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    >>implying anyone cares >>implying your content was worth downloading
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    I am probably more disappointed after finding out that this was a joke.
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    Hey everyone, just getting back in to the mix of things. basically learning everything again, so its not perfect, but for my first track in 3 years its not bad. please let me know what i should do, Arena, or Fairgrounds? EDIT: Most likely going to change to straight line racing either way, possibly Lima 2015 style.
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    Mark Colineri has solved all of my issues, there is no longer a need to worry.
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    Version 2.0


    Soldier Fortune Black Ops, my first truck in over a year, hope it works and everyone likes it as much as I do!
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    Version 1.0


    Well made this for SMRA! 3 versions .37-Custom NB .37-v4 .4-v4 Credits Blaise-chassis, body, paint, NB, everything SM-props
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    This is done. Ready for a relase. Go Iceland! Maybe a tutorial on how to make crush cars, and place them ingame
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    Hey everyone, I haven't really been active on here anymore. Some of that is due to the fact that my hard drive is failing and I can't run Rigs of Rods anymore with my PC freezing, but most of it is just due to the lack of interest I have for Rigs of Rods and monster trucks in general. I haven't ran in a league in quite some time, and public servers are usually littered with 12 year olds haha but really, Rigs of Rods is just boring now. I will always cherish the good times I have had and the great friends I have made, including Mark Colineri, Danny Mackey, Blair Lockhart, Aaron Lurie, Daniel Simon, Fern, Kozak, Chris Hamilton, and so many more that I can't remember off the top of my head. RoR Outlaws was my first Sim-Monsters league and I remember the first time I ran, San Antonio 2011. When I saw that video on YouTube, it was just a really cool feeling. Thanks Mark for running that league, and thanks Danny for running SSRS, that was extremely fun as well. Thank you DIG for starting the RoRMJ series, we wouldn't be here without that. And most of all, thanks everyone for being there for me, whether I was 12 or 15. I'll still pop in once in a while to see the different projects and such but yeah, thanks for the great times everyone. -Connor
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    Hey DiggerFan, here's that pic I stated yesterday that I was going to post.
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    Well can't say I blame you because I feel the same way about ROR as you but as I've been seeing you haven't been doing to bad away from Rigs of Rods. It was great to get to know you and to definitely play with you especially in the RTR and Big Dawg days I will never forget those times. I've seen you have been killing it in soccer as well bro hope you make it big in it and I wish all the very best.
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    Here's a quick preview video I made for the Virginia Giant truck, with some footage recorded during testing prior to release:
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    Its all fun and games till a driveshaft hits somone....