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    AND YOU WIN!! This was literally mentioned a few pages earlier so please read before you post for everyone's sake, thank you.
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    Thank you guys for all of the support it means a lot (:
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    New video posted to Youtube. Tried some new settings and features that I hope to integrate into all videos from this point forward. Watch in one of the hd 60fps settings!
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    Well guys, I have been waiting a very long time to make this announcement and it's now official. I am going to be driving Nasty Boy! I've worked extremely hard for this opportunity, and of the many friends I have made in this community, I just want to thank you all for always supporting me (: With this new chapter in my life I won't be around here often anymore to host my frequent fun runs or chat with you guys as much as I used to but I'm definitely not completely stepping away. The thing I want you all to know mainly with this message is that with hard work, determination and most importantly FAITH IN GOD... You can do anything you set your mind to.
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    Great job man keep it up!
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    1) It's Realign 2) Looks great. Amazing work as always!