this community, I just want to thank you all for always supporting me (: With this new chapter in my life I won't be around here often anymore to host my frequent fun runs or chat with you guys as much as I used to but I'm definitely not completely stepping away. The thing I want you all to know mainly with this message is that with hard work, determination and most importantly FAITH IN GOD... You can do anything you set your mind to.
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    Looks like another member of Sim-Monsters has made the leap of faith into the monster truck industry. This time, it's the one and only Preston Perez, who is now the driver of Nasty Boy.
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    It's always possible, but not confirmed by this instance.
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    Go kill it I know you can make us proud.
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    #Preston4YoungGuns16 Also Lexington has been leaked: Grave Digger® driven by Pablo Huffaker, Backwords Bob® driven by TBD, Stinger driven by TBD, Instigator driven by TBD, Backdraft driven by TBD, Midnight Rider driven by TBD, Bounty Hunter® driven by TBD and Scarlet Bandit™ driven by TBD! Besides BB, I think you can guess who's driving the trucks
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    You best go H.A.M son! Give em hell and rock it out, you earned it! I know Ronnie will be watching you with a smile on his face
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    Congratulations buddy! Not sure what the policies are on this but you should maybe throw a Sim-Monsters sticker or something on the truck. Just a thought...
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    Well first of all the Red Sox are in the American League, secondly, the Royals went to and won the ALCS last year. Also the Blue Jays and Royals have already played 2 games, both of which have been won by the Royals.
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    Go live the dream, I'm sure you've earned it. Good luck!
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    Good luck! You earned it brother, you'll do great!
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    You best get that flux capacitor solenoid ordered before you start wheeling that boy of nasty this weekend.
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    Oh my god you are dense. Jester is an independent truck and so is Lumberjack!
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    So you don't want a COD truck but you want a Sonic the hedgehog truck? What ...