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    Once you see world finals in person not much lives up to it after that lol
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    You're just jealous because I have the better looking Monster Energy truck each season.
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    Update for 2016: We're all here and we're all gonna probably do good or go bankrupt. It's a vicious cycle.
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    Marcus Santana is no longer a suspended driver.
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    I came across this article today. It discusses a brief history and the current state of Monster Truck racing and video gaming. It is extremely well written and very refreshing. Take 5 minutes and read it all if you have a chance. http://pretendracecars.net/2015/06/13/an-updated-look-at-the-history-of-monster-truck-games/ Thanks, Green.
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    SUD isnt going anywhere, Legend is. Also, HELLO THERE KAYLA! *sees kid and guy* loljkbye. Is it me or did they find Becky 2.0 for Yellow ETL 2?
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    Pablo is still driving Digger, and Chad is going to be driving something different next year.
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    I truly miss when this site was booming during SM Season 1. It was so much fun. I wish we could go back to that but people get older and people lose interest in some things. I hope this site can be like that once again.
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