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    So this is an update I did for the original driver, Cody Jones, who raced this in the 2011 SM Custom Series. The body is mostly original from the 2011 V3 truck, although I cleaned up quite a bit of the messed up faces and other issues the body had. The chassis is a Cohen that I rather heavily modified. The rear half is shortened, the top of the cage is much lower, and the front half is lengthened, so the body would fit nicely. I color matched most things, except for the four links and swaybars which I stole from Fern's Pirate's Curse, but I will probably repaint them. The rear shocks also need to be placed more accurately towards the mounting area. Still needs work but I've enjoyed digging this one up from the grave.
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    Well done Mind sending it to me to update the track?
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    F*ckin amazing If you can do something similar but with the torture pit i'll love you
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    The evolution of my favourite truck, ill do the same with other drivers/trucks later
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    Nice track Dude! are the crush cars easier to crush? because im feeling that lol
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    i'm dropping this pack tonight. so keep an eye out.
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    Same. Burrito fight? I don't know what I'm doing or why I'm doing it. Please send help. no removse for file naem pls
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    @Outlawed 7.3, i dont fk with those 6hoes. I bought a 6hoe and gave it back to the dude for a full refund. Threw me 3 engine codes (one of them being injectors) in the short 3 days i had it and left a huge puddle of oil in my driveway after one night
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    Psp too. I can play urban assault in my phone, its easy to install
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    Thanks to @xyrose for Aristo Cast logo!
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    Yet no one remebers Canada day? Jk have a good all hallows eve.
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    Taking Bear Foot out for some testing on the Arrowhead Stadium 1990 track...